[[caption-width-right:346:"Thanks Gumball!" "''Whatever'' man."]]

In the grand tradition of a lot of original CartoonNetwork programming from the late-1990s into the 21st century, this show freely pushes its TV-Y7 for fantasy violence (FV) rating to its limit, despite that CartoonNetwork now allows the TV-PG rating (mostly for violence, mild cursing[[note]]mostly rude uses of the words "sucks," "blows," and "screwed" and mild insults like "turd," "idiot," and "moron"[[/note]], and suggestive humor/dialogue) on some of their daytime shows [[note]](''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'', ''RegularShow'', ''{{Clarence}}'', the ''TotalDrama'' series, ''UncleGrandpa'' -- even their short-lived shows, like ''MAD'', ''Robotomy'', and ''Secret Mountain Fort Awesome'')[[/note]]. Whether the TY-Y7-FV rating on this show is a mistake or if the content really isn't strong enough to justify a TV-PG rating[[note]]in America, at least. In the United Kingdom, this show has a PG certificate on its DVD releases for mild, often imitable comic slapstick violence, mild sex references and innuendo, action scenes that may be too intense for younger/more sensitive audiences, and scenes deemed too scary/emotionally upsetting for younger/more sensitive audiences[[/note]] is best left debated among viewers.

For now, just enjoy the crap that got past the radar, because there is a lot of it.


* Banana Joe frequently takes off his peel, sometimes even swinging it around, even though many other occasions make is clear that's the banana equivalent of streaking. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJz4nW0pYUc It was even in a promo]] and mentioned in "The Butterfly":
-->'''Miss Simian:''' Joseph, we've been here before. When is it appropriate to take your skin off? \\
'''Banana Joe:''' Uh... Christmas!
* The word "nipples" is said numerous times[[labelnote:like]]Richard yells "My nipples are purple!" while trying to be sarcastic in "The Gripes". Mr. Small talks about his "six nipple eyes" giving him clairvoyance in "The Void". Gumball considers ''selling'' one of his to make a quick buck in "The Spoiler".[[/labelnote]], a word ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' was ''not'' allowed to say despite being higher rated (TV-PG) and on the same network.
* Principal Brown's relationship with Miss Simian in general. On adult-oriented cartoons like ''The Simpsons'' (Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel) and ''Daria'' (Ms. Barch and Mr. O'Neill), whenever they have a teacher in a relationship with a principal or someone from teaching staff, they try to hide it, as they know that a relationship like that causes a conflict of interest and is usually frowned upon by the higher-ups. In the case of this show, Principal Brown and Miss Simian don't try to hide it[[note]]cf. "The Sock," where Gumball and Darwin bring it up during their BrutalHonesty streak, "The Lesson," where Gumball and Darwin find Principal Brown's pin-up calendar that was meant as a surprise gift for Miss Simian, and "The Burden," where Miss Simian burst into the office and yells, "ROMANCE, NOW!"[[/note]], despite it being pointed out that a relationship like that is considered unprofessional (cf. "The Sock," when Gumball and Darwin use BrutalHonesty when Principal Brown asks them what's wrong). It's surprising that a kids' show features this kind of relationship with little to no consequences.
* A recurring background character (for instance, in the line at the beginning of "The Pony") [[http://theamazingworldofgumball.wikia.com/wiki/File:Mr.Poop.png appears to be]] [[TalkingPoo an anthropomorphic wad of feces]].
* A lot of the cars in Elmore (including Miss Simian's car[[note]]though her license plate on "The Ape" was 66666[[/note]], Penny's dad's car, and the Doughnut Sheriff's squad car) have a license plate seems to read "X23 TU░" as a license plate, which makes it look like it reads "BUT SEX" backwards, though the 2 and 3 would have to be switched in order to actually read that.

[[folder:Season 1]]
[[AC:The Responsible]]
* The "baby sitter" Richard almost hired in is named [[http://images.wikia.com/theamazingworldofgumball/images/5/50/AlbertThePervert.jpg Albert the Pervert]] in the concept art. Some concept art shows him as a '''[[LivingClothes pair of underwear]]''', with an unsavory grin. Had the animators actually used the underwear design, his line about wanting to sit on Anais would have been '''''very''''' disturbing.
* Darwin [[HoYay kisses Gumball while they were drowning]]. Granted, it was to give him air, but he does it even though Gumball was clearly not okay with it.

[[AC:The Third]]
* The plot for the episode seemed like it was about a ménage à trois (or exploring the possibility of a polygamous relationship) and, later, infidelity.
-->'''Darwin:''' Three best friends? Won't that be a bit... weird?\\
'''Gumball:''' It's only weird if we make it weird. Do you find it weird?\\
'''Darwin:''' Not if you don't.

[[AC:The End]]
* At the beginning of the episode, Gumball and Darwin both sit on their couch lifelessly flicking through TV channels and eating junk food with red-rimmed eyes for the entire scene. It's clearly because they are sleep-deprived, but their conversation blatantly [[ICantBelieveItsNotHeroin makes it look like they're stoned]].
-->'''Darwin:''' Can you think of any better way to spend our lives?\\
'''Gumball:''' Dude...I can't even think. Is my heart still beating?\\
''(Darwin feels for a pulse. Six seconds pass before Gumball's heart starts beating again.)''

[[AC:The Dress]]
* Gumball has an [[ImagineSpot Imagine Spot]] that he and Darwin are married... and he's surrounded by cat/fish babies while Darwin comes home and yells, "[[MisterSeahorse I WANT MORE KIDS!]]" What [[CrossesTheLineTwice really crosses the line]] with that scene is not only are they both children, but they're also both ''siblings through adoption''.

[[AC:The Spoon]]
* Gumball makes a [[FreudWasRight Mustache-Sausage]]
-->'''Gumball:''' How about a hot dog? They’re delicious! ''[His fake mustache falls off his face and lands on the hot dog, which he holds out to Doughnut Sheriff]''\\
'''Doughnut Sheriff:''' ''[disgusted]'' Ughh... There’s a mustache on your sausage!\\
'''Gumball:''' Yeah, it’s our secret ingredient! ''[[LampshadedDoubleEntendre [Gumball and Darwin wink at camera]]]''\\
'''Doughnut Sheriff:''' I think I’ll go for something without hair.
* Following this metaphor, the episode becomes a bit weird when Richard starts licking the mustache-sausage and Nicole uses it to ''turkey-slap a man unconscious''. And if you listen to that scene with your eyes closed, it doesn't sound any less risque.

[[AC:The Pressure]]
* The girls (falsely) brag about who got the older boyfriend, and Carrie says "Mine is so old that he doesn't have teeth."
* Tobias attempts to to turn the "Pals before gals" [[CrossesTheLineTwice into a blood pact]][[note]]Most international versions (particularly the Arabic and Asian/Australian/Pacific Island versions) edit it to just a "pact."[[/note]]
* Another example:
--> '''Gumball:''' ''(while doing high dive to save Darwin from a girlfriend)'' On one hand, I create a diversion and save Darwin. On the other hand, I splash Penny and look like- [[CurseCutShort *SMACK*]]
* At the end of the episode, Gumball and Darwin [[HoYay once again kiss each other (by accident this time), and leave with a post-kiss-afterglow]]. And they ''liked'' it. This is made worse by Banana Joe yelling [[AmbiguouslyGay "Pals before gals!" afterwards]], which is a G-rated version of saying, "Bros before hoes."

[[AC:The Laziest]]
* Richard tries to win the laziness contest by changing the TV to a shopping channel. [[http://s585.photobucket.com/user/thatother1dude/media/secret%20object%20hidden.png.html On display]] is a figurine of a girl kissing a boy on the check, which is titled "Innocent Age Figurine Boy & Girl w [[RagingStiffie secret object hidden by the boy]]".

[[AC:The Ghost]]
* The premise of the episode, Carrie repeatedly possessing Gumball to eat things and him trying to learn to turn her down, seems a bit [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything strange]] if you think about it. The ''official'' episode descriptions for "The Ghost" didn't sound like it belongs to a kid's show.
--> "The Ghost": Carrie the Ghost often uses Gumball's body but now he has to learn how to say "no" to her, which may prove to be an extremely difficult thing to do considering Carrie normally uses his body against his will anyway.
* Darwin describes the situation to Gumball by saying Carrie "likes going inside your body".
* The binge-eating scenes parody the similarly-shot music video for Music/TheProdigy's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf1KaRjOg9g Smack My Bitch Up]]," which includes a lot of scenes of sex, drug abuse, and violent, disturbing images (at least in the uncut, not-on-a-music-video-channel version).
* Nicole places a sausage on Richard's nose, then telling him he's not allowed to eat it, [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything otherwise he would be a "Bad Richard"]]. [[note]]It's sexual teasing, if you don't get it[[/note]]

[[AC:The Party]]
* While Gumball is searching for a date to the party, his observation of Teri (a bear made of paper) has a strange multiple meaning:
--> '''Gumball:''' She's a little flat.
* While the party is being busted wide open by Principal Brown and Ms. Simian, Alan ''motorboated'' two balloons.
* Miss Simian and Principal Brown are making out in the closet when Jackie and Harold come home.

[[AC:The Poltergeist]]
* Mr. Robinson explains to Gumball and Darwin how he and his wife would argue, sometimes six times a day, sometimes in public, even once in their sleep! Anyone who is or was married or in a similar long-term committed relationship will recognize what he is really talking about.

[[AC:The Mustache]]
* Gumball, Darwin, and Anais accidentally take their Dad's 'supplements' that he was going to use to impress his wife (and make his man-boobs stick up).

[[AC:The Fight]]
* Gumball [[CrashingThroughTheHarem runs through the girls' shower room to escape Tina]].


[[folder:Season 2]]

[[AC:The Colossus]]
* The [[GagCensor very poorly censored]] ''Captain Punch'' comic clearly has a page where a man is [[GroinAttack kicked in the crotch]] so hard he's [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom lifted back off his feet]]; the whiteout covering this is even [[BleepDammit in the shape of a boot]]. He's also [[BloodFromTheMouth spitting up blood]], something the whiteout does ''not'' cover at all.

[[AC:The Fridge]]
* Nicole and her family go to a paintball arena for a family outing. Outside of the arena, there's [[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/theamazingworldofgumball/images/thumb/8/8f/ElmorePaintball.png/1000px-ElmorePaintball.png a sign]] that lists the types of events they can cover, including "stag" and "hen" parties; both are antiquated slang terms[[note]]mostly used in Britain, but they were used in America for a time[[/note]] for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

[[AC:The Flower]]
* Gumball's jealousy driving him to keep weed-killer and vandalized photos of Leslie in his locker, which, in this era of concern over school shootings and youth murder, would raise a few eyebrows.
* During one of Gumball's tirades about Leslie, a long list of insults includes "self-pollinating." If you know anything about reproduction in flowers and plants, he basically just called Leslie a jack-off.
* From the end of the episode
--> '''Gumball:''' Wait, did you just say he was your cousin?\\
'''Penny:''' Well duh, everyone knows.\\
'''Gumball:''' Well duh, I didn't.\\
'''Leslie:''' [[AmbiguouslyGay There's a lot of things you don't know about me Gumball.]]\\
'''Gumball:''' Oh...

[[AC:The Banana]]
* Mr. Small's "herbal tea" gives him some [[GRatedDrug adverse effects]]; most notably towards the end of the episode, where after taking a sip [[http://images.wikia.com/theamazingworldofgumball/images/6/6b/AHerbalInfusion.png his eyes begin to get weird and his face gets all loose.]] After Gumball and Darwin leave, Mr. Small proceeds to let out a "WOO-HOO!", like that "herbal tea" is more enjoyable than it should be...
* When Darwin is raiding Joe's locker, he pulls out a jockstrap and tells Gumball to ''chew on it.'' Neither addresses what it actually is, but Gumball looks at it with absolute disgust, and then he pretends to chew on it when he obviously is not and does not want to.
* Darwin chews up Joe's pen from the locker. Later in the episode Joe says it's an heirloom his ancestor used and "[[AssShove I'm not even gonna tell you where he had to hide it to keep it safe]]", then Darwin starts wiping his tongue in disgust.

[[AC:The Phone]]
* Gumball silences a firecracker by sitting on it. Then he coughs up smoke, making clear that even if the thing itself [[AssShove didn't go up there]], the explosion did.

[[AC:The Job]]
* "Gumball and Darwin are delivering a pizza to a couple of pizza-headed people, which they apparently consider to be their new child. As the father is paying Gumball, he accidentally drops the box while reaching for the money he gives them, [[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120919162343/theamazingworldofgumball/images/e/ee/Job10.png which completely horrifies the couple]]. Even worse, Darwin slips on the "dead" pizza baby as they run away, further smearing its tomato sauce, or, as the pizza couple see it, '''blood''', on the concrete.
* When one of the reality-warping waves inverts everyone's gender (turning Anais and Nicole male and Gumball, Darwin, and Larry female), girl Larry has little cube breasts.

[[AC:The Skull]]
* While Clayton is disguised as Principal Brown, Miss Simian seduces and almost makes out with him.

[[AC:The Bet]]
* The entire part where Bobert is in the nurse's office with fire coming out of his butt, telling the nurse it's been happening ever since, "[I] fell in love with YourMom," and making out with the wall defibrillator.
* Bobert's picture equation written on the school football field: "Glasses + horse's ass = Principal Brown."
* Miss Simian trying to warm up in the walk-in freezer by hugging a shirtless Gumball. Lampshaded when she says, "I'm sorry, Watterson. I know this is inappropriate, but I just need to warm up."

[[AC:The Bumpkin]]
* A bee appears and Gumball hides himself from it in Nicole's skirt.
* During the party montage, Gumball funnels Idaho with a [[FrothyMugsOfWater soda bong]] and Idaho gets [[StealthPun baked]] in an oven with some fries.

[[AC:The Storm]]
* When Gumball doesn't want to go along with Carmen's plan with making Alan jealous, he actually states that he is not a "cheap, corruptible '''bimbo'''", [[http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bimbo and it was very likely that the slang definition was what he meant]]. This got changed into "coward" in US airings though, which doesn't make sense within the context of the story.
* Alan the balloon explains to Gumball that his knot, the only orifice his body has, is used to breath, eat, and excrete. In a later scene (pictured above), Gumball has to "inflate" Alan in the school bathroom. Alan's knot deflates slightly, causing it to moving upward [[SomethingElseAlsoRises in a rather questionable manner]] just before the scene skips to them then leaving the bathroom. Gumball has a disgusted look on his face while Alan has an ''incredibly'' happy look on his.

[[AC:The Lesson]]
* Principal Brown is shown to have a rather suggestive calendar he planned on giving Miss Simian. One picture has him laying on a bear skin rug, invoking the cliche of someone laying on such a rug naked--which he technically is (as he never wears clothes).
* It is implied that Gumball ate and then pooped out an ''entire rake'', in one piece, to smuggle it.
* A bear [[VisualPun literally pops a cupcake's cherry]], prompting this dialog.
--> '''Gumball:''' Did you see what that bear did to that guy's cherry?
** The line also brings to mind [[DoubleMeaning different meanings]] of the word "[[TheBear bear]]": "woodland animal associated with Winnie the Pooh, Goldilocks, and honey." or "hairy homosexual male".

[[AC:The Voice]]
* Gumball and Darwin offer Tobias a hug in the locker, but they're both wearing nothing but towels, so he refuses. The two then tackle him to try and force him, and eventually Darwin takes Tobias's towel and spanks him with it in the middle of the school corridor.

[[AC:The Castle]]
* Gumball, Darwin and Anais [[TotemPoleTrench disguise themselves as a pizza delivery man]] to get back into their house full of party animals. Being at the bottom of the disguise, the way Anais hands over the receipt probably couldn't be any more wrong.
--> '''Hot Dog Guy:''' Uh... you can keep it.

[[AC:The Tape]]
* During the WildlifeCommentarySpoof, part of the name Gumball uses for Richard ("Moobus Gelatinous") is [[CanisLatinicus dog Latin]] for "moobs". As in "man boobs".

[[AC:The Internet]]
* Gumball tries to enter the Internet by scanning himself without his clothes on. It doesn't work, but it does give Darwin a nice (''high definition!'') close up photo of Gumball's privates. Afterwards, Darwin [[BrainBleach tries to wash his eyes out]].
* The Internet tells Gumball and Darwin to "get bent", a phrase that's usually considered at least moderately profane (it's generally considered short for "get bent over and take it up the ass"). It was one of the many catch-phrases of Bart Simpson in the early days of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' when it garnered controversy over Bart's behavior.


[[folder:Season 3]]

[[AC:The Fan]]
* [[StalkerWithACrush Sarah]] makes a video and song about her stalking Darwin and Gumball. It mentions and shows some very creepy, fairly suggestive behavior:
** Staring at Gumball through the window while he was undressing; he saw this and closed the blinds while covering his chest with his arm
** Watching them while hiding inside their closet
** Looking at them, trying to nuzzle Gumball's hair, and taking pictures of them [[BeautifulDreamer while they're unconscious]]
** Standing around in the bathroom while Darwin takes a shower
** Wearing some of Gumball's clothing and [[PervertedSniffing enthusiastically smelling]] others
* Mr. Small seems to be high when staring at the painting that Sarah hides in. It doesn't help that he's carrying hot coffee which is steaming (giving off an appearance similar to smoke).

[[AC:The Joy]]
* When Ms. Simian zips up Banana Joe's peel, some of his "banana" gets stuck in the zipper, [[http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140614211540/theamazingworldofgumball/images/5/56/Tumblr_n76du6x3eG1su1nd0o1_1280.png prompting a very painful looking reaction]], reminiscent of that one scene in ''TheresSomethingAboutMary''...
* Gumball's and Darwin's (and everyone else's) behavior looks eerily similar to a drug trip (though it's supposed to be a parody of zombie movies).

[[AC:The Recipe]]
* There's a discussion where Gumball basically tells Darwin that, if they were a couple, he would be the one with the pants in their relationship.:
-->'''Gumball''': We have to do it exactly like they did!\\
'''Darwin''': Does that mean I have to wear a mustache and we should, you know, kiss?\\
'''Gumball''': Ehh, no. And for the record, I would be the one with the mustache.
* The episode in general is almost [[RefugeInAudacity ridiculously]] [[BlackComedy dark]]:
** It begins with Anton being disintegrated in the pool and falling to pieces in Gumball's hands as he tries to revive him, causing a horrified reaction from almost everyone present.
** When Anton comes back the next day, Darwin and Gumball try to figure out how by hurting him in incredibly over-the-top ways, including slicing him into pieces with a paper shredder, inducing a heart-attack by shock, and tricking Tobias into ''eating him alive''. These seem only slightly worse than the show's usual AmusingInjuries, until it revealed Anton actually '''died''' and was replaced with a clone all those times, as well as every time before this episode.
** Darwin and Gumball start making their own clones and it gets even worse: Darwin mentions he accidentally caused his half of the clones to commit mass suicide, and Gumball almost does the same to the rest.
** The evil clone turns the sprinklers on to [[ImMelting turn the remaining clones to mush]], before himself getting sucked down the pool drain and torn apart by the grate.

[[AC:The Extras]]
* One of the cardboard cutout people from "The Sweaters" tries to get his change out from another one's back pockets. However, they both have their arms frozen in place above their head, so the one going for said change ends up suggestively poking his face around the other one's butt.

[[AC:The Fraud]]
* Principal Brown has an incredibly awkward sleepover with Gumball and Darwin where he starts having a relationship talk with them until immediately shutting up when he realises how inappropriate he sounds.
* All the school faculty are revealing their own lies. [[LadyLooksLikeADude The Coach's]] is "[[{{Transsexual}} And I'm not a woman...]] [[spoiler:[[CueCardPause who can say she's never lied on her résumé either."]]]]

[[AC:The Void]]
* Similar to the herbal tea drinking in "The Banana" is how Mr. Small's explains how he's so good at navigating the crazy otherworldly dimension of the world's mistakes: he's [[TheStoner "used to feeling spaced out."]]

[[AC:The Boss]]
* The episode has a side story of Mrs. Robinson leaving her husband, who's in the hospital with a stuffing deficiency, so she can go on an island vacation. When she returns, it's revealed that [[YourCheatingHeart she nearly married one of the sailors she met in the conga line and broke up with him when Mr. Robinson was recovering.]]

[[AC:The Password]]
* Gumball was under the impression that Richard loves and favors Anais so much that they finish each other sentences, which Darwin incorrectly interjects with "Sandwiches". Then it cuts to Anais letting Richard finish her sandwich, which leads to Gumball...
-->'''Gumball:''' Sandwiches as well?! Aw man, [[CurseCutShort this is total]]...*gestures at Darwin to finish*\\
* beat*\\
'''Gumball:''' *sigh*\\
'''Darwin:''' [[LastSecondWordSwap SENTENCES!]]

[[AC:The Shell]]
* After Penny cracked the part over her eye, she, Gumball and Darwin stand on the porch to her house. Preparing to tell Penny's father what happened, Penny and Gumball stand faced to each other and wobble their tongues. When Penny's father comes out, he catches them, and looking from the angle where Penny's back is facing him, it looked to him is if they were French kissing.
* Gumball [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2fBhUEuk4g walks in on Banana Joe watching a video of an orange being peeled]], which to him is obviously supposed to be like porn. Banana Joe has a ''[[ADateWithRosiePalms box of tissues]]'' right next to his laptop.

[[AC:The Bros]]
* A weeping Gumball asks Darwin if it's weird that he thinks about Penny "all the time, even in the bathroom". Gumball most likely ''didn't'' mean that [[ADateWithRosiePalms in a dirty way]], but it [[ThatCameOutWrong immediately comes to mind anyway.]]
* Darwin attempts to make a chocolate fountain by pumping chocolate through a pipe in a wall; the results [[ToiletHumor looks like a backfiring septic tank]]. Gumball tries to get Penny to ''eat'' what came out, to her visible disgust.

[[AC:The Mirror]]
* Gumball's says the word "damnation", though in the literal sense rather than a profane one (preferring a "life of damnation in limbo" to watching a home shopping channel).
* [[spoiler:The Snatcher/Carrie's dad]] unceremoniously falls out a window and dies ([[ItMakesSenseInContext to his benefit]]).

[[AC:The Man]]
* Richard delivers a parody of Jules's "I double-dare you, motherfucker" speech from ''Film/PulpFiction'' to Louie for dating his mother, except he calls him a "mother ''robber''".
* Granny Jojo had her 63rd birthday in this episode. It's also stated Richard's dad left them 42 years ago, and that he was old enough to remember him. If you do the math, that implies [[TeenPregnancy Richard was conceived when his mother was about 15-17 years old.]]
** This is {{Retcon}}ed in "The Signature", where the time is brought down from 42 years to 33 years, probably because of potential discrepancies such as this.

[[AC:The Lie]]
* Gumball tries to make up a description for Sluzzle Dude, a Santa equivalent for a holiday he made up, but his description comes off the wrong way.
-->'''Gumball:''' He's got a beard, sneakers, and a leather coat.\\
'''Darwin:''' Is that all he's wearing? Sounds like he should be running from the police.

[[AC:The Question]]
* Gumball and Darwin have a GRatedDrug trip after [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext eating cereal marshmallows through their eyes.]] Gumball wakes up in a ballerina tutu and Darwin wakes up handcuffed with a tattoo on his butt. Special note for how said handcuffs are covered in red fuzz, which very specifically implies they're the kind of handcuffs used for sexual bondage and not the kind the police use to restrain criminals.
* When Larry realizes he's wasted his life on nothing but work, he suddenly starts [[MadnessMantra incessantly reciting his daily schedule]] while driving to the beach and swimming straight out to sea. It is a ''very'' strong possibility that he's [[SuicideAsComedy trying to]] [[SuicideBySea kill himself]].

[[AC:The Saint]]
* Gumball breaks a computer in the library, and says he'll probably [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanged,_drawn_and_quartered hanged and quartered]], among other things, by the school librarian.
* Gumball makes Alan out to be a cheater in front of Carmen by showing pictures of Alan (actually Darwin's face on a green balloon) kissing female students, [[HoYay male students]], [[BreadEggsMilkSquick and]] [[ExtremeOmnisexual a toilet]]. And while the photo of [[AmbiguouslyGay Leslie]] [[http://out-of-my-interest.tumblr.com/post/108220696870/im-afraid-alans-been-cheating-on-you-with enjoying his kiss, unlike everyone else]] was cut out of the original broadcast, a few frames of it can still be seen if you pause at the right time.
* The face Alan repeatedly makes bears a ''strong'' resemblance to the "Yaranaika" meme. Said meme originated from a {{Hentai}} comic. Regardless of the exact reason ''why'' the face was used (probably just because [[RuleOfFunny it looks funny regardless of context]]), this is still a dodgy thing to reference.

[[AC:The Oracle]]
* Darwin spills coffee on Gumball. Darwin cools him by inhaling air while Gumball puts his butt directly in front of Darwin's face and makes a very relieved expression. Marvin passes by and comments that "I don't know what you're doing, but you should be ashamed of it!"
* In the prophetic painting, Gumball's crotch is obscured by a maple leaf. Later, as Gumball approaches the mall and starts noticing elements of the painting, he fixates at one point on a maple leaf - an ''anthropomorphic'' one, headed to the mall to shop. In the end, [[spoiler:when Gumball decides that the prophecy is inevitable and tears off his clothes preemptively, he grabs the maple leaf and covers himself by shoving them face-first onto his crotch.]]

[[AC:The Safety]]
* For the sake of Gumball never exposing his genitals, even to himself, Darwin apparently ''removed his entire crotch''.
* The child filters muting words or phrases that Darwin deems unsafe make some of the things Gumball says (like "What the what?" or "[[GoshDangItToHeck Gosh darn]]") [[CensoredForComedy seem a lot worse that they actually are]].
* The [[RelaxOVision incredibly peaceful live action photos]] [[CurseCutShort which cut off Darwin's venting]] after Gumball stomps on his foot imply that he said something especially foul. The images shown actually suggest a specific message: it's a mother with a baby, a man with a pitchfork next to bales of hay, a donkey, and a happy clown. He's cut off saying "Oh, you--". Put it all together and...
-->''Oh, you mother-forking[[labelnote:*]]or "farming" or "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hay_buck bucking]]"[[/labelnote]] ass-clown!''
* The emblems on Darwin's banners in the town hall resemble the Nazi [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Parteiadler_der_Nationalsozialistische_Deutsche_Arbeiterpartei_(1933%E2%80%931945).svg Parteiadler]], [[NoSwastikas only with a yellow triangle exclamation point sign in place of the swastika]].
* The guard that sees Richard in drag slowly mouths "What... the...." [[CurseCutShort then gets smacked with a fire hydrant]].

[[AC: The Countdown]]
* When time is frozen, Darwin and Gumball pull a prank on a man licking an ice cream cone with his eyes closed by replacing the cone with a dog. [[http://theamazingworldofgumball.wikia.com/wiki/File:Bandicam_2015-02-27_15-49-07-341.png The specific positioning]] implies they meant to trick him into [[{{Squick}} licking the dog's anus]] once time starts back up. They also make it so Gary the purple moose stops Sal Left Thumb from stealing the black hexagon woman's purse. Gumball decides that's too nice, so he pulls down Gary's pants and smears lipstick on his face, [[http://theamazingworldofgumball.wikia.com/wiki/File:Countdown59.png making it look like he's exposing himself]].
* One {{Alternate Timeline}} is created when Gumball and Darwin create a bunch of copies of themselves and leave them fighting each other in the past. In the present, everybody looks like themselves mixed with Gumball and/or Darwin. [[{{Squick}} Reach your own conclusions from this.]]
* In another AlternateTimeline created by Gumball and Darwin, everyone is very angry and [[GratuitousGerman speaking in German]], implying that Gumball and Darwin [[GodwinsLawOfTimeTravel somehow allowed]] UsefulNotes/NaziGermany to win WorldWarII.

[[AC:The Egg]]
* Gumball wearing PimpDuds because he misheard Nicole's order to wear something respectable as "to wear something that commands respect." He even does a pimp strut before Nicole orders him to stop.

[[AC:The Triangle]]
* Leslie advises Darwin to picture everyone naked in order to alleviate his performance anxiety, which works when he sees Juke (the boombox-headed kid) naked, but not Mr. Small. Especially when Mr. Small bends over in front of him to pick up the peas he knocked over and talks about how he used to play the bongos in the school band.
-->'''Mr. Small:''' [[InnocentInnuendo Hours and hours of slapping those skins]] made me the man I am today.

[[folder:Season 4]]
[[AC:The Crew]]
* After being bowled over by the fastest and heaviest of metal objects being attracted to him, a recently telepathic Gumball reminds Darwin to mind his language.

[[AC: The Signature]]
* The things the Wattersons [[TangledFamilyTree do to their family tree by adopting each other]] throws up all sorts of incestuous implications, most notably both Richard and Granny Jojo ending up [[spoiler:married to their grandchildren]].

[[AC: The Gift]]
* To put out a fire, Gumball and Darwin ask Masami to rain on it. Masami replies that she can't rain with people watching her.

[[AC: The Parking]]
* Richard and the kids sing "99 Bottles of [[FrothyMugsOfWater Age-Appropriate Beverages]] on the Wall".
* A doctor begins examining a patient, then the scene cuts to him throwing the Wattersons and their car out of the hospital. The Wattersons somehow managed to ''park their car'' inside the patient's ''rear end''!

[[AC: The Comic]]
* [[StalkerWithACrush Sarah]] draws a comic called ''Laserheart'', whose title character is based on Gumball and has a '''very''' {{Stripperiffic}} costume: [[ZettaiRyouiki very high boots, hot pants]], and a tank top that barely covers his pecks, all of which are [[FormFittingWardrobe skintight]]. Laserheart is also shown in numerous suggestive poses, including a BoobsAndButtPose and another drawn like [[http://www.comicbookresources.com/imgsrv/imglib/250/0/1/SPIDERWOMAN001Manara-a3461-ad504.jpg Spider-Woman by Milo Manara]]! Either it was one of the instructions from the how-to-draw book or Sarah has been [[FemaleGaze checking out Gumball's backside]].
* Darwin's initial criticism of ''Laserheart'' includes that he's "anatomically incorrect". This could just be in reference to his [[StylisticSuck badly drawn body structure]], but also calls attention to how his shorts, despite the aforementioned tightness, have no visible bulge.