Recap / Digimon Frontier E 17 Blizzarmon Blow The Snow Call The Glaciers

The kids sail their raft down a swift river, hoping to get to Akiba Market before Ranamon finds them. Meanwhile, under the water, Arbormon wakes up from a nap...

The Toucanmon trade the kids’ Digivices for a strange camera-like device, but pass it off as trash when they can’t see anything in it. One of the Toucanmon remarks that he traded for it with “one of the weirdest guys at Akiba Market”.

As the kids venture into a colder area, Kouji offers Izumi his jacket, inspiring Junpei’s jealousy, while Tomoki tries to wake a sleeping Neemon claiming that he’ll die if he sleeps in the cold. Bokomon points out the location of Akiba Market in the distance, and they end up falling down a canyon and running into a snowman, but they finally manage to reach warm land and Akiba Market. The group splits up and asks around for anyone who’s seen the Digivices, but they have no luck.

Tomoki eventually finds a place run by a Nanomonnote , who’s having trouble playing a video game. Tomoki offers to help, being good at video games, and quickly clears it. The machine ejects a prize, which is what Nanomon was after, and Nanomon takes it over to a safe...which has the Digivices in it. Tomoki tries to ask for the Digivices back, telling Nanomon that the Toucamon had stolen them from his friends, but Nanomon refuses to believe him, calling Tomoki a liar. Tomoki asks what he can do to get them back, and Nanomon demands something in exchange for it.

Tomoki finds that Nanomon is disassembling his Digivice for something, and Nanomon suddenly gets a call from Arbomon saying that he’s coming in an hour to buy the Digivices. After he hangs up, he starts to disassemble the other Digivices, and Tomoki protests, saying that it’s okay if he breaks Tomoki’s Digivice since he’s just a burden to the others but that the other three are important and need their Digivices to save the Digital World. Nanomon decides that, since Tomoki got the item for him from the game machine, he’ll give Tomoki one hour to find something to trade.

Tomoki is unable to find the others to help him, and so he goes off alone in order to find something to trade. Neemon catches sight of Tomoki and wonders where he’s going, while meanwhile a Trailmon chucks the two Toucanmon out for having tried to ride without a ticket. Takuya and Kouji have no luck in finding the Digivices, while Izumi and Junpei stop by a restaurant where the Toucanmon had supposedly eaten, participating in an eating contest in the hopes that the “wonderful prize” being offered would be the Digivices. Tomoki finds the Toucanmon just outside of the market and chases after them, while Bokomon and Neemon tell Takuya and Kouji that Neemon saw him run out and Nanomon uses the item Tomoki had won from the game machine to insert a program into his Digivice.

When the Toucanmon fall into a pool of water, Tomoki snatches the camera-like object that they traded the Digivices for, and is about to take it back to Nanomon before he feels sorry for the Toucanmon and helps them. However, it turns out to have been a trick and the Toucanmon flee with the object, and when Takuya and Kouji find Tomoki, he’s too upset to be able to coherently tell them what had happened.

Arbormon arrives at Nanomon’s store to buy the Digivices, showing Nanomon that he’s captured the Toucanmon and wants to offer the camera-like object in exchange for them. Nanomon, seeing seven minutes left before the hour he promised Tomoki, tells Arbormon that he has to check the goods first. When he looks into the camera, he sees the scene of Tomoki trying to help the Toucanmon and declares that he refuses to make the trade, saying that there’s another client. In response, Arbormon slide evolves to Petaldramon and attacks, and Takuya, Kouji, and Tomoki arrive on the scene in time.

Tomoki tells Nanomon that he couldn’t find anything to trade, but Nanomon, having realized that Tomoki wasn’t lying about the Digivices from what he saw in the camera, hands Tomoki back his Digivice and tells him that he loaded what Tomoki had won as a prize in it. Tomoki recognizes it as the Beast Spirit of Ice, and with Petaldramon putting Takuya and Kouji in danger, Tomoki uses it to spirit evolve to Blizzarmonnote . Blizzarmon holds his own against Petaldramon, and although at one point he tries to overly restrain himself in fear that he might go lose control like the others did with their Beast Spirit, he seems to suffer no major issues other than an overly excitable change in personality. Nanomon gives Takuya and Kouji their Digivices back, and they in turn spirit evolve to Agnimon and Wolfmon; their combined efforts successfully drive Petaldramon away.

The group gets back together again and gets another message from Ophanimon. They ask what they should do now, and when Ophanimon tells them that they can either turn back or keep going, they resolve to keep going. Ophanimon tells them to continue to the Rose Morning Star, before the message cuts off.

Bokomon indicates the Rose Morning Star, an aurora-like formation in the sky shaped like a rose, and the kids realize that they have a long way to walk. However, Izumi reveals what she won at the eating contest: Trailmon tickets. Thus, the kids set off for the Rose Morning Star with determination.


  • An Axe to Grind: Blizzarmon summons two of them while using Avalance Stepnote .
  • The Berserker: Downplayed. Tomoki has better control of his Beast Spirit than Takuya did, but he still seems to enjoy curb-stomping Petaldramon.
  • Big Eater: At the eating contest, we find out that Izumi somehow has the ability to top Junpei’s ability to stuff herself.
    Takuya: Where does her body store all that?
    Kouji: Looks can be deceiving...
  • Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti: Blizzarmon.
  • Blade Spam: Blizzarmon's Avalanche Step is one where the hits all connect simultaneously.
  • Combat Tentacles: Blizzarmon's Braids of Barbarism are used as this in Gletscher Torpedonote . In this episode, he simply jabs Petaldramon hard enough to send him sliding into the distance. Likewise, Petaldramon is able to snare Blizzarmon with roots that come out of his tail.
  • Conspicuous CG: As always, the Beast Spirit.
  • Eye Catch: As this is a Tomoki evolution episode, Tomoki’s variant of the eyecatch is shown twice.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Blizzarmon incapacitates Petaldramon with one.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: Takuya again averts this trope for this episode, using his goggles at the beginning of the episode to keep some splashing from the rapids at bay.
  • Mythology Gag: There are far too many cameos from prominent major Digimon and minor extras in the prior three seasons to count, but it’s worth noting that there’s a Wizarmon and Tailmon hanging out together. In the dubbed version, Brian Beacock and Steve Blum are brought back just to have Gallantmon speak in a dual-voice and refer to himself as “we”.
  • Remember When You Blew Up a Sun?: When Takuya notes that Tomoki is losing control of his Beast Spirit, Bokomon tells him he's hardly one to talk. After the battle, Tomoki says he's glad he didn't completely lose control like Takuya did.