Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 41 Coral And Versailles The Rebel Fight

Jou and Iori arrive in Sydney, and Ikkakumon and Digmon begin to destroy a nearby Dark Tower. Jou has some difficulty adjusting to the fact that they’re in the Southern Hemisphere and that it’s summer during Christmas, and on top of that, the Australians seem to be blissfully unaware that the world’s in danger and are enjoying themselves. Jou, Iori, Ikkakumon, and Digmon successfully pull down the Dark Tower with the help of a Santa Claus in a swimsuit, who turns out to be Gennai’s identical comrade, Yukarinote . Yukari tells them that the Australian Chosen Children are leading the lost Digimon to the Great Barrier Reef, but before they can proceed, they see an Australian Chosen Child and his partner Ganimonnote  on a surfboard, fleeing from some Digimon.

The Australian kid makes it to shore and introduces himself as Dingonote . Ikkakumon, Digmon, and Ganimon threaten the Gesomon, Shellmon, and Ebidramon chasing Dingo by telling them they’ll make them into seafood mix pizza, pilaf, and curry, causing the three of them to make a run for it. The kids, their Digimon, and Yukari take this opportunity to chase them to the Great Barrier Reef. However, on the way, they find a Dark Tower and decide to leave the wild Digimon for later to destroy it.

When approaching the Dark Tower, they’re threatened by an Anomalocarimonnote , and Jou, recognizing Anomalocarimon as a Perfect-level Digimon, has Ikkakumon super-evolve to Zudomon. The battle begins to damage the coral around them, and the kids and Yukari worry that the Great Barrier Reef is in danger. Jou has Zudomon drag Anomalocarimon into the sea, and Iori has Armadimon armor evolve to Submarimon while Dingo has his Ganimon evolve to Coelamon. They successfully knock out Anomalocarimon and meet up with three other Australian Chosen Children at the Great Barrier Reef, where Iori opens a Digital Gate on Dingo’s laptop and sends the Digimon in.

Meanwhile, in France, Taichi and Takeru meet up with Takeru’s French grandfather Michel at the Arc de Triomphe. While Michel takes Taichi and Takeru around, they find that the gate to the Palace of Versailles is mysteriously open and has the light on late at night. Takeru tells him to hurry up and help them look for the Dark Tower, but...

Michel: Non! As a good Paris citizen, I can’t ignore the situation!
Taichi: But what about the world’s crisis?

And so, they go to check out what’s going on at the Palace of Versailles (even if they’re trespassing). Upon entering, they find a Mamemon, BigMamemon, and MetalMamemon having a Christmas party and getting drunk. They also find that the three of them have captured a French Chosen Child and her Floramon. After Michel attempts to charge in and rescue her and the Mamemon brothers humiliate him, Taichi, and Takeru, Patamon and Agumon evolve and knock them out.

The girl introduces herself as Catherine, and also happens to speak Japanese. Taichi and Takeru (who seem suspiciously eager to talk to her) ask what happened, and she explains that she and Floramon had tried to destroy a Dark Tower that had appeared mysteriously in the Seine River, but they were captured before they could.

They’re soon after attacked by the Mamemon and a Giromon and, knowing that they have Perfect-level enemies, Taichi and Takeru have Greymon and Angemon super-evolve to MetalGreymon and HolyAngemon while Catherine has her Floramon evolve to Kiwimon. They corner the Mamemon and Giromon at the Dark Tower in the Seine, and HolyAngemon destroys the Dark Tower. There, the other French Chosen Children meet up with them, who have brought the other wandering Digimon in the area. After everything is over, Taichi and Takeru give Catherine parting kisses on the cheek (probably with a little more intent than just for French customs), Michel gives her one on the hand, while Floramon blows Agumon and Patamon a kiss.

Back in Tokyo, a girl bids goodbye to her friends and runs into Archnemon. She’s initially scared, but begins to get this feeling that Archnemon might understand her, and might make her wish come true...


  • All There in the Manual: According to the Digimon Animation Chronicle, Catherine's full name is Catherine Deneuve, the same as that of a French actress.
  • Artistic License – Geography: The Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef are separated by several hundred miles, yet the Chosen manage to traverse the distance in little time.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: The Japanese version needed Dingo to introduce himself in English, and, rather than have him refer to himself as something related to “chosen child” (or any possible translation of erabareshi kodomo), opted to have him use the official American dub localization of “DigiDestined”. The problem? Dingo thus introduces himself with “This is the Digi-Destiny Dingo of Australia.” So close...and yet so far.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Takeru’s grandfather being French means that Takeru (and by extension Yamato) is at least a quarter French. Weirdly, neither of Takeru’s parents have French surnames.
  • Dude Magnet: Catherine manages to get affections from Takeru, Taichi, and even Michel. Floramon likewise charms Agumon and Patamon.
  • Translation Convention: Can be assumed for Dingo's lines, other than his introduction.