'''Airdate:''' January 15, 2012

Brian dates a woman who's blind and hates dogs. Meanwhile, Peter tries to adjust to walking down the stairs (which have been replaced after Stewie got a splinter).
!!"The Blind Side" contains examples of ([[YMMV/FamilyGuyS10E11TheBlindSide YMMV goes here]]):

* AesopAmnesia: Kate dumps Brian not for being a dog but for dishonesty...so Brian fakes a new identity to get back with her.
* AllMenArePerverts: Although Brian is a dog, he pretends to cough while he takes photos of Kate shirtless with his iPhone.
* {{Bowdlerization}}: Not only does the TV version bleep out all the times Peter curses whenever he falls down the stairs, but a cutaway mocking the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping and rape case (Peter telling Lois that people live in weird places, like his cousin, Jaycee Dugard Griffin, followed by a shot of a Peter-looking girl in a shack with a baby in a cage telling a mean old man "My belly hurts again!") was cut for being TooSoon and DudeNotFunny in one fell swoop. The DVD and the Netflix streaming versions have the swearing and the offending cutaway uncut (along with some scenes cut for time, like Brian tricking his blind girlfriend into believing a garage with a boombox in it is a concert hall).
* ClusterFBomb: Whenever Peter falls down the stairs (which is bleeped out on TV but not on DVD and Netflix).
* {{Jerkass}}: Brian tricks Kate into dating him despite her hatred of dogs, and when she breaks up with him, he takes Stewie's advice to change his voice to date Kate again. On the one hand, that's manipulative, malicious, foul, and yet another indication of Brian's asshole personality in the later episodes of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''. On the other hand, you can't really blame him for stooping that low, giving that Brian has had unpleasant experiences with people with anti-dog views in the past, as seen on "Brian: Portrait of a Dog," "Dog Gone," and a cutaway in which Brian left Brown University because someone wrote "Go Home, Dog!" on his dorm wall.
* ParentalNeglect: A large wooden beam was shown to have fallen right onto Meg. Unfortunately for the poor girl, nobody rushed to help her, and even two days later, Lois told Brian to basically ignore her and focus on Stewie who just got a splinter.
* RunningGag: Peter falling down the stairs and cursing.
* StaircaseTumble: Peter goes through this four times as a result of the new stairs.