Recap / Digimon Frontier E 6 The 5 Legendary Warriors VSA New Warrior

While Kouji steadily climbs across a large mountain, he hears some voices calling for help. He goes to check it out and enters a cave, where he finds a bunch of female KaratsukiNumemon trapped in a cage. Kouji attempts to break them out, but someone catches him and throws him out of the cave and down the mountain.

Lacking money to buy any food, the other kids are forced to find other means to eat. Junpei finds a sign that offers “all the food you can eat” in exchange for help, and upon following the sign bump into some KaratsukiNumemon. The KaratsukiNumemon take them onto a Trailmon to their village and explain that a Digimon called Grottomonnote  had come to their mountain and demanded the DigiCode that made up their land, but the KaratsukiNumemon didn’t know where it was, and Grottomon took all of the females as hostages in exchange for the DigiCode. As a result, the “help” that the KaratsukiNumemon are asking for is a rescue of the females of the village.

The village ends up being on the literal side of the mountain, since the KaratsukiNumemon are snails who are able to work against the gravity, and the kids end up having to climb a ladder to get up. As they finally enter one of the houses, Takuya is greeted with a smack on the face with a stick by none other than Kouji, who’s surprised to see that they happen to be the help that he heard was on the way and deems them to be far too lax to be any help to the KaratsukiNumemon. The KaratsukiNumemon provide the group with food in the form of strange cabbages that taste like foods they like.

After the meal, Kouji tells the others where the female KaratsukiNumemon are kept, and Junpei shows resolution that they can do it because they’re the five Legendary Warriors. This causes the KaratsukiNumemon to back away in fear and start discussing something, and when Takuya is about to set off to go rescue the females, the KaratsukiNumemon tell them to get some rest. The kids oblige and get some sleep; in the middle of the night, Takuya, finding that Kouji is also still awake, reasons that Kouji isn’t that bad a guy since he’s trying to rescue the KaratsukiNumemon girls of his own will, though Kouji claims that he’s doing it because the KaratsukiNumemon village saved him when he fell from the mountain.

The kids wake up to find that the KaratsukiNumemon are holding them, Bokomon, and Neemon as hostages over the mountain, having fallen under the impression that since the kids are Legendary Warriors, they must be allies of Grottomon, and thus they can trade hostages in order to get the females back. When Grottomon himself shows up, demanding the DigiCode, he introduces himself as the Legendary Warrior of Earth, sporting one of the ten symbols. Grottomon doesn’t recognize the kids and doesn’t know why he should care about the fact they’re being held hostage, and when he hears that the kids are Legendary Warriors, he realizes that they’re the kids who have received the Spirits. With that, he attacks the kids, hoping to take the Spirits from them.

Kouji manages to place himself accordingly so that Grottomon’s attack will cut his ropes and, now with free hands, spirit evolves to Wolfmon. While the KaratsukiNumemon free the other kids, realizing that they’ve made a mistake, Wolfmon engages in battle with Grottomon. He’s quickly put at a disadvantage when Grottomon dangles him off a cliff, and in response the other four spirit evolve and help Wolfmon out. As Grottomon buries himself underground, Wolfmon tells Fairymon and Chakmon to take the KaratsukiNumemon to a safe place while the others fight, and Grottomon soon after emerges to continue the fight. Fairymon locates the place where the female hostages are being kept and frees them, and with that the KaratsukiNumemon are transported to another nearby mountain.

It begins to rain, causing a landslide. Blitzmon makes use of a stratum to wash Grottomon away with the water, but this allows Grottomon to find the DigiCode in the stratum. Hoping to take it, Grottomon holds up a “Beast Spirit”, using “Slide Evolution” to become Gigasmon and drive the group away from the stratum, promptly slide evolving back and forth between Gigasmon and Grottomon and taunting them for being so weak even with Spirits. Bokomon and the others are startled to see that Grottomon can evolve twice, and Gigasmon takes the DigiCode for his master Cherubimon while the horrified KaratsukiNumemon look on from the other mountain.

With the DigiCode taken, the mountain begins to fall apart, and the five heroic Legendary Warriors fall down a pit...


  • Accidental Pervert: Junpei, attempting to be polite to Izumi with a “ladies first”, tells Izumi to go up the ladder before him. Izumi takes this to mean he wants to take advantage of the fact she’s wearing a skirt and gives him a smack on the face.
  • Eye Catch: Takuya’s is shown twice for this episode.
  • Forgot I Could Fly: Izumi has a fear of falling as she climbs up the ladder to KaratsukiNumemon’s village...completely forgetting that she could spirit evolve to Fairymon and just fly up there.
  • Genius Bruiser: Blitzmon, the most physically imposing of the human spirits, is the one who comes with the idea to use a landslide to beat Grottomon in the rainstorm. Too bad it ends up giving Grottomon his Beast Spirit.
  • Take My Hand: Fairymon offers her hand to Wolfmon when he’s dangling off a cliff. Despite Wolfmon initially being reluctant, Fairymon insists that “this isn’t the time to look tough”, and he takes it.