In the Heaven Zone[[note]]Sky Zone[[/note]], a Puttimon is publicly executed for an unknown crime by the Zone's leader, [=SlashAngemon=][[note]][=SlushAngemon=][[/note]], as a horrified crowd that includes a Lucemon looks on. Meanwhile, Taiki and friends land in a garden in another part of the Zone. Taiki notes that the place looks peaceful, but Beelzebumon appears and tells him that not everything is as it seems. Beelzebumon then leaves to scout the area, telling Taiki that he will be nearby. Taiki also goes off to look around, but walks right over the edge of the floating platform that the entire Zone is situated on. Taiki is saved by Shakkoumon, who also says that paradise is not as it seems. Taiki wonders if the Bagra Army hasn't invaded the area due to its position in the sky. The members of Xros Heart go off to relax, with Dondokomon happening upon a group of violinists performing. He is arrested for making noise and walking on the grass when he tries to join them. Dondokomon attacks the officer, a Piccolomon[[note]]Piximon[[/note]]. The Piccolomon counterattacks and when several more of them show up, Starmon and the Pickmons swarm them. Taiki runs over to stop the fight and Lucemon shows up to ask the officers to show mercy. The officers' superior, a Gargomon[[note]]Gargoylemon[[/note]], shows up and attacks Lucemon for protecting wrongdoers before threatening him with execution should his activities continue. As Gargomon leaves, Lucemon explains that the Heaven Zone is a police state powerful enough to fend off the Bagra Army, but that he is challenging [=SlashAngemon=] in an ongoing election to rule the Zone. Lucemon says that he wants to put an end to the Heaven Zone's incredibly strict laws and also tells Taiki that the Zone's Code Crown has been sealed away.

Lucemon shows Taiki and the others around the Zone. Taiki sees Shakkoumon in the distance and thanks it, but Lucemon tells him that Shakkoumon may be spying for the police. Lucemon leads them to an outdoor art gallery where Dondokomon realizes that he is missing the piece on the end of one of his arms and rushes off to look for it. One of the statues falls over near Dondokomon, who denies having knocked it over. Gargomon shows up to arrest them again and finds Dondokomon's missing piece next to the fallen statue. Gargomon also orders Taiki and Shoutmon taken away when they try to interfere. At the police station that night, Gargomon tries in vain to get Taiki, Shoutmon, and Dondokomon to confess, even putting words in their mouths in an attempt to incriminate them before finally threatening them with execution and walking off. Taiki resolves to find the real criminal to clear Dondokomon's name. Ballistamon breaks through the wall with Akari and Zenjirou to rescue Taiki, setting off an alarm. As they escape, Gargomon tries to arrest them again, but he and the other officers are easily repelled, causing [=SlashAngemon=] to take them down personally. He incapacitates Taiki and the others with a single attack and orders them executed for fighting the police.

The next day, Gargomon prepares to execute Taiki and the others with electrified cages. Taiki says that he opposed the police because they were acting without any evidence, but [=SlashAngemon=] silences him and says that talking back to an officer is also illegal. Lucemon then calls [=SlashAngemon=] out for punishing the first suspicious person instead of conducting an actual investigation. [=SlashAngemon=] begins to order Lucemon's execution as well, but a Cupimon emerges from the audience to confess that he knocked over the statue by accident. Gargomon orders the Cupimon executed in Xros Heart's place, but Taiki and Lucemon rally the crowd against [=SlashAngemon=]'s heavy-handed rule. This causes [=SlashAngemon=] to attack Taiki, who [=DigiXroses=] Shoutmon X4. [=SlashAngemon=] proves to be too fast. Beelzebumon intervenes just as [=SlashAngemon=] is about to finish off Shoutmon X4 and tells Taiki to [=DigiXros=] him. Taiki does so, creating Shoutmon [=X4B=]. [=X4B=] defeats [=SlashAngemon=], but Taiki stops Shoutmon from delivering a killing blow. Lucemon asks [=SlashAngemon=] to release Cupimon. With that, Lucemon wins the support of the crowd and with it leadership of the Heaven Zone. Shakkoumon looks on from behind the crowd.
* BadCopIncompetentCop: Gargomon and his underlings just arrest on sight without even conducting an investigation. This is normal in the Heaven Zone.
* CrapsaccharineWorld: Pretty much all of the Digimon in the Heaven Zone are talented artists of some sort and the whole area is beautiful, but it's also a merciless PoliceState.
* DisproportionateRetribution: While many of the things Xros Heart and Lucemon did (resisting arrest, breaking out of jail, interfering with the police) are illegal pretty much everywhere in the real world, few jurisdictions would consider them capital offenses. Likewise with damaging artwork. Both Taiki and Lucemon are very quick to call [=SlashAngemon=] out on this along with the fact that his forces had made the Zone a living hell for its citizens.
* FelonyMisdemeanor: Practially everything. In true PoliceState fashion, this includes speaking out against the police.
* FloatingContinent: The Heaven Zone is made entirely of floating platforms.
* GreatEscape: Which gets foiled right away because the guards are alerted immediately.
* HighVoltageDeath: Those cages are essentially the Digital World's equivalent of the electric chair.
* InTheBack: Beelzebumon blasts [=SlashAngemon=] from behind to distract him from finishing Shoutmon X4 off.
* LawfulStupid: [=SlashAngemon=] and everyone under him.
* LightningBruiser: [=SlashAngemon=] is too fast for Shoutmon X4 to handle. It takes [=DigiXrosing=] Beelzebumon to keep up with him.
* MysteriousWatcher: Shakkoumon.
* NeverSayDie: Criminals (for a very loose definition of the word) are "erased" in the dub instead of "executed".
* OurCentaursAreDifferent: Shoutmon [=X4B=] is a mashup of X4's components and Beelzebumon in the shape of a centaur whose front legs are on backwards.
* PoliceState: [=SlashAngemon=] and his police force rule the Heaven Zone with an iron fist. True to form, even speaking against authority is punishable.
* RealityEnsues: Xros Heart's attempts to resist arrest just gets more force brought to bear against them.