Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Epilogue Out Of Jail

Alcatraz island.

Missouri congratulates Isaac as he is released from Alcatraz. He encourages Isaac to start life over on the straight-and-narrow, for the sake of his loved ones. Isaac wholeheartedly agrees, promising to do his best. Missouri hands Isaac an envelope containing his pay from the prison labor, plus a little extra from himself. Isaac thanks Missouri profusely and says goodbye.

The view of Alcatraz island on his way out reminds Isaac of his childhood, when he had seen the place from afar countless times.

Once Isaac completely finishes the legal procedures and gets his belongings back, he realizes that he doesn't have enough money to take the transcontinental back to New York. He briefly considers stealing money from a bad guy, but thinks better of it, remembering Missouri's encouragements.

So Isaac makes a phone call to the Alveare, where Ronnie tells him that Miria is staying with Jacuzzi's gang. Another phone call later, Isaac is talking to an overjoyed Miria. He apologizes to her, saying that his wallet was in his pocket all along—Miria doesn't mind, since she had forgotten about it anyway. Isaac explains that he doesn't have enough money, so they agree to meet up at Chicago and go back to New York together.