Recap / Digimon Adventure E 32 Tokyo Tower Is Hot Death Meramon

In the middle of the night, Vamdemon comes upon a woman on the street, sucks her blood, and drives off in his carriage, leaving the woman unconscious. He returns to his hideout and tells PicoDevimon that heís storing his energy for the inevitable upcoming fight with the Chosen...

Taichi searches his room for his phone book from first grade, the one with the directory of names of those who lived in Hikarigaoka, but is unable to find it. Koushirou and Tentomon come to pick him up and Taichi helps Agumon escape from the house with the help of Hikari, who is currently acting as the Secret Keeper. Taichi and Koushirou meet up with the Chosen Children, a few of them having placed their more conspicuous Digimon in Paper-Thin Disguises.

Taichi reflects that back when he had returned to the real world with Koromon, only Taichi and Hikari were able to see the Digimon, but now everyone is able to see them and is making a mass panic over it. Koushirou theorizes that it must have to do with the fact that the Digimon now have entered through Vamdemonís gate, making that gate dangerous if anyone else enters through it - meaning that the Chosen now have to find the eighth child more than ever.

Koushirou tells them that the place where he found the Digivice signal was in Shibaura. Since Jou canít make it all the way to Shibaura in order to find the eighth child due to summer homework, the other kids push their elementary school phone books for him to call the previous residents of Hikarigaoka and see if anyone was in Shibaura, while the others go personally to the area to check it out.

While the kids make their way over, Vamdemon moves his headquarters to the area, since PicoDevimon had noticed the false crest glowing there. PicoDevimon taunts Tailmon at his victory over having supposedly found the eighth child, though she expresses the possibility the child could have moved; with that, he promptly sends her off to search the opposite area.

The kids split up and look around Shibaura for the child, but none of the kids they see provoke a reaction from the Digivices, and Jou has little luck with the people he calls on the phone.

While looking around for the eighth child, Tailmon runs into Hikari, who startles Tailmon when she asks whether Tailmon is a ďfriend of AgumonĒ. Tailmon tries to act like a normal cat and runs off, but follows Hikari afterwards, wondering if Hikariís knowledge of Agumon means that she is the eighth child. Hikari catches Tailmon following her to her house, but, wanting Tailmon to come in and play with her, leaves the door open for her to freely enter.

Mimi and Sora take a break from looking for the eighth child, while Mimi complains about the hot weather. Mimi then has the idea to look in a place with crowds of people, and directs Sora to the nearby Tokyo Tower - though her altermotive is quickly exposed when Sora sees her indulging in the air conditioning inside. Outside, Sora, Mimi, Piyomon, and Palmon are followed by a mysterious person in a coat whose presence suddenly makes the area warmer...and turns out to be a flaming Digimon called DeathMeramonnote !

From a distance, Koushirou and Taichi observe that the Tokyo Tower looks like itís bending and warped from the heat, and see Birdramon bursting out and fighting DeathMeramon. They hurry to the rescue on Kabuterimon, who prevents the Tokyo Tower from collapsing due to DeathMeramonís damage. Taichi saves the day by having Agumon super-evolve to MetalGreymon, who finishes DeathMeramon off.

At the Yagami household, Tailmon sneaks up behind Hikari and, knowing that Hikari is definitely not an ordinary human child, is about to kill her before Hikari turns around and greets her. Tailmon hesitates, falls over, and runs out of the house, to the dismay of Hikari. Hikari asks her to come back again sometime, and Tailmon continues to run off, deciding that itís not a good idea to do anything about the girl unless she has official proof that Hikari is the eighth child.

The narration then goes on to say that Hikari would soon have great meaning to Tailmon...