Recap / Digimon Adventure E 14 Departure To A New Continent

The mysterious old man introduces himself as Gennai, an entity whoís simultaneously human and not human. Saying that Devimon had interfered with his appearance earlier, Gennai tells the kids that he is contacting them from ďServer ContinentĒ, which is far away from File Island. Saying that he does not know how to send the kids back to their world, he asks them to go to Server Continent and defeat the enemy there.

Jou protests that itíll be impossible to defeat an enemy thatís stronger than Devimon, but Gennai explains that they can find a way to evolve their Digimon to an even higher level, the Perfectnote  level. In order to do that, the kids and the Digimon need to search for the ďCrests and TagsĒ, which are scattered through Server Continent. Before Gennai can provide any more exposition, heís unhelpfully cut off.

The kids get off the mountain and plan their next move, while Takeru takes care of Patamonís egg in the hopes it will hatch soon. Koushirou receives a map from Gennai that shows them the location of Server Continent, and Jou questions whether Gennai is trustworthy and whether they should really try to go, a sentiment the kids echo - but Takeru cuts in, saying that they should try it, even if it sounds dangerous, believing that thatís what Patamon would have wanted him to do. The Digimon follow Takeruís example, encouraging the kids to go forth and search for the Tags and Crests.

Since the continent is across the large sea, the Digimon help fashion a makeshift raft, helped out by Leomon and all of the Digimon whom the children had rescued from the black gears in the prior episodes. After they finish the raft with their combined efforts, as if to celebrate the occasion, Takeruís egg hatches into Poyomon.

The children are sent off and, while on their way, find the water to be quite rough. They soon find this to be caused by a Whamon, a giant whale-like Digimon, whom Tentomon points out normally stays at the bottom of the ocean and shouldnít be out like this. Soon after, Whamon attempts to eat the raft. The kids end up sailing through Whamonís esophagus into his stomach, where the acidic gastric fluids eat away at their raft.

Sora spots a black gear embedded inside Whamonís stomach, and Taichi pulls it out with the power of his Digivice. With that, Whamon blows them out through his blowhole, which frees the kids but also destroys their raft. As thanks for taking care of the black gear, Whamon offers to carry the kids to Server Continent, which is five days away. Upon hearing the kids mention the Tags and Crests, Whamon says that heís heard that the Tags are under the sea, and allows the kids to take shelter within him as he dives downwards to where they are said to be.

Upon reaching the area under the sea, they run into a hostile Drimogemon, who is also controlled by a black gear. The kidsí Digimon evolve and remove Drimogemonís black gear while Poyomon finds a small box that contains the seven Tags, which the kids put on around their necks.

Now a little more hopeful, the kids continue on Whamon towards Server Continent.


  • No Ontological Inertia: Subverted; the kids assume the black gears disappeared with Devimon, but they are proven wrong twice in one episode.