* BerserkButton: Ubu will not allow anyone to stand before Ra's al Ghul or otherwise insult him in any way.
* EnemyMine: Ra's al Ghul works with Batman, as the people who kidnapped Robin also took Talia, but it is revealed that it was all just a ruse to test Batman.
* GPSEvidence: Batman is able to figure out where Robin's kidnappers have taken him based on the photo of him they left behind as evidence of their action. He recognizes the unique knife type and rope-making technique to a very specific area of the world. Justified as this is a test of skill fabricated by Ra's Al Ghul to evaluate Batman's detective abilities.
* HoistHeroOverHead: More like anti-villain, as Ra's al Ghul lifts Talia over his head, and in Part 2 about to throw her into the Lazarus Pit.
* TheReveal: Ra's al Ghul was the kidnapper.
* RunningGag: Everything Ubu does something to Batman, he counts it at a strike. When he reaches strike three, Batman attacks him.
* ThirdPersonPerson: When Ra's comments upon the destruction of the rainforests by the upper class for profit, and directly accuses Batman of such, Batman replies that Bruce Wayne donates millions to preserve it (even though everyone present knows that he ''is'' Bruce Wayne).