Crash And Bernstein is a show about a boy named Wyatt who gets a purple puppet named Crash who comes to life. It is probably the most radar-dodging show found on Disney and Disney XD.

[[AC: 101 - Crash Lands]]
* Crash comes with swords, and one he throws coincidentally lands on a portrait of Wyatt's grandmother's forehead.
* Everytime Crash drinks a chocolate milkshake, he ''leaks''. This could be seen as him urinating, but some may take the suspicion that his ''leaks'' are actually brown (as seen on-screen), and what brown waste is the equivalent of pee?
* The man from next door has a "swearing jar" that whenever he gets mad and wants to curse, he curses into it. He uses this jar at least '''3 times''', and one time his mouth is visibly shown mouthing "mother fucker" in Crash's face.
* Mrs. Bernstein states to Crash that the man across from their building needs to get a new robe, because it is ''revealing too much''. Crash later fires a weapon at this man.
** Later in the episode, a middle-aged nerdy kid is seen behind the wall Crash knocks down, and Mrs. Bernstein asks him if he is wearing a ''new robe'', implying he is the man with the revealing robe.

[[AC: 102 - Scaredy Crash]]
* At the beginning of the episode, Pesto shows off by saying that his brother's pet beetle can roll mud into a ball. Crash insists he can do that also, and begins wabbling back and forth, trying to ''push something out''.
* Crash's shot in the arm being shown on-screen should have scared alot of young children.
* Amanda and Cleo wanting to (and do watch) a horror movie based on nothing but blood, guts, and intestines.
** The two girls even claim that butchers and meat-makers gave bad reviews of it.

[[AC: 103 - Coach Crash]]
* Crash tells his team to "Go harder! Harder! Harder, girls!".

[[AC: 104 - Educating Crash]]
* Crash talking back to the vice-principal(who was actually the principal at that time) wasn't really a good sign for many young children to watch.
* God only knows how this conversation got past the radar -
---->'''Pestro''': Smell that? (sniffs) That's the smell of my new cologne.
---->'''Crash''': Well, it smells more like ''colon''.
* Crash and his "girlfriend doll" watch a "romantic comedy". This movie is actually a prison-based TV show.
* Crash begins to pull down his jeans and ''moon'' the vice-principal, before Wyatt stops him.
* When getting dressed for school, Crash comes out naked with a '''censor-blur over his crotch'''. He asks if that's too little to wear, and Wyatt reassures him (with his eyes glued down below on Crash) that he can wear that, but it's ''dodgeball day''.

[[AC: 105 - Party Crasher]]
* Crash becomes very overweight, and his stomach pops out of his shirt. While in this state, his pants are pulled down a little (to the point his "you-know-what" would show) but his stomach covers his waist and below.
* Pesto reveals he flirts with his mom so she'll make him a sandwich

[[AC: 106 - Home Alone...With Crash]]
* Crash gets stuck in the toilet...that's the ''main plot-point of the episode''.

[[AC: 106 - Motorcycle Crash]]
* Cleo says to Wyatt "Your body does weird things to you" and given Wyatt's age she's probably referring to puberty

[[AC: 122 - Monster Crash]]
* Crash says TheNutcracker was not [[GroinAttack what he expected.]]