Recap / Extra Credits Tutorials 101

Tutorial: A method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process.
  • A game tutorial is especially important as it is integral to being able to deliver a deep, rich game for the audience

     Rules About How To Put A Tutorial 
  • Less Text, as too much text kills pacing and destroys immersion
  • Make the tutorial interactive to the players
  • No front loading and giving too much information right form the start, it will overwhelm the players with information and the players will forget what they have been told
  • Instead, provide the players information as they needed and introduce new gameplay elements as they needed, it will make the players they the new gameplay elements right off the bat
  • Make the tutorial fun
  • Reinforce learning through play
  • Listen to your players
  • Be mindful to the demographic, try to get past your own perspective
  • Make sure that tutorials are skippable and would not interrupt the flow of play
  • Make your tutorial accessible to your game all the time, put it in your option screen is recommended

Outro: Trix by Tepid