Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Street Episode Color Pages

About Lamia—Adele's Hesitant Confessions

Adele gives an explanation about Lamia—its members are all homunculi and The Ageless. She claims that none of the members could ever live normal lives after what Huey's research did to them. Currently, the only surviving members of Lamia are Christopher, Chi, Leeza, Sham, Hilton, Rail, Frank, The Poet, Sickle, and Adele herself. All of them have a screw loose somewhere, but Adele doesn't know if they've been driven to madness by the experiments, of if they've been driving themselves to insanity. Adele explains that she feels a kinship with the others, and even though she doesn't know if the kinship was something Huey intended, she's glad for it—after all, she can't even tell if the connection she feels is real or fake.

About Christopher—A Man's One-Sided Confessions

The unidentified narrator, refusing to introduce himself, explains that Christopher is at once Huey's greatest creation and his worst failure. Christopher, he explains, greatly admires nature, but considers himself to be so unnatural that he keeps away from it. Simply put, Chris is insane and proud of it—and he considers his own irrationality to be proof that he is an unnatural being. Christopher admires humans, but he's scared of becoming human himself. The narrator explains the irony of the situation—Christopher is always seeking friendship, yet at the same time he wonders if someone like him is even capable of something like true friendship.

The narrator finds Christopher's existence utterly amusing, and wonders if Huey modeled Christopher after Elmer, or maybe Zank and Dekuro. He then demands information fees from the person he was talking to, and when the person's too slow, stabs him.

The narrator adds that despite appearances, Christopher's probably the most human of Lamia's members. Then he realizes that his victim is dead, and laughs.

About Graham Specter—Ladd Russo's Confessions to his White-Suited Friend

Ladd explains to his friend that Graham thinks about destroying things, in the same way that Ladd himself thinks about murder—all the time. However, he adds that Graham doesn't kill people because life has no form—all that he gets from killing someone is guilt. To Graham, people and machines are exactly the same in that he sees them both as objects.

Ladd adds that, unlike Graham, he himself is aware of the value of life, and that he enjoys going against the sanctity of life anyway by killing. However, Graham is similarly amoral, but in a completely different sense.

Because of his refusal to kill, Graham was called a coward by some members of the Russo Family. He responded by euphorically dislocating every single one of their joints. Ladd explains that he heard them planning to get back at Graham, so he personally took care of them before they could do anything.

About Renee—From the Unofficial Conversations of Karl Muybridge, Chairman of Nebula

The Chairman begins by commenting that Renee's full name is a mouthful, and goes on to add a statement about her extremely sexy figure—but composes himself. He adds that it's best not to get too involved with Renee. She's currently doing some sort of research involving the Elixir of Life, and there are rumors that she's kidnapping people to use as research subjects, but there's no concrete proof of that.

The Chairman admits that he has some knowledge about Renee's secret activities and the truth behind the 1200 employees in New York. He adds that they are mutually using each other, and that current consensus among the board members is 99:1 in favor of Renee taking power over him.