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* ''RealityEnsues/YuGiOhArcV''


[[folder: Bleach]]
* In the first chapter, Ichigo spots Rukia coming into his house through his bedroom window. Even though she's not there to hurt him, he quickly attacks her, thinking she's a thief.
* When trying to deal with a Hollow attacking his family, Ichigo tries to help... and ends up getting smacked aside for his trouble. Although experienced in dealing with ghosts and street fights, he's never had to actually fight a spirit before and doesn't really have any special power. What's worse, his jumping-in causes Rukia to get injured as well.
* After an televised event with Don Kanonji in which Ichigo, Rukia and some of his friends are caught on camera (the former two trying to stop a Hollow), the gym teacher has them brought to the principal for apparently delinquent conduct. Subverted when the principal doesn't really care. Paraphrased: "They didn't do anything lewd, so it wasn't a big deal."
* Uryū challenges Ichigo to prove Quincys are better than Soul Reapers. Ichigo accepts, until he finds out Uryū plans to use Hollow bait and make it into a Hollow hunting contest. Even Ichigo realizes how stupid an idea this is, and sure enough, the bait ends up attracting more Hollows then Uryū was expecting, putting a lot of people, including Orihime, Tatsuki, Chad, and Ichigo's younger sister, Karen, in danger.
* When Rukia runs away and is attacked by Byakuya and Renji, who wish to bring her back to Soul Society, Ichigo comes to the rescue and is quickly beaten down. Even with his HeroicSecondWind against Renji, Byakuya takes him out with ease. After all, the two are experienced Soul Reapers while Ichigo has just barely even started in his stint as one.
* While Ichigo is training with Kisuke, Yoruichi (in cat form at the time) trains Chad and Orihime in their newfound powers. They do so in an abandoned building but an explosion from their power forces the two to quickly leave the area since it likely will attract attention.
* After Ichigo defeats one of the gate guards, said guard is about to let him through... only for the group to instantly run into a lieutenant, Gin, who quickly knocks them back and punishes said guard. After all, the guard isn't supposed to let threats into the place he's guarding, personal code of honor be damned.
* Most of the Soul Society residents are comprised of mixed families since not all souls that depart from the living world are reunited with their loved ones in such a big place.
* After managing to break into the Soul Society, Ichigo and Ganju are beset by troops of Soul Reapers. They manage to grab one, Hanatarō and try to use him as a hostage... only for the troop not to care because he isn't part of their squad and they consider him weak.
* Renji defies orders to go confront Ichigo. He ends up losing and is locked up for insubordination.
* After Aizen is killed, his lieutenant Momo instantly suspects Gin since he was acting shady around him previously. However in trying to attack him, Gin's lieutenant Kira defends him and the fight ends up broken up by Captain Hitsugaya who has both of them detained for attacking each other. Unruly conduct is not allowed in military organizations, and you can't attack someone without proof.
* While high-school student Chad is able to defeat a few low-level Soul Reapers, he's utterly outclassed, beaten and captured when he tries to fight a captain.
* When the order for Rukia's execution to be sped up comes out of the blue, most of the Soul Reapers find the order a bit suspicious and start to question if something weird is going on. This ends up clashing with those who staunchly keep following it, resulting in in-fighting in the Gotei 13 ranks.
* In Rukia's flashback, we see that Kaien, a former subordiante of the squad Rukia was in, had tried to fight and kill a Hollow who had possessed and taken over the body of his wife. Rukia wanted to jump in and help but their captain, Ukitake, claims ThisIsSomethingHesGotToDoHimself. This doesn't give Kaien any sort of edge, though; the Hollow proves too powerful and ultimately ends up taking over Kaien's body forcing Rukia to MercyKill him.
* Years of devotion only to be shattered when said person abandons you will of course build up resentment as Yoruichi finds out when she confronts her former bodyguard, Sui Feng.
* Despite Renji and Ichigo gaining the power of Bankai, it's not a power-up that instantly helps them gain victory, since they're still learning to wield it. Both end up facing Byakuya, a person who's long-since mastered it and has more experience. Renji has his Bankai broken in his first use with it (later in the story, it's revealed that due to this, it was likewise severely weakened in power as well). When Ichigo uses his in his final fight with the captain, the super speed initially gives him an advantage, but it puts a strain on his body; he doesn't even notice he's slowing down until Byakuya points it out and instantly capitalizes on the flaw. Ichigo would've nearly been killed if his Inner Hollow hadn't intervened.
* During the Arrancar arc, the Soul Reapers who are stationed in the living world have a limiter put on them so as not to cause much damage to the town. This becomes a problem when facing a few invading low-level Arrancar who go all out against them and the most they can do is defend themselves till the order is given to release their limiters to be able to fight effectively.
* Ichigo and Grimmjow have their epic showdown, Ichigo wins, and gets Orihime back. All's well... except he forgot he's still in enemy territory and is quickly jumped by Nnoitra, who [[CombatPragmatist waited for the battle to be over to make his move]] as Ichigo would be too worn-out and injured to put up a fight.
* During the Winter War, Sui Feng reveals her Bankai to be a ballistic missile. While it is a very powerful ability, she nonetheless hates it because she's a ''ninja'' and it's not exactly useful for stealth.
* Ikkaku is stationed at a pillar meant to keep the living world and fake town the Gotei 13 created for the war separate while the fight is going on. However, due to not wanting the other squads to know he has a Bankai (Out of fear of being bumped a rank they did. He likes working under his captain Kenpachi), he doesn't give it his all against the Arrancar that attacks the pillar and ends up defeated. Captain Komamura gives him a verbal lashing for letting his pride get in the way of his duty.
* When the Visored join in the war, [[TeethClenchedTeamwork none of them are happy to be fighting with the Soul Reapers]] as they were unjustly set to be executed in the past by said group for the Hollowfication condition unwillingly put on them and have been living in exile. Strictly telling them they're just doing it because they [[EnemyMine hate Aizen more.]] Indeed by the end of the arc, only several of them rejoin the Gotei 13; the others are still quite bitter and opt to stay in the living world.
* Hachi and Sui Feng end up facing off against Baraggan, an Espada that can rot anything he touches. After several attacks fail to affect him, Hachi lets his arm get hit by the power then rips it off and teleports it into Baraggan's body, who, ironically enough, isn't immune to his own power.
* When Mashiro takes on Wonderweiss, she's indeed powerful enough to knock him around. However Kensei warns her of her mask limit and tries to get her to break off. She refuses, somewhat arrogantly claiming she can hold her mask power longer then the other Visored. When she goes in for another major strike, the time limit for her mask power indeed disengages allowing Wonderwiess to land a devastating blow on her and forcing Kensei to bail her out. Overconfidence leads to failure yet again.
* Ichigo thinks he can take on Ulquiorra upon finding out he's only #4 within the Espada ranks, reasoning he's weaker. Ulquiorra quickly proves him wrong by going to this Resurecccion and practically curb-stomping him.
* All the Soul Reapers and Visored finally go to confront Aizen together. Hiyori is provoked into a blind rage by one of Aizen's taunts and rushes at him, before being quickly bisected by Gin, whom she had forgotten was there. Anger is no excuse for tunnel vision, especially against two powerful foes.
* When Tosen uses his new Hollow powers and regains his sight, he's so wrapped up in being able to see that doesn't notice Shuhei sneaking up on him until he lands the killing blow. Shuhei even lampshades the irony of how the old Tosen would've easily been able to counter such a move due to a lifetime of using his super senses to compensate for his blindness. Sensory overload is a real-life condition.
* When the Vandenreich invade the Soul Society the first time and depart, they claim they'll be back in a certain number of days to finish them off. The Soul Reapers think that'll give them time to prepare against them... only for the Vandenreich to attack earlier then they claimed. They're ''villains'', since when do they need to be honest? It's likewise a pragmatic move as well, to catch them unaware so they can hardly counter back.
* Kenpachi has a major love for fighting, but due to wanting his battles to last longer, he subconsciously limits himself in battle and thus can't really his full power to it's fullest. The acting Captain-Commander decides that this self-limitation cannot be allowed in a time of desperate war, and so orders him trained to be rid of this handicap.

[[folder:Dragon Ball]]
* When Goku gets injured in his fight with Vegeta, there are no Senzu beans available. He recovers at an impressive speed considering his injuries, but he spends a month recovering in the hospital before there are more Senzu beans. Played up even more in a filler arc during this, where Goku escapes the hospital and attempts to resume his training but because he hasn't properly recovered yet winds up injuring himself even more and immediately gets re-hospitalized.
* Chi-Chi being more concerned for Gohan than Goku after the latter's battle with Vegeta can also count: while it inexcusable for Chi-Chi to ignore Goku, she was right to be more concerned for Gohan; this is due to Goku being a grown adult and trained, whereas Gohan is only a 5 year old boy who doesn't have as much experience as his father does in fighting.
* Videl, fresh from learning how to harness her Ki and fly, is forced to sit a mission out when she's unable to see while flying due to traveling at high speeds without any form of eye protection.
* Before his sacrifice against Majin Buu, Vegeta, being somewhat aware that DeathEqualsRedemption in the ''Dragon Ball world'', optimistically asks Piccolo whether he would see Goku in the Other World. Piccolo tells him point-blank that unlike Goku, Vegeta has spent most of his life being a selfish, evil {{Jerkass}}, and one selfless act will ''not'' make up for it; therefore, Vegeta is most likely going to Hell when he dies. And indeed, he does.
* Considering how strong the Z-Fighters are, ''any'' mundane task is difficult. Naturally because of Goku's SuperStrength, even the lightest tap could send somebody hundreds flying of feet into the air... which was the case when Goku playfully slapped Chi-Chi on the back and sent her flying out of the house, crashing through a tree and into a rock. It's a good thing she's MadeOfIron and only suffered a few bruises and cuts. While normally this isn't an issue (Goku does in fact know his own strength and can easily control it), that's in his normal form.
** This is the first time he's ever been a Super Saiyan in a non-combat situation, which increases his strength by several orders of magnitude: if a person were to become instantly much stronger than they're used to being, every action is going to involve using a lot more strength than they intended until they get used to the new strength.
* Being a PhysicalGod or otherwise extremely powerful might make you close to invincible, but unless you're from a species like Frieza, Cell, or Buu who can survive without oxygen, you still need to breathe. Goku nearly died from Frieza drowning him, and if Namek exploding didn't kill Goku, him suffocating in space would have.
* No matter how powerful you become, you can still succumb to illnesses: in the future timeline, Goku dies of a heart virus, and even in the main timeline where he's able to get treatment for it, he's still laid flat for over ten days.
* Sometimes, [[KnowWhenToFoldEm you have to know when it's time to give up and live to fight another day]]. It doesn't matter how determined you are to win; if your opponent outclasses you in every way, willpower and determination alone can only take you so far and will ultimately mean nothing. Frieza learns this the hard way when his complete inability to give up, accept defeat, and swallow his pride not only leads to his downfall on Namek, but also his death. And when he's resurrected, that complete inability to give up leads to a second death and the complete collapse of his empire.
** Also, attacking at full force will tire you out fast. After Frieza reached his full power and was at least close to on-par with Super Saiyan Goku, he burned through his energy so quickly that he wasn't even a challenge to Goku after only a few minutes of fighting this way.
* Cell announcing that he will essentially destroy the world if nobody can defeat him at the Cell Games in 10 days on worldwide television gets ''exactly'' the sort of reaction you would expect: the entire world is thrown into chaos as all of humanity panics in terror at the fact that the world is gonna end in 10 days: housands of people try to evacuate from cities worldwide and the world's Army is immediately sent to try and destroy Cell, only for Cell to destroy all of the army without breaking a sweat; of course, this was the sort of reaction Cell was ''hoping'' for!
* Goku's entire plan to defeat Cell hinged on Cell deliberately pushing Gohan into an UnstoppableRage, thus unlocking his hidden power: unfortunately, once pushed to that breaking point, Gohan has no desire to end the fight quickly and deliberately prolongs his beatdown of Cell, wanting him to suffer, something [[GoneHorriblyRight Goku failed to anticipate]]; really, anyone who was in Gohan's shoes and ''didn't'' do the same thing after being pushed that far would have to be a saint.
* Majin Buu takes what Cell done UpToEleven: by the time he turned into Super Buu, he wiped out 80% of humanity and those who survive live in fear and in ruined cities; also, there's the rise of serial killers like Van Zant who use the opportunity to murder their fellow man because, "it's the end of the world, so I can do whatever I want!"
* When Majin Buu, now Super Buu, shows up on the lookout demanding to face the fighter he was promised, Piccolo warned everyone to not provoke him in any way because they would surely die. Chi-Chi walks up to him and slaps him for killing Gohan; he kills her without a second thought. Lesson is: you can get angry at anyone who doesn't appear dangerous and/or won't attack you if you do (family, friends, associates, etc), but if you willingly attack someone who obviously looks dangerous and won't hesitate to attack you (and would even be considered deadly to mess with), things won't end well for you.
* While he may have been TheLoad for most of the fight, Gohan being afraid for his life and too scared to do anything for much of the battle against Nappa is a spot-on portrayal of how any 5 or 6-year-old would react if they were suddenly thrown into a life or death battle, and the TrainingFromHell that Piccolo put him through ultimately did little to mentally prepare him for it; Krillin even [[LampshadeHanging brings this up]] in Gohan's defense when an angered Piccolo attempts to berate him.
* Gohan gets weaker by the time of the Buu Saga because he failed to keep up with his training, just as real-life athletes can get out of shape when ''they'' stop training: it gets worse by the time of ''Resurrection [='F'=]'' where he can't even keep up basic Super Saiyan, leading to Piccolo temporarily dying at Frieza's hands; after that, he begs Piccolo to train him and tells Goku to train Pan when she gets older.
* In ''[[Anime/DragonBallZResurrectionF Resurrection 'F']]'' and ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', Whis informs Vegeta that part of the reason he hasn't been able to surpass Goku, despite all the TrainingFromHell he goes through, is because he trains ''too'' hard and doesn't let his body get proper rest.
* In the original series: it doesn't matter if your skills are just as good as your opponent's, if you're a child and he's an adult and more experienced he has the advantage: Goku found out in his first Tenkaichi, when, in the final exchange, Jackie Chun played him like a fiddle to get him in a mutual flying kick, in which the longer legs of the adult Jackie Chun guaranteed a stronger and deeper kick than those of the still child Goku.
** In the same arc Goku developed a technique where he spins like a top with enough force to repel his opponent, Namu; Goku almost wins, but became too dizzy and collapsed.
* The TV special ''Anime/TheHistoryOfTrunks'' is built around this trope:
** One of the supposed safe haven towns left on Earth has an amusement park that is constantly open and considering how loud amusement parks are it doesn't take long for the Androids to find and destroy it along with all of its inhabitants.
** When Android 18 goes clothes shopping and after she finishes raiding the store of all the clothes she wanted with the "consent" of the store owner and employees, Android 17 destroys the store and employees inside of it. What, did you actually think they would let them live? Remember, they're programmed to hate ''all'' humans, no exceptions.
** You want to be the badass [[IWorkAlone lone wolf]] and take on the enemy with the hope of [[HeroicSecondWind pulling out a miracle]] or [[DyingMomentOfAwesome dying in a significant blaze of glory]]? Get real. Have a genuine strategy or damn well know you are definitely strong enough to win or things will end very badly. [[spoiler: Gohan]] learned that the hard way. And ultimately him going out in a blaze of glory only made the difficulty of defeating Androids even ''more'' improbable for Trunks and it led to Trunks having to [[spoiler: go back in time in a last resort to save his world]]. And that act also unwittingly made things '''[[ShootTheShaggyDog even worse]]'''.
** Trunks' attempts at bum-rushing the Androids on his own only results in him getting his ass kicked so bad he ends up in the hospital for days in critical condition.
* In ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', jilted superstar Barry Khan attempts to {{blackmail}} Gohan by getting an actress to kiss him, making it look like Gohan was cheating on Videl, who is now Gohan's wife. When offered the evidence, Videl tears the photos of the incident in half, and calls Barry out on how petty he is for doing something like this, believing the words of her husband over someone who has been obviously antagonistic to the both of them.
* In the finale of ''Dragon Ball Z'', Vegeta's plan to defeat Buu is to have the people of earth willingly give Goku their energy for a Spirit Bomb by telling them to raise their hands. Everyone who isn't a member of the main cast thinks that the weird voice is a dream at best; in fact, the first person who tries it is terrified when his energy is drained and suspects that it's actually a demon. When Goku is metaphorically given the microphone, people who were friends with him in the past recognize him and willingly give him their energy... but it still isn't enough; only when Mr. Satan, who is well known by the public, tells them to give up their energy do they listen.
* Future Trunks wastes no time killing his enemies as soon as possible, not wanting any epic fight ever: he immediately slays Freiza and King Cold; he immediately destroys Cell as a fetus to stop him from being born in this timeline. Back in his timeline, he kills every villain in one episode without hesitation; he even calls Vegeta out for not killing Cell when he had the opportunity.
* One can say that Chi-Chi's overprotective attitude towards Gohan constantly putting his life on the line to fight dangerous monsters (minus the whole SkewedPriorities & InsaneTrollLogic) is a realistic portrayal of how real life parents were to act if their children were constantly put in dangerous situations that can result in their children getting seriously injured, or worse, killed.
* Chi-Chi's anger at Goku's behavior in their marriage is a realistic portrayal of the consequences of being all too willing to marry a guy you don't know that much.
* Mr. Satan's reaction to Videl's death in the Buu Arc can count (before he was aware of the [[{{MacGuffin}} Dragon Balls]]): he's totally heartbroken and acts shocked when the other characters act so nonchalant about it.
* Beerus' constant abuse of his status as a God of Destruction (destroying things that annoy him rather than what would be bad for the universe) ends up putting his universe second-to-last in terms of mortal levels; having an insane majin run loose killing anything that moved followed by a few decades of a genocidal megalomaniac empire ended up leaving only ''27'' inhabited planets in the universe: the only universe worst off than him is one literally populated by amoral psychopaths. It got bad enough that Zeno wanted to destroy his universe outright if not for Goku's suggestion at the tournament: as shown by the four other Gods of destruction with "acceptable" mortal levels, destroying things willy nilly (or even just evil planets) won't cut it; you have to only destroy what is necessary and that takes a lot of research and understanding the mortals under you.
** Speaking of Universe 9, it shows what happens when you have the TokenGoodTeammate ''and'' the TokenEvilTeammate of two groups working together. The result is an indecisive God of Destruction who doesn't weed out the weak and amoral mortals and a Creation God who can't manage the morals of said mortals, resulting in a very [[CrapsackWorld Crapsack Universe]] that can't even produce strong fighters.
* Gohan being socially awkward in the Saiyaman Saga also counts as this trope: when he acts awkward and superhero-like in his Saiyaman costume towards other people, almost everybody (except for Goten) looks at him strange, cringes for him, and/or mocks his costume and poses.
* At school, Gohan asks to be excused to go to the restroom so he can fight crime as Saiyaman: due to him being gone for a long period of time, his teacher and classmates mock him for being in the restroom for too long.
* After the announcement of the Tournament of Power, everyone naturally is pissed off at Universe 7 (and especially Goku) for suggesting it in the first place and most of them focus on trying to defeat Universe 7. Goku's nonchalant attitude and BloodKnight tendencies only made things worse.
* In the special “The History of Trunks,” Future Trunks finally becomes a Super Saiyan after Future Gohan gets killed by the Androids. A few years later, Future Trunks decides to take on the Androids mostly due to his arrogance over his newfound ability, despite Future Bulma’s protests. Trunks takes on the Androids, only for him to brutally get his ass handed to him. Morals of this: 1. don’t become too arrogant about your newfound abilities and 2. listen to your parents.
* Out of all the characters, Chi-Chi is one of the few who doesn’t seem to like nor trust Piccolo too easily. Seems “[[InformedWrongness bitchy]]”, but considering how Piccolo almost killed Goku, kidnapped her son for a year, and was partially responsible (along with Vegeta) for Gohan getting seriously injured and killed in the Saiyan Saga, Chi-Chi had pretty good reasons to not like the guy and was rightfully afraid of him (although this is later subverted in the Buu Arc when she forgives him).
* Krillin was killed by a demon right in front of the tournament announcer. Naturally, the poor guy is terrified when Krillin shows up for the next tournament without any explanation.
* Demon King Piccolo took over the world and started a reign of terror. His son/reincarnation, also named Piccolo, can never enter a tournament under his real name.
* Goku was born with a large, prehensile tail, and first lost it at the age of twelve. He had trouble balancing without it.
* While Gotenks was one of the strongest fighters when he was first introduced, his immaturity stopped him from actually ever achieving anything meaningful.

[[folder:JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]]
* ''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureStardustCrusaders Stardust Crusaders]]''
** During the fight against Tower of Grey, the protagonists devise a plan to deal with the enemy Stand, eventually deducing that Avdol cannot use his Stand because [[PlayingWithFire its powers]] would cause the airplane to explode, and Jotaro cannot use his since it could damage the fuselage and cause the plane to crash, leaving Kakyoin the only person who can fight against Tower of Grey since his stand would cause the least amount of damage in this situation.
** During the fight against Empress, which has latched herself onto Joseph Joestar's arm, she kills a surgeon trying to remove her: when a nurse see this, she thinks Joseph has killed him and calls the police, and now Joseph Joestar is wanted for murder.
** Out of the Stardust Crusaders team, Joseph is the only person to have experience flying a plane, but it's only a propeller-based plane he's ever piloted and he's had little experience; naturally, this results in them crashing twice.
** During the final fight, Jotaro [[spoiler:fakes his own death by having Star Platinum stop his own heart]] to the point that DIO can't even hear a noise from him; DIO decides to confirm that he is truly dead by decapitating him, [[spoiler:although this is a trap set up by Jotaro to land a hit on him]].
*** In that same fight, Star Platinum manages to punch Dio hard enough to fracture his skull open: while Dio is an immortal vampire, getting a blow to the head like that still disorients Dio so badly that he can't even stand, and he feels physically sick for the first time in decades.
* ''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureDiamondIsUnbreakable Diamond Is Unbreakable]]''
** Keicho Nijimura uses the Stand Arrow carelessly to give Stand powers to just about anyone he comes across, causing trouble across Morioh: eventually, [[spoiler: one of the very people he empowered kills him and takes the arrow for himself;]] Okuyasu even admits he had it coming.
** Josuke, Okuyasu, and Shigechi find an abandoned lottery ticket and try to cash it in; however, the endorsement on the back is none of theirs. They only barely avoid being arrested for fraud by Josuke using Crazy Diamond to remove some of the ink on the endorsement; later, Josuke's mother freezes the account the payout was deposited into, since a teenager with as much money as his share was is rather absurd.
** During the final fight against [[spoiler:Kira, Josuke runs into a house to find cover and Kira continues to attack him outside, eventually causing extensive damage to the house; by the time the gang has Kira cornered, paramedics and firefighters have arrived, responding to reports by neighbors of explosions near said house.]]
** No matter how strong the Stand is, the Stand user is just a human. [[spoiler:Kira's cause of death? [[DeathByAmbulance Having his head ran over by an ambulance]].]]
*** The gang later admits that it was for the best, since no court would ever (or for that matter, have the power to) convict Kira, and doing him in then and there would only implicate them in murder.
* ''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureVentoAureo Vento Aureo]]''
** Stealing a car in the country side is much harder than it would be in the city. Not only would the owner notice it was missing far quicker, there is no traffic to blend into and nowhere to hide. Meaning it would be very easy for the police to find the protagonists.
** As Doppio shows us, using anything as a phone, from toys to ice cream to frogs, is going to net some unwanted attention. Making the ringing sound yourself won't make it any better. [[spoiler: Granted, it was to get in touch with Diavolo, since his actual phone got destroyed, but still.]]
* ''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureStoneOcean Stone Ocean]]''
** Once [[spoiler: Pucci obtains Made in Heaven]], time starts accelerating more and more for everyone except himself and the most basic life forms. This is shown with corpses instantly rotting the instant they die, people rioting to grab non-perishable food, salarymen struggling to keep up deadlines, and eventually rooms becoming dusty faster than they can be cleaned and even clothes rotting leaving everyone naked.

[[folder: Lupin III]]
* ''Anime/LupinIIIRedJacket''
** In one episode, Lupin steals a 200 year old bottle of wine commissioned by Napoleon. When the gang opens it and has a sip, they find it's turned to vinegar[[note]]Despite what fiction would have you believe, over 90% of wine is meant to be drank within five years of bottling and all wine is meant to be drank within fifty[[/note]].
* ''WesternAnimation/LupinIIITheItalianAdventure''
** When Zenigata captures Lupin in one episode, he discovers that he is unable to take him back to Japan, as Italian law forbids the extradition of prisoners to countries where they face the death penalty.
* ''Anime/LupinIIIPart5''
** One of the show's major themes is deconstructing how Lupin's classic methods hold up in the age of the internet and social media. While it was relatively easy for Lupin to evade the authorities or pull off complex impersonations back in TheSixties, it's now much harder for him to disappear or fly under the radar when everyone on the planet has access to smartphones and digital cameras.

[[folder: My Hero Academia]]
* During the Sports Festival arc, Deku manages to win his first match because his opponent's Quirk was only used as brainwashing not physical ability. So he could overpower him without using One For All (save for on himself to undo said brainwashing). But his match against Todoroki was nothing of the sort and he seriously injures himself through the match to stay on par against Todoroki ice (and eventually fire) power. He ultimately loses but it was a good thing as Cementoss noted, even if he had won, his injuries wouldn't have let him progress further. What's more since he continues to use his Quirk long after he made a mess of both his finger and arms, when Recovery Girl heals him, his hand is permanently scarred as a result. Recovery Girl ends up putting her foot down here and tells both Deku and All Might she won't heal any more injuries caused from One For All and that they need to start finding work-arounds for the power.
** Indeed later in the series, Deku starts going to the Support Class to get special clothing to help cushion the blows from One For All while trying to focus his power at certain point and outputs.
* Izuku's WarriorTherapist speech was able to encourage Todoroki to start using his flames after the abuse and trauma Todoroki suffered from his parents but one single pep talk would not simply erase years of trauma and ultimately, [[spoiler: Todoroki wasn't able to conjure the flames again in the tournament and he lost his match to Bakugou as a result.]]
* The pressures of using One For All constantly causes Izuku's bones to shatter: at first, it's treated like a minor inconvenience but it's later revealed that continued usage of this would eventually cause the muscles in his arms to go numb and at best, his arms could only tolerate 2-3 more times that kind of strain or else he wouldn't be able to use his arms at all.
* The story that Izuku, Iida and Todoroki [[spoiler: had stopped Stain and saved Mr Native]] must not be made public because they acted without a hero license; if word got out, they would be punished.
* Nana Shimura gave an insight into the personal lives of heroes. Because of her dangerous lifestyle, [[spoiler: she had to give up her own child for adoption so they would be safe from villains.]] Similarly, Kouta is another example. His hero parents died and he was raised by his aunt who was also a hero and who trained others to be heroes. As a result, he is constantly reminded of his loss and despised heroes.
* While she is happy that he can finally live his dream, Izuku's mother Inko is constantly worried for his well being: watching her son physically injure himself using his powers and be attacked by villains while out with his friends makes her ask Izuku to quit the summer course due to his injuries and [[spoiler:eventually declining his continued attendance at U.A. out of a legitimate fear for his safety and a lack of confidence in the staff.]]
** [[spoiler: Wasn't just her, as many parents and public share the same sentiments. This ended up putting security for U.A on high alert as the staff knows they can't afford any more slip ups lest the school ends up being shut down. This hasn't gone over with with some of the students of the school who start ''blaming'' Class-1A since the attacks always seemed to involve them in some form.]]
* Has one of your classmates been kidnapped by villains; he's a goner unless you and your friends mount a covert rescue operation, right? Actually, [[spoiler: the professionals are already planning a rescue, and ultimately they're the ones who are going to do most of the rescuing, while you and your friends spend most of the mission hiding from enemies who greatly outclass you.]] And then there's the aftermath:
** Aizawa informs Class 1-A that he knew that Izuku and the others had gone to rescue Bakugou and the rest of the class (except three others) knew of their plans and didn't tell the teachers; he would have expelled them all because they had no legal authority as heroes and they had explicitly gone against his orders not to: he flat out told them the only thing that saved them from expulsion was [[spoiler: All Might's retirement]] and they couldn't afford to lose any more heroes.
* Early on, Midoriya undergoes TrainingFromHell so that he'll be capable of handling One For All: he then decides to attempt to speed up his progress by doing extra training; this backfires, as All Might had fine-tuned the training plan for maximum efficiency... and that includes rest periods to allow Midoriya's body to recover from the exertion. As a result, he collapses during one of the training periods because he'd overworked himself; this prompts a talking-to from All Might about the importance of getting the necessary rest.
* Bakugou's explosive, arrogant, and violent personality is the opposite of what a hero is supposed to be, hampering his progress to becoming a hero and ostracizing him from his classmates who have no interest in dealing with a bully. Bakugou was considered exceptional and was constantly praised in his previous school for his raw talent, leading him to believe he was better than everyone else; but once he arrived to U.A., he is now surrounded by other exceptional and talented people, leaving him no longer at the top and he is quickly called out for his reckless behavior and attitude.
* During the USJ arc, the League of Villains catch the students and teachers off guard and manage to cause trouble; however, the students are able to fight back and actually push back many of the villains. Why? Because the League of Villains didn't research what Quirk's the students would have, and thus randomly had Kurogiri teleport away the ones he felt were worth doing it to. This results in the students being put into fights where their Quirk's are actually better suited to fight in than the villains thought of, such as dropping Tsuyu into a area filled with water, Tokoyami being put into an area without a much light, and Bakugou being dropped into an area without any cold weather to effect his Quirk.
* In the aftermath of a major battle, a character who [[PowerIncontinence can't control their Quirk after figuring out how to use it]] is placed in quarantine: it's not just because they're injured, but because their ability allows them to "reverse time" for someone they touch; naturally, until the person is both healed and able to move again, they can't be allowed to go near anyone else.
** Also, even though Deku made use of this ability to use "One for All" at 100% while constantly undoing any damage it dealt to him, he still didn't come out unscathed, as a doctor notes he had injuries to his arms.
* After their first major battle, a hero notes that very few civilians got injured because the majority of the damage took place in a residential area, and almost everyone was at work downtown. Several characters are noted to have survive with injuries that hurt, but will ultimately heal with time; however, one character didn't get off so lucky: [[spoiler:Sir Night Eye, the team's resident MissionControl and one of the teachers at the Academy, was impaled through the abdomen during the battle]]. Despite getting to the hospital as quick as possible, the doctors note that the character has, at best, until the next morning to live, since such an injury is absolutely fatal: indeed, they only have time for a couple of goodbyes and a DareToBeBadass speech to their comrades before dying in their hospital bed; it was proof positive that yes, heroes can and do die in the line of duty.
* In the ''[[Manga/VigilanteMyHeroAcademiaIllegals Illegals]]'' spin-off, Captain Celebrity is an [[SmugSuper arrogant,]] [[GloryHound fame-obsessed]] [[{{Eagleland}} American superhero]] who only does his job when there are cameras around and has no regard for collateral damage. This attitude got him kicked out of the American hero system, leaving Japan as the only place he can find work. Furthermore, he's an unrepentant womanizer--and has amassed a long list of sexual harassment lawsuits because of it.
* A new villain calling himself Gentle makes a habit of filming his crimes to make a name for himself and uploading them online. Naturally being a glory hound and a villain doesn't get him points with the public with an extremely dislike ratio on his videos and zero likes. What's more when he set to pull a caper at U.A (who're already cautious after two major consecutive villain attacks on their school), he's gets found out ''instantly'' by Deku when passing by him as he recognizes Gentle's voice.

* One of the main reasons the Fourth Hokage [[TheAce Minato Namikaze]] was so deadly; due to his speed he made speech NOT a free action.
* [[LadyOfWar Konan]] prepares to give a rant on how Naruto is the bridge of peace near the end of a battle (albeit after essentially being defeated herself); Tobi doesn't even let her finish her sentence.
* A relatively subtle example shows up with Sakura and Naruto's contrasting shortcomings early on: Sakura gets good grades in class, and is the only one able to ''actually'' answer the seemingly impossible questions in the first stage of the Chunin Exam, and loves to look down on Naruto, the "dead-last" in their grade; but in the Forest of Death, Sakura's lesser combat ability proves a problem when Naruto and Sasuke are incapacitated. Similarly, while Naruto's very good at fighting despite being BookDumb, some of the things he failed to learn in the academy come back to haunt him in his training; he regrets not paying more attention in class when trying to learn how to focus his chakra for his Rasengan training.
* Early in the series, Naruto is poisoned in battle: the poison is spreading slowly from his hand and Sakura surmises that the best course to take would be to use a surgical incision to drain the poisoned blood. Since the team would have to go back to the village and abandon their mission to do that properly Naruto violently [[CuttingTheKnot stabs]] [[CrazyAwesome his hand]] with a kunai to quickly drain the blood (and also as a dramatic gesture in a vow to never again be paralyzed with fear like he was during the fight)... [[HilarityEnsues and then goes into a panic attack when Kakashi points out that he's probably gonna bleed to death from a wound like that]]; fortunately, the tailed beast within him easily healed the wound.
* Post-Pain Arc, Naruto has been running himself ragged with him unable to talk to his adopted "grandmother" Tsunade due to her coma in the ensuing invasion: he learns Sasuke has become a criminal and attacked a fellow Jinchuriki ''for'' Akatsuki, his friends, even Sakura, whom Naruto ''knows'' is [[SingleTargetSexuality still in love with Sasuke]], have given up on bringing Sasuke back to Konoha, and when he's told there will be ''War'' on top of everything... he can't take it anymore and passes out. A realistic depiction of a {{Determinator}} when pushed to the limit, especially when he seems less likely than ever to accomplish the goal he'd been working towards for three years.
* What killed (or crippled him for the rest of his life) [[spoiler:the legendary Madara Uchiha during his battle with Hashirama]]: an epic ninjutsu clash? Nope... a stab through the back.
** Similarly, [[spoiler: after he was revived, Madara managed to become fully human, while this gave him full autonomy over his Rinnegan and made him a deity in power, a stab to the back from Zetsu injures him once more, allowing the GreaterScopeVillain to reincarnate from his body.]]
* To a lesser extent, Naruto and Sasuke become increasingly exhausted over the course of the series' FinalBattle, and while they come at each other with their strongest techniques, causing massive devastation, by the end, they're using relatively basic jutsus until they pool the last of their energy into one final clash.
* [[spoiler:Kaguya Ōtsutsuki the GreaterScopeVillain is essentially a deity, being the most powerful character in the series: having so much raw power however she never had to train, learn ninjutsu, or even bother with tactics and strategy; this lack of planning and foresight ultimately allows Team 7 to outmaneuver and seal her away.]]
* ''Anime/TheLastNarutoTheMovie'', a canonical {{Interquel}} between the last two chapters of the manga, revealed that [[WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove Naruto does not completely understand the concept of romantic love]], thinking that Hinata's love for him was like his love of ramen. When you consider the fact that Naruto never had the unconditional affection that most people had with their families due to being both an orphan and the village pariah for most of his childhood, [[FridgeBrilliance it actually makes a lot of sense]]. Naruto would be starved for any sort of affection, and would have a hard time differentiating them and takes a great amount of time, love and patience to heal; luckily, [[OneTrueLove Hinata]] has that in spades for Naruto.
* In one of the ''Shippuden'' endings, Naruto uses Konohamaru's scarf to pull him while fighting, instead of ignoring it.

[[folder:One Piece]]
* Upon Usopp's debut arc, he has a reputation of being a compulsive liar. In particular, Usopp has a habit of warning the town that pirates are invading every morning as a sort of alarm clock for the townspeople. When the ''real'' pirates started showing up, [[CryingWolf Usopp tried to warn the village, but nobody within the town believed him because of his reputation]].
* Zoro's deceased rival Kuina was skilled enough to defeat adults in her dojo, but how did she die? [[DeathByFallingOver She dies offscreen after falling]] [[StaircaseTumble down a flight of stairs;]] [[DroppedABridgeOnHer a completely anti-climatic death]] but still lethal nonetheless.
** Her fate in the 4Kids dub was that she was crippled by friends of a man she had defeated earlier: being good in the dojo doesn't necessarily mean good in actual fights, especially when outnumbered and unprepared; also, it shows how ThePowerOfFriendship isn't always a good thing.
* Zoro suffers from grave injuries that put his life in danger -- as usual; but, unlike the other times where he has an UnexplainedRecovery and the injuries are usually never mentioned again, one arc later Zoro tries fighting and his wounds cause him to be temporarily paralyzed. Then two arcs later, even after resting and being treated (by Perona, believe it or not), his wounds re-open when he tries to fight and move, resulting in him getting his ass kicked by Apes: he muscles through them some (small) time later -- ''after'' they copied his skills ''and'' called out the toughest one of them.
* After being defeated by Crocodile for the second time, Luffy rushes to confront him again only to pass out from blood loss a few minutes later; he does recover, more-or-less, after a few minutes of sleep.
* Luffy put everything he had in defeating Lucci to the point where he couldn't move afterwards: unlike the other arcs before, however, Luffy and his crew are still in danger despite all the most powerful fighters being defeated and the marines nearly kill Luffy became he is too weak to move when they aim their cannons at him.
* Characters having to fight through grievous injuries is also brought up in the Arlong arc, where Zoro is at a disadvantage in his fight against Hachi due to a massive chest wound inflicted on him by Mihawk that was very amateurishly patched up: though he does eventually win the fight, Hachi attempts to attack Sanji later on and almost succeeds in taking him out, only for his wounds to open up again at the last second, taking him out of the fight before he can do anything.
* [[TheHero Luffy himself]] once tried fighting a man who could produce and attack with deadly corrosive poison: seeing as how only Mooks had been poisoned by Magellan (the man in question) at this point, the audience and Luffy himself thought he stood a chance from the moment Luffy launches a Jet Bazooka that actually DROPS the hulking Magellan... but no; touching him with that attack and many more poisons launched at him nearly kills Luffy within just 2 measly episodes of starting the fight.
* At Marineford, Luffy is willing to give his life to save his brother; too bad for him that he is one of the weaker fighters in the war on top of the injuries he gained from going to Impel Down; he is mercilessly knocked around by the marines and the Warlords.
--->'''Kizaru:''' You have to have more than just courage. Willpower alone means nothing without strength. Strawhat, without enough strength, you cannot save anyone no matter how hard you try.
** Likewise during said arc, Luffy is forced to square off against Mihawk. a master swordsman who had beaten ''Zoro'' at the beginning of Luffy's journey. Luffy's set to use his Gum Gum Bazooka move against him...and instantly get his arms cut off. Or rather, that ''would'' have happened if the foresight didn't hit him before he launched the move to which he quickly redirects it into the ground. Mihawk even praises him for that wise decision.
* Giants Dorry and Broggy had been fighting for almost 100 years with their weapons and fists: it turns out that, after 100+ years, even with constant maintenance, weapons ''will'' eventually break; this was a rather joyful use of this trope, however, as everyone had thought Dorry had been killed.
* Similarly, the fate of the ''Going Merry'': since entering the Grand Line, the Straw Hats' ship has taken numerous hits, such as the mast being torn off, enemy fire, and outright sabotage; every time, the Straw Hats patch it back up. However, when they reach Water-7 and have the ''Merry'' checked out by actual shipwrights, the assessment is that the ship is beyond repair and will break apart at any moment; as Zoro pointed out, while adversity makes ''people'' stronger, an object will just wear down until it breaks: after Enies Lobby, the ship does just that.
* At the start of the Fishman Island Arc, Sanji (who had spent the last two years on an island full of only {{Gonk}} transvestites) suffers a nosebleed every time he sees a genuine woman: while this is comedic in every other anime (and every other time in this one too), the frequency and severity of the nosebleeds caused near-fatal hemorrhaging at one point, requiring some immediate blood transfusions; furthermore, Sanji has a particular blood-type and while fishman and humans have the same blood, a law forbade the transfusions due to the long history. A more minute example occurred at the end of the arc when Jimbe offered to give blood to Luffy, who saved the day: when pointed out about the law, he reminds the people he is still a pirate.
* After being pushed in his conflict with the Minks, Jack the Drought attempts to attack the Minks' home, the giant elephant Zunisha: since he was attacking something big enough to have a ''sustainable ecosystem'' with little more than cannons, it hardly had an effect. The only reason it almost worked is because Zunisha was sentenced to not fight, even in self-defense, unless commanded; once the order is given, Zunisha takes out Jack's entire fleet in a single attack.
** In addition, while Jack is a fishman monster with a one billion berry bounty and powerful enough that it's warranted, he's still a Devil Fruit user: when Jack's ship sank, he sunk to the bottom of the ocean, unable to move; even though he can breathe underwater, being trapped with no way out means he'll eventually die.
* In a flashback after Marineford arc, we see that a young Luffy was very inexperienced with his stretching powers. Sure his now rubber body could take blunt blows to an extent. But he couldn't do much offensively, often, quite humorously, ricocheting his punch off the ground and right back into his face. It took years of practice till he was able to finally punch straight on ahead as he could by the time he was a young adult.
* OneManArmy or not, there was no way Luffy and Nami were going defeat Big Mom's Pirates after defeating Cracker during the Whole Cake Island arc. Especially since they had just came off a grueling ''10 hour fight'' against said person and Luffy suffering a beatdown from Sanji (who was trying to drive the two away to protect them). By the time her family came to confront them, Luffy was running on fumes, injured and likely exhausted. He puts up an admirable front with Nami providing support where she could, but ultimately there were too many to fight. Soon the heavy hitters and Devil Fruit users joined the fray and manage to overwhelm the two, leading to their capture.
* While Perospero manages to create a new arm using his Devil Fruit powers after losing it in an explosion, he didn't treat the actual wound. After several hours of ignoring it to pursue the Straw Hats, he's forced to get medical attention due to his worsening condition.

[[folder: Pokémon]]
* Ash fails to recognize the huge disadvantage Pikachu was at when he used it against Brock's Rock/Ground-type Pokémon, and is beaten; even after giving Pikachu a power boost he's still unable to completely overcome the disadvantage and only wins thanks to a timely DeusExMachina.
* Team Rocket tries to attack Ash while he battled students of an elite training school, only to be immediately chased off by the far more skilled and numerous students; as they lampshade, [[CombatPragmatist what's the point in playing fair against some Pokémon thieves?]]
* Meowth tries to battle Ash for possession of Togepi, setting up for a intense duel, only for Pikachu to [[CurbstompBattle idly knock him out with one Thundershock before Meowth can even plan a single attack.]] Lest we had almost forgotten Meowth was an IneffectualSympatheticVillain that got his ass fried by [[PintsizedPowerhouse Pikachu]] OnceAnEpisode anyway.
** Although Ash does win the tournament, Misty is given custody of Togepi because it had imprinted on her upon hatching.
* One episode featured a Nurse Joy who was afraid of water Pokemon but still worked with them using various gear to avoid touching them: [[FaceYourFears she's put into a position where she must work without the gear and succeeds;]] Misty congratulates her on conquering her fear... only for Joy to say that she's still afraid of them, and probably will be for life, but she won't let her fears stop her from performing her duties.
** Which is somewhat ironic since the same thing had previously occurred to Misty herself with Ash's Caterpie: while she had learned to be less contemptuous towards it, when Ash asked that she show her affection, she was unwilling, since she was still terrified of bugs.
* Ash's rivalry with Gary is built up throughout the first season: instead of having their much awaited match in the Indigo League like Ash wanted, Gary is eliminated in the first round; being the main character's rival doesn't mean he's going to make it to the end, or that there are not competitors capable of beating him.
* As James learns the hard way in "The Misty Mermaid", Weezing, a living gas bag, is not the kind of Pokémon you'd want to bring to an underwater fight. What do things filled with gas do? They float!
* During the three-part Hearthome Tag Battle arc, it's revealed that [[TheRival Paul]] is borderline obsessed with forcing his Chimchar to activate its SuperMode, which he's seen it do exactly once before: to do so, he's not only putting Chimmy through TrainingFromHell and leaving it too exhausted to properly fight, but also sending it up against a Zangoose, [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes the species it fears the most]]. Does it go Super Saiyan? Nope. Instead, it's paralyzed with fear, and the battle is only salvaged by Ash taking control after [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere Paul gives up on it]].
* During ''Sun and Moon'' episode 21, Ash manages to get a collapsed elderly Stoutland to a Pokemon Center; everything will be fine, right? [[spoiler: Wrong: it dies of natural causes after being released back into the wild, leaving the Litten that looked up to it dealing with the FiveStagesOfGrief for the rest of that episode.]]
* For as much as Ash gets mocked for it, his constant league losses are actually fairly realistic; even though he's slowly climbed up with each league until maintaining a constant 8th-4th place ration, one look at any real-life tournament will tell you how incredibly lucky getting a ratio like ''that'' is. There are many, many people who are lucky to qualify for a tournament proper, and few are lucky to get into the quarterfinals at that. To get into the finals themselves is often a once in a lifetime affair, requiring a lot of skill, time sunk in training and often just sheer dumb ''luck'', and there will often [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter always be someone better]].
* Even if a Pokémon knows a move, that doesn't mean that they've ''mastered'' it. It takes time and effort for a Pokémon to learn any new technique, and if they try to use it in battle before they've worked at it, they're usually unsuccessful. This has been showcased time and time again with a number of different Pokémon in a number of different ways.
* ''Manga/TheElectricTaleOfPikachu'' mentions a few times that Pokémon trainers like Ash only get a single year off school for their journey before they have to go back, a stark contrast to many adaptations stating that they're legal adults at eleven.
** Ash, Brock, and Misty are also shown to occasionally have to work part-time jobs in whatever town they're currently in to build up travel funds again when their cash starts getting low.
* ''Go West Young Meowth'': The episode explores Meowth's origins in which he tried to win the heart of a female Meowth, but she turn her nose up at him. So he tried to impress her by learning to talk and walk like a human...which she likewise rejected only now with the added bonus of seeing him as a freak. Years later, he finds out said Meowth was abandoned and taken in by the gang he was once in. He tries to win her love by fighting the Persian leader. He wins...and [[DidNotGetTheGirl does not get the girl]] since the leader ''did'' take her in and shelter her after all, so she remains loyal to him. Okay, good enough reasoning which Meowth was willing to accept [[BitchInSheepsClothing except she had to pile on top of that by claiming she still saw him as a freak]]. Just...ouch. Proof that some people just aren't worth such devotion and trouble.

[[folder:Sword Art Online]]
''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'': the main themes are that any [[IKnowMortalKombat strengths gained in the VRMMOs]] doesn't really translate into the real world, as Kirito finds out; virtual reality isn't as real as 'real' reality so the relevant corollary's that you can't use game logic or meta-logic to get by in a VRMMO; and in Aincrad, [[AllDeathsFinal death is final, meaning that anyone who dies will die for real]] so problems are solved by negotiation, planning, foresight, and flexibility, not hitting things until they submit.
* The initial arc ends with a duel between Kirito and the avatar of Kayaba, with Kirito's LoveInterest Asuna TakingTheBullet for an attack that would have killed him and dying in his arms. After she dies, he picks up her fallen sword and stands to attack Kayaba, so RoaringRampageOfRevenge right? He then proceeds to swing his sword vaguely in Kayaba's direction, not even looking at him, mentally broken and incapable of continuing the fight in a meaningful fashion.
* The SAO incident was scandalous to the point that Argus goes bankrupt and sells off its assets to another company; likewise, news of Nobuyuki Sugou's experiments are leaked and results in RECT Progress Inc. collapsing due to the lawsuits and poor publicity from said news, selling their assets to another company.
** Kikuoka implies that had the authorities not intervened, the SAO incident would have blown up into an even more massive scandal and that the survivors would be constantly hounded by the media. Which would plausibly happen if something like the show happened in real life.
** At the end of the [=ALFheim=] Online arc, it's revealed that the VRMMO market was basically annihilated after ''two'' high-profile controversies where innocent people were used for experiments or to satisfy someone's god-complex, which is indeed what would happen if thousands of people died in two years in one MMO because they weren't allowed to leave, and twenty people were kept in their comas and used for brain experiements in the other. If it weren't for Kayaba giving Kirito a data seed to create new worlds, the market would have completely died.
** In the Aincrad arc, Nishida, who worked on Sword Art Online, notes that he's in no hurry to leave Aincrad, because since he's in a technical occupation, his skills are completely outdated after two years trapped inside. Similarly, once they leave Aincrad, the survivors are behind in various ways (when Kirito's sister notes that he was a good student, he says that was before he went into SAO), and so apply to a special school for survivors, which the government establishes in part as a means of monitoring them for antisocial tendencies.
** During his LastVillainStand against Kirito, Sugou smugly brushes off Kirito's insistence that he's lost, stating that countless organizations would take an interest in his work and thus shelter him from the law. When Kirito overpowers him in real life and leaves him to the mercy of the cops, he's proven wrong: not only is Sugou arrested and incarcerated for his crimes, but his actions result in RECT Inc. getting hit with a ''massive'' public scandal that forces Asuna's father, who [[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter put Sugou in charge of the company's research institute in the first place]], to step down as CEO in shame.
* Shino's situation as a MinorLivingAlone is far from ideal. She has trouble making ends meet, to the point at which she, despite being unwilling to sell Hecate (a weapon in GGO that is very powerful and of great personal significance to her), has to admit that it would go a long way toward paying her expenses. Several unscrupulous classmates take advantage of her to host parties at her apartment. Worst of all, [[spoiler:Shino gets targeted by a serial killer because she lives alone and is a vulnerable target]].

[[folder:World Trigger]]
* In general, Manga/WorldTrigger takes more realistic approach to shonen battle tropes, resulting in many deconstructions or lampshade hangings on how some tropes don't work.
** [[{{Determinator}} Determination]] cannot make up the lack of strength, skill or luck in a fight; just ask Tachikawa.
** [[TalkingIsAFreeAction Talking to enemies in battles]] is just asking to get killed, unless your aim is to waste the enemies' time.
** Most combats are done in [[NonLethalWarfare trion bodies]] because injuries to the real bodies in the battlefield are fatal: when [[spoiler:Osamu]] takes three bullet-sized stabs on his abdomen, arm and leg, he almost dies due to blood loss; in other animes, this level of injury will be [[OnlyAFleshWound minor]].
** When Osamu is banking on the result of his intensive training to win his team match (he is the weakest link in the team), his team gets defeated horribly instead: Osamu has to learn the hard way that hard work takes years to bear fruit and rival characters also train hard so catching up is almost impossible for someone with no talent; Osamu is told to spend more of his time to develop strategies and [[UtilityPartyMember learn support skills with]] instead.
* Military and defense organizations in the series takes a no nonsense approach in general.
** Being a BloodKnight in a professional army is fine as long as you follow orders; [[spoiler:Enedora]] was executed for leaving his designation position to seek unnecessary fights.
** [[TechnicalPacifist A combatant who cannot kill]] cannot participate in missions in the enemy's home field: [[spoiler:Hatohara]] and her team got pulled off the expedition mission despite her team winning the ticket fair and square. However, they can still be used for defense missions, because in the home field, every combatant can be deployed.
** Torture is useless for information gathering because the victim [[TortureIsIneffective can just make up lies]]; even with a [[LivingLieDetector living lie detector]], it's useless if the victim is stubborn enough to stay mum.
** An S-ranked agent with black trigger that's capable of [[PersonOfMassDestruction decimating everything to dust]] is not deployable in most defensive situation due to the potential collateral damage: negative public relations impact from the said collateral damage can cut into the army's funding.

* Some [[{{Hermaphrodite}} Futanari focused series]] (both hentai and non-hentai) such as ''Manga/BokuNoFutatsuNoTsubasa'' actually call attention to the difficulty of a girl having male genitals (and functional ones at that). This can range from having a more... [[AllMenArePerverts extreme sex drive]], having to avoid clothing that's tight fitting and/or too short to not commit indecent exposure (and also for basic comfort), having a troubled romantic life since quite a few individuals aren't comfortable with dating or sleeping with a lady who has boy parts, and suffering from alienation thanks to having such a body.
* In the anime adaption of ''Anime/AceAttorney'':
** In the games, [[spoiler:Mimi Miney can wipe her tears with her hat]]; in Episode 17, it doesn't survive all the twisting and pulling.
** Max does his "throwing cards" animation, ''twice'', in the detention center. The cards just smack against the glass.
** Acro's little birds don't follow him into the courtroom.
** In an episode, Gumshoe talks on his phone... while ''driving''. Guess what happens?
** Matt Engarde did not [[spoiler:bring AGlassOfChianti anywhere he goes from the detention center to the court.]]
** Franziska is taken completely out of commission the day she is shot, and when she turns up for her BigDamnHeroes moment the next day she looks a bit shaky and her arm is in a sling.
* A bonus chapter [[http://monolaf.tumblr.com/post/147497437769/phoenix-wright-ace-attorney-manga-volume-3 in Volume 3]] of ''Manga/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney'' showed what would happen if Franziska whipped someone harshly in real life. The poor man would be killed, ([[SubvertedTrope well,]] [[DoubleSubvertedTrope almost.]]), and Franziska would be in legal trouble. Note that it's one of the few times she actually ''cries''!
* In ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'', [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Osaka]], of all people, pulls this when she wonders what Chiyo would do if she was kidnapped. Chiyo suggests that [[CanineCompanion Tadakichi-san]] could come to her rescue, and Osaka mimes shooting him. This leads to this exchange:
-->'''Chiyo:''' So what should I do?\\
'''Osaka:''' If this was a TV show, you'd use your genius brain to think up somethin'... and fight back against incredible odds...\\
'''Osaka''': ... and get killed.
* ''Manga/{{Bakuman}}''
** After Kosugi does a GetAHoldOfYourselfMan punch to Nanamine when he essentially gives up on manga following losing to the main characters, Nanamine threatens to report Kosugi for assault and cause him to lose his job. Subverted when Nanamine doesn't go through with it, though, [[PragmaticVillainy thinking it would make him more of a laughingstock than he already is]].
** Played straight earlier on, when after dramatically ripping up their drafts of Money and Intelligence and throwing them into a river, Mashiro and Takagi run away lest they be caught for littering.
** Also played straight earlier on in which after Takagi punches Ishizawa for insulting Mashiro, he gets suspended.
** Toward the end, [[spoiler:once Mashiro and Azuki's relationship comes to light]], very few people are happy to hear it, there is a large InUniverse InternetBackdraft, and [[spoiler:this makes it more difficult for Azuki to get the lead role, since people think Mashiro might be favoring her]].
* ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' has a few due in large part to how serious and dark the setting is.
** Adon Corbowitz acts as though TalkingIsAFreeAction, but every time he starts rambling about how [[CallingYourAttacks his techniques were passed down for centuries]], Guts or Casca takes it as an opportunity to attack him when he's not paying attention.
** When Guts makes his decision to [[spoiler: leave the Band of the Hawks for good, Griffith, in a state of TranquilFury, attempts to stop him by fighting him: Guts simply overpowers Griffith and knocks his sword away with one hit; no matter how skilled Griffith is, Guts has been fighting multiple battles under the Hawks and has improved greatly over the years, while also being calm and focused, compared to Griffith who has been fighting much less than Guts has and was in a state of mental fragility]].
** [[PlayedForLaughs In a funny example]], [[spoiler: after Guts and Casca decide to [[TheirFirstTime consummate their relationship]], Casca only several hours later hops onto her horse and experiences pain from sitting on it; naturally having TheirFirstTime leaves her sore afterwards and running off to do physical work like fighting won't exactly feel good either.]]
** Guts has only lost his right eye, [[RealityEnsues which still affects his depth perception and leaves him with no field of vision on his right side]]. Guts has learned to use his [[http://www.mangareader.net/berserk/14/38 hearing to compensate]].
* In ''Manga/BlackCat'', [[spoiler:Train is falling off a building and Rinslet jumps off to catch him]], ending when Rinslet comes to a sudden stop at the end of the rope -- and actually does tendon damage to her arm. Turns out inertia matters after all...
* ''Manga/BlackLagoon'' usually runs on the RuleOfCool and no mistake, but can just as often play this trope as well. The PowerOfLove isn't going to help redeem someone who's terminally messed up from a bad childhood, and no matter how much of a badass you are in combat pissing off a mob boss who can just hire someone to shoot you while your back is turned is a ''bad idea'', as [[spoiler:Hansel and Gretel]] found out. In the ''Roberta's Blood Trail'' OVA [[spoiler:Roberta]] falls afoul of this as well when she attempts to ambush [[spoiler:a U.S. Special Forces unit]], and despite familiar terrain, having set up traps beforehand and being an [[ImplacableMan Implacable Woman]] against the regular-calibre gangsters is mortally wounded in the process.
* ''Anime/BubukiBuranki'': Yes, even a series about magic alien robots can have some basis in reality.
** [[spoiler:Kogane never really forgives Shuusaku after the truth behind her father's death comes out; because even if he didn't kill him, Kogane points out he still played a role in his death. She has hated Shuusaku for years and isn't simply gonna stop hating him overnight. Even if they are able to work together for a common goal, she never acts friendly towards him.]]
** [[spoiler:Reoko forgets her deeds as dictator of Tokyo but the populace doesn't. Some protesters occasionally vandalize the medical facility she is held at as a form to express their displeasure.]]
* ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'': Meiling is strong enough to smash some park penguins with her fists, but it left her hands terribly injured doing so.
* ''Anime/CarnivalPhantasm'': When the contestants of [[LightNovel/FateStayNight the Holy Grail War]] get randomly selected cars, Lancer first celebrates because he got an awesome dragster. When the race starts his dragster takes off at incredible speed... until it reaches a curve in the racecourse.
-->'''Lancer''': My [=GaeBol=] car is awesome! The speed is just incredible!
-->'''Rin''': Hey Archer. Did you know? Dragsters... can't turn. (''Lancer crashes'')
* ''Anime/DennouCoil'': The protagonist's little sister Kyoko is exactly as helpful as you'd imagine a six-year-old girl would be: she occasionally stumbles on a good idea or finds something out of sheer luck, but she's an obnoxious, unhelpful brat who shouts poop jokes and gets lost; after the first trip into old E-Spaces, Yuko and her friend Fumie never bring her along again.
* ''LightNovel/TheDevilIsAPartTimer'' has reality slap the faces of the main characters, most of which come from a fantasy world into modern day Japan. Examples include:
** Running full speed and catching a person, no matter how strong you are, is going to hurt a ton: Emi Yusa, aka, Emilia the Hero, does this and in doing so breaks her legs.
** Putting down whatever age you think fits doesn't quite work as well when you want to work longer hours at a job: the main character, Maou, aka, Satan, puts his age as seventeen and is only allowed to work [[TitleDrop part-time]] as a result; meanwhile, Emi puts her age as eighteen and is able to work a better job as a result.
** Pulling a knife on your sworn enemy might work in a fantasy world, but doing it in modern day Japan will earn you a trip to the Police station, as Emi found out; later on when attacked by [[spoiler:Sariel]], Emi is concerned since she can't fight back at the moment, only for the clerk at the store behind her to rush to her aid and force him off.
** Doors aren't easy to just plow through: Emi finds herself unable to break down Maou and Alciel's and ends up hurting herself in the process. Later [[spoiler:Sariel]] tries to attack Emi at a convenience store by trying to run through the glass door; instead he smacks into it.
* ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'' has learning when to forgive as a more subtle theme -- while Ken is EasilyForgiven by Davis after his HeelFaceTurn, most of the others take a while to come around. Cody in particular [[HonorBeforeReason doesn't allow himself to be casual with Ken]] until the beginning of the World Tour arc.
** Even though Patamon was reborn, TK still has nightmares of the day Angemon sacrificed himself in battle early in ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'' and takes a somewhat extreme stance towards the topic of abusing the powers of darkness that sometimes scares Cody.
** The sequel in general is LighterAndSofter than the first series, and the team's managed to actively avoid killing real Digimon. So in the Daemon arc, when they are forced to kill his cohorts in the real world (where it's implied Digimon can't cross the gate to be reborn in the Digital World), Yolei and Cody have a breakdown over what is essentially murder. Cody in particular is likely shaken by this because his late father was a police officer -- sometimes you have to kill in order to save innocent lives.
* ''Manga/DrStone''
** Being a series that focuses heavily on the "science" part of ScienceFiction, the story has a ton of these moments to show how Senku's rise to science won't be so easy even with him having all the necessary information. He's still burdened by things like lack of materials, lack of manpower, and lack of skill.
* ''Manga/FairyTail''
** Lucy has the largest breasts of any recurring female character, and [[ProudBeauty believes that]] BuxomIsBetter: during a FreakyFridayFlip where Gray and Lucy swap bodies, Gray notes that Lucy seems to be suffering chronic back pain, a common side effect of having large breasts.
** Lucy also seems to believe that AllMenArePerverts: when she's put into a role where she [[DistractedByTheSexy has to distract someone with her body]], whether she's [[ShamelessFanserviceGirl enthusiastic about it]] [[ReluctantFanserviceGirl or reluctant about it]], she thinks that showing her breasts will be enough. This line of thinking [[NotDistractedByTheSexy fails every time she tries it]] to the point that it's become a RunningGag: Natsu and Gray, in particular, have seen Lucy naked so many times that they don't even flinch.
** The first time Natsu barges into Lucy's house, he catches her in the shower: Lucy goes into PervertRevengeMode, trying to hit Natsu with a flying kick... and Natsu blocks the kick, saying her combat technique sucks.
** [[spoiler: Being stuck in a [[TimeStandsStill time void]] for seven years will cause you to immensely fall behind everyone outside of it in terms of power: the effects are shown when protagonists and antagonists alike who were little more than pests to Fairy Tail's strongest members before start fighting evenly with (and even overwhelming) them after the TimeSkip.]]
* For a show about {{Humongous|Mecha}} CombiningMecha powered by [[HotBlooded courage]], there's quite a few situations when realisim rears its head in ''Anime/GaoGaiGar''.
** No matter how super-powered a {{cyborg}} Guy Shishioh is, he still has a limited power source - in the second episode he almost dies just from running out of power. He's only able to avoid the issue later on because of the almost-magical abilities of the G-Stone to [[PowerCrystal grant him more power by literally converting it from his boundless courage]].
** The individual machines that make up the combined [=GaoGaiGar=] itself are shown to be heavily damaged after the first fight just from the act of combining, much less the damage sustained during said fight. Also, about a dozen episodes later, the Gutsy Geoid Guard has to develop a new weapon for it, the Goldion Hammer, to act as its FinishingMove, because [=GaoGaiGar=] initially only fighting with its fists means that its old finishing move, Hell & Heaven, is putting so much strain on the machine and on Guy's cybernetics that it's likely to fall apart and kill him if he keeps using it like that.
** The first episode shows Mamoru being [[DeliveryStork delivered]] via giant robot lion about eight years prior to the series proper, and not much longer it's shown that said giant robot lion has been in possession of the Gutsy Geoid Guard, but it never activated until Mamoru started interacting with it. Since Mamoru's adoptive parents are kept out of the loop for security reasons, they spend a good chunk of the series not knowing why the giant lion has shown up again and [[AdultFear worrying it might be coming to take Mamoru back]].
* ''Anime/GirlsUndPanzer'': The school ships are awesome, but are also realistically ''expensive'' to maintain, [[spoiler: which is why Ooarai is in danger of being shut down.]]
** Early on, most of the Ooarai Sensha-do club [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience decorate their tanks]]: it helps to differentiate them, but it also removes the stealth advantage that their original looks had; after their first match, where this is used against them, they wash off the paint.
* The Dai-Gurren brigade of ''Anime/GurrenLagann'' are a bunch of immature, action happy meathead types who spent most of their lives living underground. Not surprisingly, this makes them piss-poor choices to run the [[spoiler:post-Lordgenome]] government. When we meet them after the TimeSkip, they're doing a predictably mediocre job of it.
* ''LightNovel/InfiniteStratos'': Poor Ichika becomes reality's bitch when he gets the Byakushiki. Instead of becoming an all-powerful badass like any other [[StockLightNovelHero self-respecting light novel protagonist]], Ichika loses almost every fight he takes part in because he has no experience or talent piloting an IS. In the rare case he wins, it will be either through [[ActionSurvivor sheer luck, outside help or by the skin of his teeth]]. Even after [[TookALevelInBadass getting more competent]], he still needs help from more experienced fighters.
* ''Anime/{{Kinnikuman}}'': In the Seven Devil's Arc, Kinnikuman is forced to fight multiple death matches against the Devil Choujin and has to beat all of them within several days or Meat will die: even though Choujin are established to have faster healing rates than normal people, having virtually no rest between each fight wears Kin down quickly. After his fights with Stecase King and Black Hole, Kin can barely stand and the other Justice Choujin have to fill in so he can heal: even after beating Atlantis, Kin is knocked out by Mongolman so he can rest properly because he lost a lot of blood; even if you are superhuman, your body will self-destruct if not allowed to recovery.
** The sequel series ''Manga/KinnikumanNisei'' shows why the heroes if the original show had to step down: they're old and can't keep it up anymore; doing power moves is explicitly stated to have done a number on Kin's body.
** Checkmate of ''Nisei'' was trained to FeelNoPain. The upside is that he can fight without being distracted by blows and hits, and even ''dislocates a knee'' to escape a hold with no issue. The downside, as always with the trope, is that he can't tell when he's reached his limit.
* ''Manga/LoveHina'': During the manga's Christmas Special, Motoko is groped by a [[TheChikan chikan]] on a train and proceeds to beat him to a bloody pulp; for once in the series, DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale is averted and Motoko finds herself in hot water with the cops.
* ''Anime/LoveLiveSunshine'': Unlike the protagonists from [[Franchise/LoveLive the original series]], whose school was in the middle of Tokyo, the [[CountryMouse girls of Aqours]] live in a rural fishing town, meaning even with their rising popularity, people are reluctant to go attend their school when it's located in such an out-of-the-way area; [[spoiler:this culminates in them failing to reach the necessary number of perspective students, meaning Uranohoshi will end up shutting down and merging with another school]].
* ''Manga/MissKobayashisDragonMaid'':
** [[ShamelessFanserviceGirl Lucoa's]] extremely skimpy swimwear gets her dragged away for overexposure ''twice'' in episode 7, and in the second DVD special, her "[[BodyPaint Dragon Milk Cow]]" cosplay even gets her arrested for indecent exposure.
** Elma ends up getting banned from an all-you-can-eat buffet in her spin-off because of her inhuman eating habits.
* ''Manga/Overlord2012'': An odd case since "reality" is not our world but one where magic exists, but Ainz still finds out that despite the numerous similarities to the VR MMORPG he was in, he's no longer in the game.
** Adventurers are not called upon to do anything from gathering herbs to repelling armies to saving the world like any self-respecting RPG character, but instead are a kind of non-centralized paramilitary force who take out monsters attacking villages if the army can't do it, and as a result, tend to be viewed with suspicion as mercenaries by some (and the government, having little interest in heavily-armed combat veterans they don't control, makes sure to keep it that way).
** Ainz' warrior persona is seen as UnskilledButStrong by more competent warriors, since as a lich (or out of VR), he has no experience with melee combat. [[NormalFishInATinyPond The main reason he's successful]] is that his level is about 3 times as high as the new world's legendary heroes, meaning his physical strength and agility are similarly overpowering for normal people (even Ainz' magic skill were geared for roleplaying rather than combat, so a magic caster of similar level would likely outclass him).
** An innkeeper preemptively states that you can't just barge into people's rooms. Something obvious to normal members of society, a deeply-ingrained and hard-to-control instinct for RPG players for who KleptomaniacHero is a way of life.
** MedievalStasis is explained by the fact that magic allows for BoringButPractical spells such as accelerating harvests and removing the need to let fields rest for a year.
** Back in YGGDRASSIL, Ainz Aool Gown was one of the top-ranked guilds and had never been defeated (the best attempt involved 1500 invaders and they only made it a little past halfway through guild headquarters)... in no small part due to their unabashed reliance on cash items, some of the more hardline players pouring a third of their income into improving the guild.
* ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' provides more than a few examples:
** A note to Usagi Tsukino: when you're sentenced to StandingInTheHall as much as you're implied to have been, your grades ''will'' suffer; didn't Haruna Sakurada point that out to you that time you got a 30 on your test?
*** Also, being the queen of a {{Utopia}} and the savior of the world doesn't help a whit if you're BookDumb and lazy; far in the future, Usagi ''still'' writes using hiragana (when most kids would be learning how to write kanji in ''elementary school'').
** Usagi's panicking in battle in the first episode is pretty much what would happen if you throw a teenage girl into life or death fights.
** The BalletEpisode has this in no short supply. The clumsiest among the Sailor Soldiers decides to try doing ballet? She has difficulty even doing the ''basics''. The others are also beginners (except maybe for Makoto), and despite Makoto's prior experience as a figure skater she falls on Minako as soon as Yamagishi taps her shoulder while checking her posture. Only Ami seems to be doing perfectly OK, and yet even she reacts [[SweatDrop rather visibly]] to Rei accidentally kicking Yamagishi in the gut during the grand battements. Yamagishi unsurprisingly goes for Fish Eye after seeing his graceful dancing, and when Kiriko, who appears to be in some sort of relationship with Yamagishi, catches wind of it she doesn't take it well at first. Later, Yamagishi reveals to Fish Eye that he had Kiriko in mind for the lead role all this time, simply because he wanted her to have an opportunity to improve herself. Needless to say, Fish Eye blows his disguise in a fit of rage and would've killed him had Sailor Moon not shown up. Oh, and the role Yamagishi ultimately gave to Usagi? ''[[PlayingATree She got to play the moon]]''.
* The baseball episode of ''Anime/SamuraiChamploo'' has Mugen trying to utilize MartialArtsAndCrafts by combining pitching with his [[DanceBattler Break Dance Battler]] style: It fails miserably when he doesn't pitch anything ''near'' the batter, and after the batter gets to walk Mugen decides to just pitch normally.
* ''Manga/ShokugekiNoSoma'':
** During a Stagirie week, Soma and Hisako end up interning as the same restaurant together. When Soma questions if Hisako has any experience serving people, she claims she has done simulation training and can take care of herself. However once the lunch rush comes in, she completely finds herself overwhelmed. Quickly realizing simulation and the real deal are two different things. Soma practically breezes through it since his meal of the day restaurant prepared him for serving crowds on the quick. Ultimately Hisako swallows her pride and follows Soma's lead in order to keep pace.
** [[spoiler: Alice, Ryou and Hisako try to break Erina out of her own mansion to get her away from her abusive father. However, once they actually escape, they realize that they never thought about where she would stay. Alice and Ryou can't help since they're also living at the place Erina is trying to escape from, Hisako's home is frequently visited by the Nakiris, she's too sheltered to live on her own and having someone stick with her would draw their attention, and it's started raining, so camping out for the night is out of the question. If it weren't for them ending up near the Polaris dorm, Erina would have had to go back.]]
* Two examples from ''Manga/TigerMask'':
** One Tiger's Cave wrestler who didn't want to pay half his earnings [[CharlieBrownFromOuttaTown decided to wrestle under a different mask]]: Tiger's Cave agents recognized him ''immediately'' from his build and distinctive Tiger's Cave style, and sent wrestlers that [[DrivenToSuicide hit him only in the head until he threw himself under a train]].
** At the end of the manga Tiger Mask has defeated Tiger's Cave and is effectively the world's strongest wrestler. How does he die? He's ran over by a car.
* In ''Manga/TheRoyalTutor'', Prince Leonhard hates studying and tutors with a passion from a young age, either running away from them or actively chasing the tutors away from the palace; is it any wonder that he can barely count using his fingers?
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale is a common trope used in comedic anime/manga, like ''Anime/LoveHina'', ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'', and ''Anime/GirlsBravo'', to name a few. However, there are some examples where the actual consequences of such behavior are shown. In ''Manga/ItsudatteMySanta'', for example, Mai and Santa have an encounter very common in the trope--she accuses him of being a pervert, even though he isn't, and physically strikes him. This results in security officers dragging her away.
* ''Anime/YuriOnIce'':
** Victor can pull off programs that are at the very limits of human ability... but he's not immune to aging. In a sport where youth counts, he's thinking about retirement at an age when most young adults have just started their careers.
** Despite being able to mimic Victor's impressive programs, Yuri is hampered by his tendency to comfort eat. In most sports anime, that would be a [[BigEater cute quirk]]... but Yuri isn't a rookie teenager, he's a professional athlete and his food preferences count against him, even though it's fairly mundane rather than obviously unhealthy. In addition to that, as with Victor, time is not on Yuri's side, with retiring at 24 a serious possibility.
** Yurio is set up as Yuri's big [[TheRival Rival]] in the first episode. He even has all of the hallmarks of a typical sports anime rival: a TeenGenius, [[TheAce the best skater]] in the junior division, a connection to the main cast, and even a bit of a [[HairTriggerTemper temper problem]]. You think that the story would be about them fighting neck-and-neck against each other... but after Episode 3, they don't meet in competition again until the Rostelecom Cup. Both Yuris have very different paths to follow in their competition season, meaning that they don't see each other often, and Yuri [[OneSidedRivalry doesn't really see Yurio as a rival]] at all. Until Episode 8, the most one hears about the other is from the news.
** What happens when you tell a dog not to eat some food, and the food is right within the dog's reach? [[spoiler:The dog in question, Makkachin, will eat it, of course. After all, without a human around to tell them off, there's no way a dog could overcome their instincts that easily. There's also a very good chance that the food will make the dog sick...]]
** J.J. is a great skater and is seen as a favorite to win the Grand Prix Finals, but he's also only ''nineteen'' with [[spoiler:a lot of expectations placed upon him, which pressures him to the point that he has an anxiety attack in Episode 11. It happens at the last minute and almost seems to come out of out of nowhere since he looked quite confident before starting his performance, but [[TruthInTelevision anxiety attacks occurring out of nowhere is actually realistic, and happens very often. Seeing an exaggerated version of his situation and how he views the other skaters is also not uncommon during an anxiety attack.]]]]
** In the finale of Season 1, [[spoiler:Yuri tries to invoke a ButNowIMustGo on Victor so that the latter can return to skating. This actually prompts Victor to break down in tears and accuse Yuri of being so selfish.]]
* One of the plot points in ''[[Anime/InazumaEleven Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone]]'' is that reality struck during really violent soccer match, which was suspended half-way through by the officials after it becomes clear that one team is playing just for the sake of hurting the members of the other. This is something that never happened before, even when it was obvious that the rival team was purposefully making the match as violent as possible. Although to be fair, this was so bad that one player attacks the referee, and it was ''supposed'' to be a civil friendly-match between Japan and America, so it was a particularly horrific example, even by the series standards. [[spoiler:In-universe, it was so bad and left such a large stain Japan's image in soccer, that it resulted in the Japanese government initiating a nation-wide soccer ban.]]