Michael, Sam and Fi help Howard and Patricia recover their son Brendon from a thug named Santora. Howard works for a company that mines diamonds and his son has been kidnapped by Santora so Howard will steal diamonds for Santora. In order to get him back Michael poses as a junkie named Shep and lets Sam (disguised as dirty cop Detective Finley) and Santora "reverse interrogate" him to try and get Santora to reveal details that will help them find Branden.

They eventually manage this and track Santora to Branden. "Shep" convinces Santora that one of his flunkies has turned on him and Santora and his men end up shooting each other after Santora holds them at gunpoint and accuses them of trying to double cross him.

Meanwhile Michael has to fend off Detective Paxson in order to remove incriminating evidence from a storage unit. He accomplishes this but Detective Paxson promises to keep investigating him until she finds something.