Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Street Episode Epilogue Two

New York, Pennsylvania Station.

An overexcited Carol gets off the train, urging the Vice President, Gustav St. Germain, to hurry and follow suit. The Vice President exits at a leisurely pace, advising Carol that what is most important for a reporter is not the speed at which information is delivered, but the accuracy of its content... but he recalls that even articles based on nothing more than presumption sell well, and lists off a number of factors that are important to a reporter before concluding that there is no specific answer.

Carol is about to rush the Vice President again, but notices someone behind him and points in confusion. The Vice President scolds her for being so rude as to point, and asks her why she did so. Carol asks the person standing behind the Vice President who she is.

The woman giggles and greets them both, insinuating that she's met them before. She addresses the Vice-President by name and identifies him as the Vice President of the Daily Days, but adds that she's not sure if Gustav St. Germain is indeed his real name.

Something about this woman scares Carol, but the Vice-President calmly addresses her as a customer and asks what she wants from them. The woman discreetly pulls out a pistol and holds the Vice President at gunpoint. She introduces herself as Hilton, but the Vice-President wants to know the name of the particular individual. This upsets Hilton, who claims that information brokers act as if they know everything, and demands to know how much they know about herself.

The Vice President replies that he has no exact answer for that, but concludes that he knows as much as he could possibly know.

Hilton claims that information brokers were swarming through Chicago, almost as omnipresent as herself. She then demands to know why Huey had to lose his left eye, and what was going on while she was not present. Based on the situation she's faced with in Chicago and Alcatraz, she believes that the Daily Days may have been in league with the people behind this mess.

The Vice President, still held at gunpoint, agrees to share his information with Hilton. Carol panics, but the Vice President ignores this and suggests that they relocate to a more suitable location. Hilton agrees and reminds him that if he tries anything, he knows the extent of her powers and what exactly she can do to him.

The Vice President warns Hilton that some of this information might be things that she might not have wanted to know, and begins recounting the events that took place in Chicago with Lamia.