Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 15 Shurimons Martial Arts Chronicle

Daisuke takes a bath with Chibimon, while his sister hears them laughing in the bathroom and wonders why he’s laughing to himself. Miyako watches a news report on Ken Ichijouji still being missing after two months before she’s interrupted by her father changing the channel to a Jidai Geki show and telling her to go to bed. Before she goes to sleep, Miyako sends an email to everyone saying that they should go to the Digital World the next day.

In an Edo-style town in the Digital World, a Gekomon runs to his master, TonosamaGekomonnote , telling him that a Dark Tower has appeared. The agitated TonosamaGekomon checks it out and is startled to know that the Kaiser has come this far, while the Floramon and Mushmonnote  see Evil Rings flying towards them...

The next morning, the kids meet up in the computer room and discuss how the Kaiser hasn’t attacked them since they’d reclaimed Agumon, though his conquest of the Digital World had continued. Deciding to continue to free the areas from the Kaiser, they enter the Digital World. They find themselves in the Edo-style town, which Hawkmon recognizes as much like the TV show from the previous night.

The kids sense someone watching them and sure enough are attacked by the Evil Ring-controlled Floramon and Mushmon. The kids’ Digimon fend them off, but they’re shortly after attacked by an Igamonnote , a ninja-like Digimon who is also controlled by an Evil Ring. Miyako gloats that Igamon is only the second best ninja in the Digital World and has Hawkmon armor evolve to Shurimon to take him on. Unfortunately, while Miyako muses on how cool Shurimon is, she’s found by the Floramon and Mushmon and is forced to run. She runs into the other kids, and they’re saved by a Gekomon, who helps them hide in an Absurdly Spacious Sewer.

Daisuke: A manhole? Why is there a manhole in the Edo period?

Miyako calls Shurimon to come to her, and Shurimon tells Igamon they’ll finish their duel later.

The Gekomon give the Chosen Children shelter, and the Gekomon reveal themselves to be the same ones saved by Miyako and Mimi, who are grateful to the Chosen. They tell the kids that they were safe from the Evil Rings because they’d stayed in their palace, but that they don’t want to be slaves to the Kaiser again.

Unhelpfully, TonosamaGekomon decides that the best course of action is to sleep, and Igamon uses the opportunity to sneak in and put an Evil Spiral on him. The kids plan their next move to take down the Dark Tower, but they’re interrupted by a rampaging TonosamaGekomon, now under the influence of the Evil Spiral. The Gekomon beg the kids to save their lord, and they’re quickly surrounded by the brainwashed Floramon and Mushmon.

The kids’ Digimon armor evolve to Lighdramon, Pegasmon, Nefertimon, Digmon, but before Hawkmon can armor evolve, a shuriken hits near him with a written challenge. Nefertimon and Pegasmon’s attacks prove ineffective against TonosamaGekomon, while Lighdramon and Digmon fend off the Floramon and Mushmon. Shurimon and Miyako meet Igamon to answer the challenge, but during the duel Shurimon and Igamon throw themselves off the building.

Knowing that they can’t defeat a Perfect-level Digimon by themselves, Hikari and Takeru lure TonosamaGekomon over to the Dark Tower and have him destroy it, freeing the Floramon and Mushmon and allowing Lighdramon and Digmon to turn their attention to TonosamaGekomon and knock him out. However, even after being freed from the Evil Ring, Igamon insists on continuing his duel with Shurimon, insisting that There Can Be Only One. However, Shurimon defeats Igamon, who yells that someday he’ll defeat him in turn.

The kids’ Digimon destroy TonosamaGekomon’s Evil Spiral while he’s passed out, and the Gekomon, Otamamon, and TonosamaGekomon thank the Chosen Children. The Kaiser watches over them but is largely unfazed by the loss, laughing that they won’t be able to even imagine what he’s planning...


  • Dub-Induced Plot Hole: In the dub, Takeru claims to have seen Tonosama Gekomon in action before, but this is not true.
  • Filler: Like episode 12, no events happen in this episode that affect the rest of the season’s plot in any major way.
  • Heel–Face Turn: TonosamaGekomon seems to have mellowed out from his appearance in Adventure, no longer throwing hissy fits at people or claiming the superiority of his singing. His rampage in this episode is due to the Kaiser’s Evil Spiral, and not of his own will.