Concerned about a lack of what she considers to be wholesome entertainment, Shirley sets out to make a religious film and asks Abed for help. However, Abed is consumed in the project, which evolves into a gratuitously meta study of the relationship between Jesus and God, with Abed himself in the starring role. Shirley worries about the blasphemous implications while Abed sweeps the rest of the school into his vision.

Meanwhile, Pierce grows fed up with being the "child" of the study group despite being the oldest member and joins the "hipsters", a trouble-causing clique of other senior citizens.

Has a [[YMMV/CommunityS2E05MessianicMythsAndAncientPeoples YMMV page.]]

!!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' episode "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples" provides examples of:

* AgainstMyReligion: Subverted: Abed does not object to making a Christian movie as a Muslim: as a filmmaker, he does.
* AsideGlance:
-->'''Abed:''' This ''is'' the movie.
* AudibleSharpness: Parodied when Shirley picks up a (wooden) baseball bat.
* BatterUp: Shirley uses a baseball bat to [[spoiler:trash Abed's set.]]
* CryingWolf[=/=]PlayingSick: Leonard's comrade Richard continually says, "Where am I? What year is this?" and the rest of the seniors laugh at this genius ploy of getting out of trouble. This leads to a TearJerker moment towards the end when Pierce and the others discover Richard is actually suffering from dementia, and may or may not have been previously faking.
* DesignatedParents: Jeff and Britta even moreso than usual, although Jeff tries so hard to defy this. Pierce plays the role of the rebelling teenager and Annie is the concerned younger sister.
* DressesTheSame: In TheTag Abed and Troy both SpeakInUnison with and [[DressesTheSame dress the same]] as Jeff. Annie apparently wanted in on the gag too, but got stuck in traffic and arrives just after the joke has ended - only to become the impromptu next victim as the two imitate her, instead.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: When the senior citizen group has the idea to take a joy ride in the Dean's car, Pierce is the only one to protest, partially because of it being theft and partly because [[DrunkDriver all of them have been drinking]]. After Richard crashes the car, Leonard tells the rest of the group to run, but Pierce willingly stays behind to look after Richard, who it's just been revealed is suffering from dementia.
* EverybodyIsJesusInPurgatory: In-universe. Abed's idea for a viral video for Shirley's church was a film about a filmmaker who was making a film about Jesus who realized that he himself was Jesus having a film made about him.
* FreudianSlip: That's Dopey.
* FriendshipMoment: Abed makes a new, actually serviceable Jesus rap video for Shirley.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: Jeff awkwardly dancing in the background in the pre-opening credits scene.
* GiveMeASign: Abed asks and [[ExactEavesDropping is being heard]].
* TheGreatestStoryNeverTold: Nobody besides Abed and Starburns will ever see whatever was the Abed's movie, since Shirley destroys the tapes, helped by the fact Abed actually does not wants anyone to ever see what's in the movies.
* [[NapoleonDelusion Jesus Delusion]]: Abed comes uncomfortably close to it.
* JesusWasWayCool: How Abed reacts after reading the New Testament.
* JoinsToFitIn: Pierce's reason for becoming a Hipster.
* LastSupperSteal: The shot of Abed and his production crew on a table.
* MrFanservice: Britta's reaction to Abed as Jesus.
* MyGreatestFailure[=/=]MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Abed refers to his movie as the worst piece of crap he's ever seen. He thinks thta if the movie goes out, critics will turn against him and ending his career before he even has a chance to start it.
-->'''Abed:''' "It's a self indulgent annalistic mess, I can barely sit through it".
* NotSoDifferent: Jeff is clearly confused by some of the viral videos, just like Shirley and Pierce.
* OneWomanWail: A female vocalist ululates Abed's name for a sort of joking Biblical epic effect many times throughout the episode, then in the "dramatic" ending, the singer eerily wails Shirley's name.
* PerpWalk: The "hipsters" give the Dean and Shirley a hard time when the two pass from the car to the school's entrance.
-->'''Dean''': Don't make eye contact and we'll be fine.
* PrettyBoy: Jesus!Abed.
* RecycledInSpace: This episode is ''Film/ManWithAMovieCamera'' [-WITH RELIGIOUS SUBTEXT-].
* RecycledSoundtrack: When Abed and Starburns review the daily, the sountrack playing sounds like the [[https://youtu.be/cHthbtSbGLM?t=59 main theme]] of ''Film/DragonTheBruceLeeStory''.
* ScrewPolitenessImASenior: Leonard and his elderly clique, the "Hipsters", so called because they all have replaced hips.
* ShoutOut: Multiple references to [[Creator/CharlieKaufman Charlie Kaufman]], a screenwriter known for his use of metafiction and MindScrew-y films.
* ShroudedInMyth: ''"I heard it's the same film backwards and forwards."''
* StopCopyingMe: Jeff's reaction to the DressesTheSame gag.
* StylisticSuck: Shirley's attempt at making a video without Abed. Featuring BadBadActing by Tory and Britta.
* TakeThat: When Shirley tries to get Abed to help make a movie about Jeses, saying that some people have called the Bible "the greatest story ever told," Abed notes that [[http://articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/28/entertainment/ca-lyons28 Ben Lyons]] said the same thing about ''Film/IAmLegend''.
* TeamDad[=/=]TeamMom: The roles are the most obvious with Jeff and Britta, but the entire study group plays the "concerned family" in Pierce's B-plot.
* ToxicFriendInfluence: Pierce joining the Hipsters leads him to lash out at his true friends, destroy school property and be an accomplice to motor vehicle theft.
* WhatYearIsThis: Pierce uses the line when pretending to have dementia. Gets a dark reprise later on by Richard in the car.
* YiddishAsASecondLanguage: One of the Hipsters.
* YouJustRuinedTheShot: Shirley ruins the shot when stumbling into Abed's production.