Quotes: Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters

Raul: A tourist?
Bond: A terrorist.
Raul: One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
Bond: Zao isn't interested in anyone else's freedom.

I'm sick of this discussion because we won't ever reach closure. You think your "freedom fighters" are acting on God's will by killing heathen Westerners. I think our army acting against your insurgents is the only right thing to do because they keep them from killing more people. It's all propaganda anyway.
Anonymous message board poster, in a discussion thread about terrorism.

Boh Da Thone was a warrior bold:
His sword and his Snider were bossed with gold.
And the Peacock Banner his henchmen bore
Was stiff with bullion but stiffer with gore.
He shot at the strong and he slashed at the weak.
From the Salween scrub to the Chidwin teak;
He crucified noble, he sacrificed meek:
He filled old ladies with kerosine:
While over the water the papers cried,
"The patriot fights for his countryside."
Rudyard Kipling, The Ballad of Bo Da Thone.

Why would anyone "want" to be a pirate? Every day I dream that I can go to school. Learn about the world. But my mother, she is dyin' of AIDS, and there is no money for medicine. My father was killed trying to find food for us.
Do you know how I feel every time we try to capture a boat? Scared. And not just scared because I might get killed, but scared because if I don't get something out of it, my family and friends are going to die.
I don't want to be a pirate. I don't see how anybody would.
A Somali Pirate, South Park episode 13x7: FatBeard

The difference between generals and terrorists, doctor, is only the difference between winners and losers. You win, you're called a "general".
Kyril Finn, Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 60: "The High Ground" (who obviously never heard of the The American Civil War)

"But what are we to make of the fact that the two thieves between whom Christ was nailed have suddenly been transformed into "insurgents"?... When the modern ear hears "insurgents," the mind thinks of Vietcong, mujahedin, contras, Shining Path, Kurds, a half-dozen jumbled and bloody acronyms. What's next? 'And they crucified Him between two freedom fighters....'"
Christopher Buckley, reviewing the New American Bible

"In two hundred years will people remember us as traitors or heroes? That is the question we must ask."

The sound of angry shouting and fists banging against iron bars rung loudly in her ears, turning the throbbing pain into ringing agony. It had all happened so fast, too fast. Her brothers and sisters had been rallying against the gates, protests falling on deaf ears, shouting for justice, for equality.
It had only taken a few angry words, an angry push, a heated insult.
"Get back in line you dogs!"
From there it had become a ripple, a shocked wave of anger and confusion, spreading. The crowd had moved as one, forming a line of defense, curling into an arc ("protect our own").
RWBY fic It's Okay

Tristen said, "[...] To summon Sparrow back from the dead would mean sacrificing Dorcas."
"The terrorist?"
"The freedom fighter. Should I condemn her to death to give birth to a shadow? Let her live, Mallory. [...]"
— Elizabeth Bear, Grail

"They've been portraying it in this way for so long and where we are now and a lot of the neighborhoods, a lot of the so called gang members and gang bangers, that's where they come from or where they are. What we're trying to point, the point we're trying to get across, is that we are of a different faction. And what that's going to do is show people in the community that we can come together as a unit and be unified and be peaceful. There was so much stuff that was going on, on Saturday, that got portrayed in the wrong direction or in the wrong light. That for some reason, who knows, why they won't paint this picture in a positive way. Like when a group of thirty Bloods walks up on a group of thirty Crips and everybody salutes and hugs and shakes hands, and starts to take pictures. But then the pictures that they take, they say 'Oh now they uniting to kill cops.' Like, they won't tell you the good side of what we're really, really doing in these communities. Like how we're out here right now at this church..."(he is interrupted)
"Now let's make one thing understood, although our cause is righteous, we can't control every person. Just because a person is a member of the Bloods or the Crips, we can't control every gang in the city and say 'Stop this!'. At the end of the day, everybody has their own mind. But when we were downtown protesting, I'm gonna estimate we were thirty people strong. Out of all the thousands of people that were down there you mean to tell me you guys are pointing the finger at us just because we had colors on? No, we're not, we can't have that. That's not what we stand for and that's not what we're standing for today: Justice for Freddy Gray."
—April 28th, 2015, WBAL TV 11, Baltimore, an interview with two former Bloods recounting how Bloods, Crips and the Black Guerrilla Family became Black Men United.

On September 1st of last year, the Soviet Union shot down Korean KAL 007, killing 269 people, and the immediate response here was that this proves that the Russians are the most barbaric people since Attila the Hun or something, and therefore we have to step up the attack against Nicaragua, set in MX missiles, put Pershings in West Germany, and increase the military system.… The story was given unbelievable coverage. Not only the story, but the American government interpretation of it, which is roughly what I've just said, was given the kind of coverage that I doubt has ever been given to any story in history.… Right in the middle of all of this furor about the Korean airliner, on November 11th in fact, there was a 100 word item in the New York Times devoted to the interesting fact that UNITA—which is a group that we call "freedom fighters", supported by us and South Africa, in Angola—they took credit for shooting down a civilian Angolan jet, killing 126 people.… Now, under the very confused circumstances of KAL 007, if that was the worst atrocity in human history, well, what about the freedom fighters that we support along with South Africa, who did something much worse?
—Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics at MIT and US foreign policy critic, Talk at University of California, Berkeley, 1984