Along with the supernatural and paranormal occurrences, it seems that the [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar radar]] seems to be a little sketchy as well. Considering some people who worked on [[WesternAnimation/RegularShow cer]][[WesternAnimation/TheMarvelousMisadventuresOfFlapjack tain]] [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime sh]][[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants ows]] worked on ''Gravity Falls'', this isn't that surprising.

'''Please exercise good judgment in editing this entry!''' ''Gravity Falls'' has a darker, more violent tone than most shows on Disney Channel/XD, and is rife with BlackComedy. Please '''only''' add something to this page if ''even given the nature of this show'' it's questionable. Guns, blood, death, BlackComedy, gods, and demons don't really count as GettingCrapPastTheRadar within the context of ''Gravity Falls''. What crosses the line on any other animated show ''usually doesn't'' here, so '''please''' keep that in mind when editing!

* There's a recurring joke in the series involving woodpeckers. Apparently, [[BestialityIsDepraved it's legal to marry them]] in Gravity Falls, and at least two people have taken advantage of this freedom. Keep in mind that animals in the show [[SlidingScaleOfAnthropomorphism aren't sentient or anthropomorphic in the slightest]].


[[folder:Season 1]]

[[AC:"Tourist Trapped"]]
* The statue of Sasquatch wearing underwear is titled "Sascrotch".
* One of the things that makes Dipper think Norman is a zombie is that he has ''something'' red on his face. He unconvincingly insists it's jam and [[spoiler:it turns out he's a stack of gnomes, not a zombie]], but we never find out for sure.[[note]]In "Between the Pines", Hirsch said is really ''was'' jam, which was part of a funeral for the gnomes' last queen.[[/note]]
* [[spoiler:The gnomes' plan is for Mabel to marry all of them]]. She's just twelve, and it's mentioned that there's at least a thousand of them. You do the math.
* Mabel practices kissing with a leaf blower. She pretends the mark it gave her was a hickey.
* "Watch those fingers, Mike."

[[AC:"The Legend of the Gobblewonker"]]
* When Stan is getting the milk out of the fridge, the cow on the carton seems very ... [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything enthusiastic]] [[http://gravityfalls.wikia.com/wiki/File:S1e2_grunkle_stan_with_milk.png about giving milk.]]
* Possibly [[AccidentalInnuendo unintentional]]: "Who wants to put on some blindfolds and get into my car?!"
** Made even worse because it was "Family Bonding Day".
** Dipper's line of "Wait, what?" doesn't help matters.
* Stan tries to befriend a little boy, but the kid and his parents find this incredibly creepy and threaten to call the cops. Stan is eventually arrested and forced to a wear an ankle bracelet, and it's not hard to understand [[MistakenForPedophile why.]]
* And then ''this'' amazing line:
-->"I thought you kids were playing Spin the Bottle with Soos!"
* After Dipper asks her to imagine what she could do with five hundred dollars, Mabel has an ImagineSpot in which she buys a human-sized hamster ball. She then fantasizes about rolling up next to two boys in their car and hitting on them, saying [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything "You can look, but you can't touch!"]] before rolling away.
* Soos' distraction with taking pictures of beavers might be a pun on the phrase "beaver shots."

* The entire [[BadGuyBar Skull Fracture]] scene:
** "[[VisualPun We don't serve miners here]]."
** Dipper and Mabel stare at someone on the floor. She assures herself and her brother that "He's resting.", but the audience can only see his feet, which are completely motionless. (Mabel seems to have her own [[ThePollyanna internal radar]].)
** A [[StealthPun blink-and-you'll-miss-it]] one: [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7uxj6vwAb1qciqjmo1_500.png One of the men has a cat tattooed on his palm]], and is smacking it with his other fist. [[VisualPun He's pounding pussy]].
* Mabel on her wax sculpture: "It is covered in my blood, sweat, tears, and other fluids."
* "I'm Sherlock [[DidNotDoTheBloodyResearch Bleedin']] Holmes!" Also serves as ParentheticalSwearing with how Wax Sherlock accentuates.
* During Wax Sherlock Holmes' flashback of the old wax museum, a boy can be seen repeatedly kicking Wax Richard Nixon in the crotch.
* Groucho Marx's wax figure not having a cigar is only slightly undermined by Groucho feeling the need to remark on this as he dies.
-->''Why is there nothing in my hand?''
* This gem:
-->'''Mabel''': ''(to [[ItMakesSenseInContext the disembodied head of Wax William Shakespeare]])'' You know any limericks?\\
'''Wax William Shakespeare''': Uhh...there once was a dude from Kentucky-\\
'''Mabel''': Nope! ''(throws head into fire)''

[[AC:"The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"]]
* When Gideon's father offers Stan Colombian coffee, Stan replies that he once got arrested there. Make of that what you will.

[[AC:"The Inconveniencing"]]
* The [[ICantBelieveItsNotHeroin Smile Dip]] pretty obviously makes Mabel high. It's not even subtle...
* At one point, while Dipper does the Lamby Lamby Dance, Pa screams "Yes! Yes! More! More!". Keep in mind that Dipper is 12.

[[AC:"Dipper vs. Manliness"]]
* Dipper wants to prove his manliness on one of those grip-strength measuring machines.
-->'''Dipper:''' I'm gonna win some [pancakes] by beating that manliness tester.\\
'''Grunkle:''' Manliness tester?\\
'''Mabel:''' ''[[LampshadedDoubleEntendre Beating?]]''\\
'''Dipper:''' Time to man-handle this... [[ThatCameOutWrong man-handle.]]
* How ''this'' line got past the censors, the world will never know...
-->'''Dipper:''' So maybe I don't have muscles, or hair in certain places!
* One of the Manotaurs is named ''Pube''ator.
* After Mabel gets her Eureka moment on how to get Grunkle Stan and Lazy Susan together...
-->'''Mabel:''' Grunkle Stan, come with me to the diner! And leave your pants at home!\\
'''Stan:''' With pleasure!
* One of the manotaurs said he has "fists for nipples" and then we get a close-up. This was edited out of the episode's re-runs for a while, but they eventually put it back. Nipple-fists for all!
* There's a rather dark moment when the old Manotaur is eaten. And unlike the Summerween episode he doesn't come back, so he's probably dead.
* When Dipper is getting ready to fight the Multibear, he has a tattoo of a flaming cobra on his stomach... [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything right above his loincloth]].
** Also, note that it's pretty evident he's wearing ''nothing'' under said loincloth.
* Instead of genitals, the [[MultipleHeadCase Multibear's]] crotches have bear heads. [[note]] A slang term for penis is "the second head."[[/note]]

[[AC:"Double Dipper"]]
* Dipper scraps a name he chose for his first clone, which is later named "Tyrone".
-->'''Dipper:''' I shall call you "Number 2"!\\
'''Tyrone:''' Definitely not...
* [[http://68.media.tumblr.com/ae88a09e1b45410c6af230bcff389688/tumblr_no20ba4zYd1tef55uo1_540.png This]] very clever sex joke.
* As the [[BodyHorror horribly deformed]] [[CloneDegeneration Paper Jam Dipper]] melts, he comments that [[MercyKill he's better off dead than alive.]]

[[AC:"Irrational Treasure"]]
* [[ItMakesSenseInContext The eighth and a half President of the United States makes Mabel a Congressman]]. Mabel's response?
-->'''Mabel:''' I'm legalizing everything!
* Also in this episode:
-->'''Dipper:''' Okay, look out for booby traps.\\
'''Mabel:''' [[HehHehYouSaidX Hah! Booby traps]].
* At the the end, Trembley tells the twins about the time UsefulNotes/GeorgeWashington chased him around and spanked him for three hours.
-->"Bottom line, George Washington was a jerk."
* While looking through the secret documents, Mabel finds a page revealing that Creator/BenjaminFranklin was [[SweetPollyOliver secretly a cross-dressing woman]].[[note]]See also The Legend of the Gobblewonker in which Dipper and Mabel are counterfeiting $100 bills and Stan criticizes one of them by saying that their rendition of Benjamin Franklin looks like a woman.[[/note]]

[[AC:"The Time-Traveler's Pig"]]
* Mabel and Dipper get their hands on a time machine. When discussing what points in time to go to, Mabel has this suggestion:
-->'''Mabel:''' We should get two dodos and force them to make out!
* Robbie wants to show Wendy his new tight pants. And then he ''thrusts''. At the end of the episode, hot water is spilled on them, [[GroinAttack making them shrink and get even tighter]].
* One of the carnival attractions that Robbie and Wendy ride after he asks her out is the Tunnel of Love and Corndogs. Complete with the latter entering into a pink tunnel.
* When Dipper and Mabel wind up in pioneer days, they are mistaken to be more children given birth to by a pregnant woman surrounded by a bunch of kids. Her name? ''Fertillia''.

* The Trickster actually ''eats'' one child on-screen. [[spoiler:When the Trickster is destroyed, the boy emerges from its remains, physically unharmed.]]
-->[[spoiler:''I've been twamatized!'']]
* Near the end, Stan readies for his bath and his bathrobe drops to the floor. Two kids to walk in on him, scream in horror, and run away. It's shown a few seconds later that he was still wearing boxers, but the implication couldn't have been clearer.
* When Mabel is showing the scrapbook pictures where she and Dipper dress in twin-themed costumes, the first two are adorable combinations while the last picture shows [[BreadEggsMilkSquick the two dressed as zombies with Dipper "eating" a cord of Mabel's intestine with red fake blood in the background]]. [[FreezeFrameBonus It's only there for a second]], which is probably how they got it on air in the first place.
* On a poster for Tambry's party, there is a warning that says nothing better end up online. What exactly do the kids do at these parties...?
** The poster also originally said "Bottles will be spun", but Standards and Practice disagreed with a Spin the Bottle reference (despite 'Spin the Bottle' actually being said out loud in an earlier episode), so it was replaced with "[[TakeThat Not S&P approved]]".
* After The Trickster swallows Soos whole, Soos bursts out its chest in an obvious Alien shout-out, then kills The Trickster eating its heart. The Trickster turns out to be made of candy, but still...
-->''I ate a man alive tonight.''

[[AC:"Boss Mabel"]]
* Stan has a photo of a horse "riding" another horse. Arrows pointing to it say "so wrong!" and "It's unnatural". The picture itself is fairly suggestive as well.
* As Dipper is pretending to be a wolf boy for a Mystery Shack exhibit, Stan tells the tourists that "[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything If you throw money at him, he dances!]]" The costume he's wearing even leaves his upper body totally exposed, making it vaguely resembles a Chippendale outfit.
* In one point, Stan wins the Cash Shower on a game show he is on. Let's just say he takes "shower" a ''little'' bit too seriously and leave it at that.
-->'''Cash Wheel Host:''' Uh, Mr. Pines, you don't need to take your clothes off--go to commercial! GO TO COMMERCIAL! ''(runs up to the camera and covers it just as Stan takes his undies off)''.
* At one point, Soos tries to talk to a woman while dressed as "Questiony the Question Mark". Said costume makes him [[NakedPeopleAreFunny wear nothing but his underwear]], and the woman reacts by freaking out and pepper spraying him.

[[AC:"Bottomless Pit!"]]
* At the beginning of Dipper's story, Mabel, Wendy and Soos use Waddles in a "Spin the Bottle" game. When Waddles points at Grunkle Stan, Mabel asks him if he has ever kissed a pig. His response? "I'm not gonna answer that question." Make of that what you will.
* Mabel replaces Grunkle Stan's regular dentures with Truth Telling Teeth, forcing upon the wearer the inability to lie:
--> '''Dipper''': Stan, what do you do in secret every day during your lunch break?\\
'''Stan''': Usually, I spend the hour [[TooMuchInformation aggressively scratching myself in places I shouldn't mention]].
* Stan's speech about life might be one of the darkest things ever to grace the Creator/DisneyChannel. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny It's also fantastically funny]].
-->''Sometimes I think: is this all there is? Is life just some kind of horrific joke without a punchline? That we're all just biding our time until the sweet, sweet release of death?''

[[AC:"The Deep End"]]
* Wendy boasts about her assistant lifeguard position, claiming she has "the best ''seat'' in the house" (emphasis added). Dipper loudly replies "Yeah, you do!"
* The poolcheck has quite a package, which is fairly pronounced in some shots, for example when he's doing the push-ups.
* Mermando was saved from dehydration by deer licking him, then tells them to "[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Continue licking!]]"
* Mabel [[YaoiFangirl takes a photo of Dipper giving Mermando "reverse CPR"]]. She does it for the blackmail value, which isn't much better...
* One scene of Blubs and Durland has them rubbing suntan lotion on each other and Blubs utters the line "With you, every day is a dream" as he places his hand tenderly on the deputy's shoulder….
* This exchange:
--> '''Dipper:''' Mabel, I don't have time for your games. If you don't give me those supplies, I'll lose the coolest job ever!
--> '''Mabel:''' ''(sighs)'' I understand. …[[LookBehindYou Hey, look! Wendy in a bikini!]]
--> '''Dipper:''' ''(whirls around)'' Really? At night?

[[AC:"Carpet Diem"]]
* After the first sleepover, [[WhatDidIDoLastNight the girls seemingly can't remember what they did]]: Mabel wakes up with "Party Gurl" written on her forehead, Candy is duct taped to the ceiling, and Grenda comes out of a small closet, covered with kiss-shaped lipstick marks, and says:
-->'''Grenda:''' I don't know what I was kissing in there, but I have no regrets!
* When Mabel makes an omelette that looks like Stan's face, his eyes and nose look like, er... ''something else''.
* Soos, after being burned multiple times, says the last one started to feel good.
* Grenda brings her mom's "age-inappropriate romance novels" to the sleepover, one of which is called ''Wolfman Bare Chest''. The beginning read onscreen seem only mildly suggestive, but it's shown she read the ''entire'' thing in one sitting, [[ForcedToWatch forcing Dipper in Mabel's body to listen.]]
* Stan finds Mabel (in Dipper's body) [[NotWhatItLooksLike trying to look in on the girl's slumber party]]. Stan tells him "Oh, you're at that creepy age where you spy on girls, huh?" and decides to tell him about "[[TheTalk the birds and the bees]]. " He uses a book called ''Why am I So Sweaty?: Your Body Explained in Horrifyingly Uncomfortable Detail''.
-->'''Stan:''' It all begins with this little fella, the pituitary gland. He may be little but he has '''big plans'''!\\
''(Later, Stan closes the book on a diagram of fetus in-uteri)''\\
'''Stan:''' And now you know where babies come from!\\
'''(Mabel as) Dipper:''' Goodbye, childhood.
* Old Man [=McGucket=], after switching bodies with Candy, starts dancing around and saying "I regained my innocence!"

[[AC:"Boyz Crazy"]]
* Robbie asks Wendy to join him and a couple other people at Lookout Point. To Robbie's "[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial surprise]]", they ended up ''alone'', '''''in a van''''', up there.
* Grenda makes out with a picture of one of the band members, calling it "Grenda Time".
* When Dipper slows down the record of Robbie's song, he puts the speed to 16.5, which is an internet term for an... intimate scene, derived from a meme about ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline''.
* After telling Dipper an anecdote from the '70s, Stan notes that his flashback got a little "[[MushroomSamba hallucination-y]]" at the end. Stan also seemed rather fixated on his ex-girlfriend's [[WhoWearsShortShorts hot pants]].
* TheStinger ends with one of the members of Sev'ral Timez passionately making out with a ''tree''.[[note]]Actually a BrickJoke, since earlier in the episode, he said "I've heard of these things called 'trees', and I don't know what they are, but I wanna kiss one."[[/note]]
-->''Dang, girl.''

[[AC:"Land Before Swine"]]
* Blubs and Durland should have their own folder by now.
-->'''Durland''': [[ItMakesSenseInContext "Dangit, I almost got the treasure!"]]\\
'''Blubs''':*puts hand on Durland's shoulder* "The time we spend together is treasure enough."\\
''(Cue shared blissful grin)''
* In TheStinger, [=McGucket=] says he escaped the baby pterodactyl [[SwallowedWhole swallowing him whole]] by eating his way out--''from the inside.''

[[AC:"Gideon Rises"]]
* Not only do we see Jeff the gnome [[FanDisservice bathing]] [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext in squirrels]] with a bottle of lotion next to him, but after [[spoiler: tossing Mabel and Dipper out of the shack]] he calls more over to [[{{Squick}} jump in]] [[SquirrelsInMyPants his pants]]. Whoever was trying to censor this show apparently gave up by now.
--> '''Jeff''': [[HesitationEqualsDishonesty This...]] [[BlatantLies this is normal.]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial This is normal for gnomes.]]
* Mabel finds "miscellaneous fluids" under the seat during a game of "bus seat treasure hunt".



[[AC:"Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained"]]
* Dipper tried to spy on Stan in the shower to see his tattoo.
* After Dipper discovered that tiny alien-like creatures were actually controlling the left-sided man, they all ''committed suicide''. Right there on the screen.
** Even worse, one tries to get out of it, saying "I can't do this man, ''I have a family!''". Then we watch as he reluctantly takes the suicide pill after his boss reminds him "You took the oath!"
** When the camera pans down the Lefty-bot has a nut roughly where you would expect one to be on a human male.
* Soos asks the all knowing mail-box what his dream woman would be. It spits out a picture of a body builder babe and when Soos sees it he says "Whoa, hot tamales! Save that one for the archives!" as he tucks it into his shirt.

[[AC: "Mabel's Guide To Life"]]
* In the "Mabel's Guide To Fashion" short, Old Man [=McGuckett=] can be spitting something, possibly tobacco, into a bucket.
* "Mabel's Guide To Miliking Things" oh GOD. Is not that bad when she's milking a cow, this show wouldn't have problems in showing a cow teats, but then she gets to milk a dog, and then a friggin racoon.
* In "Mabel's Guide To Color" Grenda states that when she drinks expired milk she can see rainbows. Beyond the GRatedDrug this is actually pretty dangerous besides that is clear that she has done it before.

[[AC: "Fixin' it with Soos"]]
* "Duct tape, wood glue, ''[[WinkDing hey you!]]''"

[[AC: "TV Shorts"]]
* The [[StylisticSuck God-awful]] peer presure PSA from Blubs and Durland has Durland crossdressing as stereotypical punk-eurotrash girl.


[[folder:Season 2]]

[[AC: "Scary-oke"]]
* The zombies are fairly visceral, some displaying open wounds with brains or entrails visible. They quite visibly bleed, too, [[AlienBlood but it's green blood so it's "alright."]] They take injuries including heads smashed open with bats and brass knuckles, karaoke [[YourHeadAsplode blowing their heads explode]], and one zombie ''[[EarAche tears his own ears off]]''.
* When Dipper is investigating Stan's room he finds Stan's PornStash. Although it does include titles like "[[PoorMansPorn Fully Clothed Woman Magazine.]]"
--> '''Dipper:''' Eww... Pretending I never saw that.
* A cryptogram on the pages for the "leprechorn" translates to "Kill me please".
* When Mabel welcomes Blubs and Durland to the party, she slaps Durland on the butt.
* Wendy uses the UV lights on her mouth.
--> '''Wendy:''' It's like a crime scene in my mouth.
[[AC: "Into the Bunker"]]
* Dipper is over at Wendy's house watching a cheesy movie and lays down on her bed, leading to this bit of awkward:
--> '''Wendy''': Dude, you're laying on my bra.\\
'''Dipper:''' ... AHHH!
* This exchange made shortly after Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy enter the bunker:
--> '''Soos''': This room is way creepy.\\
'''Mabel''': Not as creepy as Dipper's [[TheInternetIsForPorn Internet history!]]
** Made even worse when a Reddit AMA from Bill Cipher said the history contained [[https://www.reddit.com/r/gravityfalls/comments/315yoy/im_bill_cipher_i_know_lots_of_things_ask_me/cpynnja/ "A LOT OF PICTURES OF REDHEADS!"]].
* When Dipper and Wendy get trapped in the main laboratory, the decontamination protocol activates and washes them and knocks them into each other, which causes Dipper's face to land ''right'' in the middle of Wendy's chest. Afterwards, Dipper's eyes dart down to Wendy's chest for a split second. In [[https://38.media.tumblr.com/0b7f0d39b882d9924eb35570535f2836/tumblr_naki32V3JC1qcjuaco1_500.gif the original storyboard]], it was a full-on FunbagAirbag. Amazingly enough, [[https://youtu.be/RnEqFG6zrxw one promo]] for Disney Channel International even put this shot ''in slow motion''.

[[AC:"The Golf War"]]
* Robbie spray-paints "wieners" on the wall of a castle, then makes "lewd hand gestures" at the King of Mini-Golf from just off-screen.
* When Mabel fails on the last hole to break the record, she shouts [[GoshDangitToHeck "Poop, heck, darn!"]] Three guesses as to what common pairing of curse words she originally meant...
* While waiting for the kids in the car, Stan ends up putting on smooth jazz and reclining his seat. Then Soos (with his shirt off) leans back as well and tells his boss [[HoYay "Sure are a lotta stars out tonight..."]] Stan mutters "This is gettin' weird" and promptly gets out of the car.

[[AC:"Sock Opera"]]
* What book is Mabel holding in the library? "Ready Baby: How Babies Are Made".
* After Bill possesses Dipper's body, he takes a ride in Soos' pickup truck, sitting next to Wendy. It looks like he's staring at her chest.
* Gabe has his puppets make out... [[spoiler:and then he later [[CargoShip makes out with them himself]] after being disappointed with Mabel's show.]]
--> '''Mabel''': I '''may''' have dodged a bullet with that one.

[[AC:"Soos and the Real Girl"]]
* When Soos' grandma says he needs to get a girlfriend before she "ascends to heaven to live with the angels," Soos adds, "And with Grandpa!"...to which his grandma responds that his grandpa wouldn't be there. As her eyes glance downward.
* During Willy Badger's performance, one of the children [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything throws their overalls on stage.]]
* [=.GIFfany=], a living character from a Japanese dating sim, mentioned to Soos that her father is partly an octopus. '''[[AllAnimeIsNaughtyTentacles An ]][[{{Hentai}} octopus]]'''. And the first two options of the game mention squids.
* When on his date with Melody, Soos says he has to "[[INeedToGoIronMyDog go to the bathroom for a long time]]... [[IllBeInMyBunk Not in a weird way!]]"
* [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Hoo-Ha]] Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree.
* The end credits feature Stan and his antique statue taking a trip to Las Vegas, complete with a hip-hop tune performed by him, a limo full of showgirls, Stan marrying the statue, and ending with Stan becoming broke and sticking out his thumb for a ride home, next to the Welcome To Las Vegas sign! Another shot has them drinking a certain bubbly mixture in champagne glasses. The only reason this got past the censors is the fact the bottle says "rich people water."
--> '''Stan''': I GOT WATER IN MY GLASS!.

[[AC:"Little Gift Shop of Horrors"]]
* In "Hands Off", the witch is reading a magazine that says "[[WitchWithACapitalB Witches]] Be Trippin."
* When the kids are looking at the Witch's stand, a sign in the background can be seen advertising glasses. Stan walks into frame and his head covers the "gl," so all the viewer can see is "asses."
* In the first segment Stan asks for his hands back from the witch who stole them because [[FlippingTheBird he has a gesture to show her.]]
* When Stan gives the witch back the watch he stole from her, she drops it down the front of her shirt for safekeeping.
* The witch compliments a hiker's butt.
* Waddles makes Grenda a rocket pack. She immediately ''brags'' that she'll use it for voyeurism.
-->''Grenda's gonna look at cute boys through skylights!''
* When Dipper and Genius!Waddles build the machine to find out all of the answers to the universe's questions, Genius!Waddles says that one of the questions it will answer is "Why do dudes have nipples?".
* This wonderful little tidbit from Grunkle Stan:
-->'''Stan''': Movies are great! You watch the movie, you scare the girl, the girl snuggles up next to you, next thing you know you gotta raise a kid, your life falls apart...forget that last part.

[[AC:"The Society of the Blind Eye"]]
* Mermando, a traditional human merman is forced to marry the Queen of the Manatees, a manatee in a dress.
* Several teenagers graffiti the words "[=McSuckit=]" on Old Man [=McGucket=]'s house. "Suck" is only slightly rude but "Suck '''it'''" is really only ever vulgar.
* One of the museum displays, labeled "Romance in Frontier Times," shows a hulking frontiersman [[AbductionIsLove carrying a kicking and screaming pioneer woman over his shoulder.]]
* [=McGucket=] communicating the fear of the group being discovered through hamboning and it's captioned as (approximately) "Oh, *&#%$!" Probably got through because there are ''five'' characters, and none of the profane words which make sense are that length. This is easy to miss though, ironically making it ''less'' obscene the closer you look at it. That is, until you remember [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch that other five-letter curse used for emphasis]].
* One of the Blind Eye members gets his robe sucked off by pneumatic tubes, revealing him to be only in his underwear. He calls his onlookers "prudes" for being disgusted.
* [=McGucket=] expressed how he "tarred it up", [[{{Mondegreen}} which can easily be misheard as "tarded up".]]

[[AC:"Blendin's Game"]]
* Upon first meeting the time travelers, Mabel tries [[GroinAttack repeatedly kicking one in the crotch]], believing them to be robots. Apparently, they have armor there specifically meant to deflect such attacks, which even plays an audio clip identifying itself as a cod piece.
-->'''Dolph's cod piece''': [[NoSell Kick deflected!]] Thank you for buying Digi-Cod! The smart cod piece!
* A Game Over screen in the background has a [[CurseCutShort FFFFFFFFF]] option.

[[AC:"The Love God"]]
* The titular Love God spends the entire episode acting like he's perpetually drunk.
** Given the nature and implied nature of the character, he may very well be spending the entire episode being ''actually'' drunk.
* Mabel forces Waddles and Gompers (who's never explicitly referred to as so, but is most likely male) to get "married" in the episode, complete with a credits sequence showing a scrapbook of their "wedding". The fact that they're animals is probably what let it get through.
* When deciding on matches for Robbie, Mabel puts the [[HoYay decidedly male]] [[BestialityIsDepraved Multi-Bear]] as a "maybe".
* When the Love God demonstrates his powers by making a snake and a badger fall in love, they walk off into the woods and Mabel exclaims delightedly that they're going to "make a snadger!"
* A fan of the Love God goes up to him and asks him to "sign her face", and the Love God does so as long as she "signs his face" too, proclaims, "LET'S GET WEIRD!" and they proceed to make out in front of Mabel, with the Love God rubbing his foot against the seat as he does so, clearly enjoying his "face signage".
* ThreesomeSubtext is fully implied when after sneaking into the Woodstick festival, Mable and Dipper find the Love God's van just in time to watch him roll out the back and turn to his two groupies, a woman and [[AmbiguouslyGay Tyler]], and asks them to give him "Bed Head".
** The Love God even refers to them as his "groupies".
** Another explanation for what the three were doing comes from a FreezeFrameBonus where a suspiciously shaped glass tube can be seen.
* When Dipper is being bodysurfed through the concert crowd, he uncomfortably complains that "Everybody's touching everything!" His voice pitch raises in one of the syllables too, making it sound like a squeak as if he'd been groped.
* When the Love God chases the twins through the Woodstick festival, one of the patrons they pass by has a NoMoreForMe moment. He's drinking "hippie tea", but the reference is still very obvious. The fact that it's [[MushroomSamba hippie tea]] may actually make this worse.
* As Stan's balloon starts falling apart, he says the following as [[ItMakesSenseInContext a giant H falls on his head]].
-->"[[TWordEuphemism What the H]]?!"

[[AC:"Northwest Mansion Mystery"]]
* Although the radar frequently lets the show get away with showing blood, the scene where blood starts oozing from the eyes and mouths of several animal head trophies is exceptional, given that the radar later changed its mind and removed the scene from many subsequent broadcasts.
* Tambry walks in on the federal agents, one of which is DisguisedInDrag, arguing LikeAnOldMarriedCouple. She immediately leaves, making it pretty obvious [[MistakenForGay how it looks to her]].
* "Guten ''take me now''," while ''highly'' unlikely to be sexual given the context, is definitely not something that you would expect to hear in a show on the Disney Channel.
* On the non-sexual side of things, the Lumberjack Ghost's death ([[spoiler: an axe to the head]]) was ''surprisingly'' dark.

[[AC:"Not What He Seems"]]
* Similar to the recurring woodpecker joke, [=McGucket=] mentions he has a "raccoon wife" and stuffs it into a sack to carry out of town. BlackComedyRape or typical raccoon behavior? You decide.
* When Stan [[spoiler:drops a barrel of waste on his foot]] he shouts "[[UnusualEuphemism HOT BELGIAN WAFFLES!]]" He then comes to the conclusion that since he's alone, he can "swear for real", prompting him to exclaim "SON OF A--" before [[spoiler: Dipper and Mabel [[CurseCutShort stop the security tape]].]]
** [[spoiler: Which younger Stan would obviously one reason or another learned as a kid. He and his family lived next to the restaurant "HOT BELGIAN WAFFLES".]]

[[AC:"Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons"]]
* The game is referred to as "D, D, and More D" by the characters. Out of context, it could easily be taken to mean something else in contemporary American slang...
* After Dipper and Ford are [[spoiler:turned into D&D characters,]] Dipper remarks that "there better be something protective under this tunic." He turns away from the camera to check, before covering his groin and answering [[GoingCommando "Oh no, there isn't!"]] with obvious horror.

[[AC:"The Stanchurian Candidate"]]
* Gideon complains that his pillow was taken by his cellmate "[[CargoShip for a]] [[ADateWithRosiePalms wife]]".
* Among a list of of Stan's crimes is first degree llamacide, and [[{{Pun}} "pug trafficking",]] which he gives to a foreigner the next episode to get over the border.

[[AC:"The Last Mabelcorn"]]
* At the beginning of the episode, we clearly see Stan's [[{{Pun}} "pug trafficking"]] business taking off.
* Mabel punches a unicorn in the face, which causes it to leak a rainbow fluid that may or may not be blood. When the girls return from their battle with the unicorns they're ''covered'' with it.
* When Dipper is first hooked up to the machine that can show his thoughts, ''a lot'' of text [[FreezeFrameBonus is visible for only a few seconds]]. Some of the phrases shown qualify as this. Not improved by the fact that his response to having his thoughts visible to Ford is "You might wanna ignore that last one" when he was refers to the various repetitions of WENDY.
[[DirtyMindReading THAT RED BATHING SUIT, MAN!]]
** And then one of his audible thoughts is, "Is my fly down?" which may provide a more family-friendly reason why he wants to obscure his crotch. If not, then he had an erection poking out of his pants, right in front of the Author...
* The scene where Grenda exchanges the butterflies for the fairy dust plays out just like a drug deal, including bribing the equivalent of a DirtyCop. (Considering the dust was intended to be used as a tranquilizer, one could make the argument that it '''was''' a drug deal. They chloroform a Faun too.)
** Not only that, the Gnome's dialogue implies that fairy dust might be made of ''ground up fairies.''
** In the gnome bar, a gnome orders a drink and is told he needs to present ID; the drink he orders is an obvious alcohol parallel.
* The unicorns apparently had a "Man-Horse Calendar." ...ew.

[[AC:"Roadside Attraction"]]
* Dipper's [[PornStash stash of Wendy photos, which he apparently keeps under his bed in a box labeled DO NOT TOUCH.]]
* When Darlene is talking to Stan after [[spoiler:she traps him in her web]], she tells him that "This time, ''you're'' the one getting used for your body", referring to the fact that [[spoiler:she's going to eat him]]. Simply referencing the act of using another person for selfish purposes would have been fine, but specifying that it's for their ''body'' leaves little wiggle room for non-sexual interpretations. Afterwards, "Allow me to slip into something more horrifying." before [[spoiler:she transforms]], a parody of the famous "SlipIntoSomethingMoreComfortable" line often used right before a nude scene/sex.

[[AC:"Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future"]]
* Dipper is excited to go to high school and learn about "You know what." [[spoiler:It's [[BaitandSwitch trigonometry.]]]] Mabel's response? "Oh yeah, baby!" Made even better when you realize that trigonometry is the study of [[ParanoiaFuel triangles.]] Let that sink in.
* Wendy, griping about High School, complains that "your body just [[MenstrualMenace flat out turns against you]]" while gesturing to her chest/crotch.

[[AC:"Weirdmageddon, Part 1"]]
* What Bill [[http://i.imgur.com/KD6Oi15.jpg does to Preston Northwest's face]] involves no gore or blood, but is still one of the most extreme examples of FacialHorror in any media.
* One of Bill's friends, Pyronica, is quite, um, curvy, for a children's show. While still falling under NonhumansLackAttributes, out of any recognizable clothing she wears only [[{{Stripperiffic}} opera gloves and stockings]]. Visible belly button and breast curvature doesn't help either.
* During the prison break out scene, the prison art teacher's legs can be seen under a large piece of rubble.
* Ford's {{BFG}} doesn't get a direct hit on Bill, instead leaving a hole in his hat--which showing the interior of it to be ''red, gooey flesh and bones'' that graphically regenerates on-screen.
* The town's waterfall has turned red. A news forecast mentions a RainOfBlood, so the river is almost certainly made of a blood as well.
* Bill's initial reaction to the TimePolice arriving is clearly based on someone at a party trying to hide illegal drugs or underage drinking from the police.
-->'''Bill''': Hide the time punch!
* Bill [[spoiler:kills the Time Baby]]. Bill essentially [[spoiler: ''[[WouldHurtAChild kills a baby]] onscreen.'']]

[[AC:"Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality"]]
* The [[spoiler:fake versions]] of Wendy's friends invite her for a ride. They mention bringing [[MinorWithFakeID a bunch of fake IDs]], implicitly for getting beer, cigarettes, or god-only-knows what.
* Possibly an animation error, but when Dipper and [[spoiler:the fake]] Wendy are laying in the grass, Wendy turns to Dipper and she doesn't appear to be wearing an undershirt.[[note]][[FridgeLogic Possibly a reference to an earlier statement: This world always gives you what you want, sometimes even before you know you want it. Maybe it knew what Dipper wanted?]][[/note]]

[[AC:"Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls"]]

* Bill is constantly threatening to kill Dipper and Mabel, tortures Ford on-screen, [[spoiler: would have ''outright killed'' Mabel if Stan hadn't intervened]], and says this at one point:
--> "I've got some children I need to make into corpses!"
* Bill hands [[spoiler:Ford]] purple liquid in what is blatantly a martini glass. All it's referred to by is 'a drink.'
* Bill reveals that the furniture in his lounge is made of ''[[GenuineHumanHide human skin]].''
* During its big fight scene, the Mystery Shack Mech ''rips out Bill's eye'' in graphic detail, complete with a series of jagged lines that are clearly an extra-dimension optic nerve. Pretty graphic, even if he can regenerate it.
* More eye horror: after Mabel temporarily blinds Bill with Robbie's spray paint can, she declares, "I know that hurts because I've accidentally done it to myself! ''Multiple times!''" You half-expect a, "Don't try this at home!" warning to flash across the screen.
* For a split second, when Pyronica drops down, you can see her ass.
* When a despondent [[spoiler:Stan and Ford]] are discussing what they're going to do about [[spoiler:Bill trying to kill the kids]], they share a canteen of what's implied to be [[DrowningMySorrows liquor]].
* When [[spoiler:Ford kills Bill by wiping Stanley's mind]], it's made to look like an execution scene, from the camera angles to his posture.
* Near the end Robbie's parents are poking zombies back into their graves. They kindly ask him to get the sawed off shotgun.

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[[AC:Shop at Home with Mr. Mystery!]]
* Not only do the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeCV8J0KAAU outtakes]] include a bit where Stan re-enacts the infamously profane Bill O'Reilly meltdown, but Alex apparently performed it ''in full'' on set and the audio was edited out later, as the Stan puppet can be seen [[MouthingTheProfanity mouthing "Fuck it!"]].