Recap / Digimon Adventure E 41 The Hardened King Of The Seas Metal Seadramon

The Chosen Children find themselves at a beach they were at earlier, and the Dark Masters spy on them in the meantime. MetalSeadramon, being one whose sea is his domain, decides to make an attack on them...

While the Chosen wonder why they’re at File Island again, they’re quickly attacked by the same Shellmon who had triggered Agumon’s evolution to Greymon...only to be defeated in short order. Taichi reasons that this must mean that their Digimon must be a lot more powerful than they were before, and the Chosen resolve to continue becoming stronger.

What looks like a beach hut appears near them, and while Koushirou initially suspects it to be just a mirage, the temptation of food proves too strong and the kids run in with the exception of Mimi and Jou, who get caught up outside after Mimi trips over. Of course, the place turns out to be a trap, and the kids are trapped in and attacked by an Anomalocarimonnote . Mimi and Jou peek into the “beach hut” and find the kids passed out and drained of energy at the hands of Anomalocarimon.

While Mimi and Jou hide, MetalSeadramon appears, rewards Anomalocarimon, and checks inside the hut to find two of the Chosen missing. He orders Anomalocarimon to pursue the other two Chosen, and he proceeds to do so. Gomamon and Palmon use some nearby seafood to gather the energy needed to evolve, evolve to Ikkakumon and Togemon and then super-evolve to Zudomon and Lilimon, and defeat Anomalocarimon. They arrive back at the beach hut in time to save the other Chosen and manage to escape.

Jou tells Taichi that Ikkakumon and Togemon had to evolve before they were capable of defeating Anomalocarimon, and Taichi realizes that Piccolomon was right and their Digimon need something before they can defeat the Dark Masters. MetalSeadramon attacks and the Chosen and Zudomon attempt to flee by crossing the water, but MetalSeadramon gains on them. Fortunately, they’re saved by Whamon, who takes them into his mouth to protect them and dives to the bottom of the sea...