Recap / Digimon Frontier E 38 The Endless Death Match Prelude Of Lucemons Revival

Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon celebrate the victory against Cherubimon, but Kouji feels that something’s wrong: the lost land hasn’t returned and the Digital World is still full of holes. As if to prove his point, a nearby mountain disappears, and when the kids go to check it out, they run into a Baromon. Thinking that he’s the one who scanned the mountain, they impulsively spirit evolve and start a fight with him...before Baromon tells them that he’s not here to fight them and delivers a prophecy about the revival of Lucemon.

Baromon takes them to a tunnel with the Digital World’s history and shows them how a long time ago, the original Ten Legendary Warriors sealed Lucemon in a world called the Dark Area. The Warriors then released their Spirits and gave them to the Three Great Angels before disappearing. However, Lucemon, wanting to break free, corrupted Cherubimon and subtly influenced him to gather data. He then shows them the two Digimon that Lucemon had sent to gather more data for him, and makes a prediction that Lucemon will revive and destroy the Digital World.

Baromon tells the kids that they should return to the human world, but Takuya refuses to leave when they’ve gotten this far and wants to protect the Digital World. The other kids join in, wanting to stop Lucemon’s revival with their own power, and when Baromon insists that his predictions are absolute, they decide to just beat Lucemon anyway.

They’re interrupted when Lucemon’s two servants arrive and scan the tunnel, and are forced to make an escape. The two Digimon introduce themselves as the Royal Knights, Dynasmon and LordKnightmonnote . Baromon is shocked to see the Royal Knights, who normally fight for justice, gathering data for Lucemon, and the two state that they believe Lucemon can impose order upon the chaotic world. As they continue to gather data, Takuya and Kouji double spirit evolve while the others use their Human Spirits to evolve. They attack the Royal Knights, telling them that the Digital World belongs to everyone and shouldn’t be given to Lucemon.

The Royal Knights throw them off with almost no effort, and when they begin to scan the forest’s data, KaiserLeomon, Fairymon, Chakmon, and Blitzmon attempt to do something about it by slide evolving and attacking again, but their attacks remain ineffective. As they end up reverting to their human forms, the kids give their Spirits to Takuya and Kouji and have them hyper spirit evolve.

Despite Baromon having lost all hope, KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon continue to fight, and despite landing some hits, they still end up defeated. As the Royal Knights throw a large attack at the kids, Baromon sacrifices himself to take the attack for them, and even then the kids end up so injured that, with the exception of Kouichi, they expose their own rings of DigiCode. With Kouichi the least injured and the only one able to stand, the Royal Knights are about to scan the kids’ data and thus kill them when KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon barely pull themselves together and intervene. Dynasmon unleashes a powerful attack, but overdoes it and causes the entire group to instead be sent flying off to one of the Digital World’s three moons.

As LordKnightmon chastises Dynasmon for causing everything around them to vanish, Lucemon’s voice urges the Royal Knights to bring him more data...


  • Excited Episode Title!: Although this is par for the course for Digimon episode Japanese names, it's worth noting that this episode's English title is just about as excited as the Japanese one.
  • Eye Catch: Takuya and Izumi’s variants are used for this episode.