->''"You know, applause from you makes me wanna shower."''
-->-- '''Franchise/{{Spider-Man}}''', ''WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan''

->''"Cool dude, likes us, likes our show... too bad he's a'' fuckin' [[{{Pyromaniac}} arsonist]].''"''
-->-- '''Penn Jillette''' on Rodney Coronado, ''Series/PennAndTellerBullshit''

->'''Ninth Doctor:''' If you want orders, follow this one. Kill yourself.\\
'''Dalek:''' The Daleks must survive!\\
'''Doctor:''' The Daleks have FAILED! Why don't you finish the job and make them extinct? Rid the universe of your filth! '''[[WhyWontYouDie Why don't you just DIE?!]]'''\\
'''Dalek:'''...You would make a good Dalek.
-->-- ''Series/DoctorWho'', "Dalek"

->"If you truly dislike censorship, and do not wish to see more self-censorship in the future, then you would be doing your part to behave in a way that doesn’t make creators feel embarrassed to be defended by you."
-->'''[[Creator/AndrewHussie Andrew Hussie]]''', in response to some...[[MisaimedFandom defensive fans]]

->''I tell you, there is something very satisfying watching [[OurAngelsAreDifferent a 'good' boy]] do such [[UnscrupulousHero bad things]]...''
-->--{{Satan}}, ''VideoGame/{{Messiah}}''

->''I have no pride for you, who ruined everything my revolution was doing to stop the bourgeoisie!"
-->--'''UsefulNotes/VladimirLenin''', to UsefulNotes/JosefStalin (the self-proclaimed "pride of Lenin"), ''WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory''

->''"If it's true, it's terrifying. We're not really ''watch''dogs, we're the kind of dogs that lick each other's balls."''
-->-- '''Jon Stewart''', on ''Series/TheDailyShow'' being called a respected news source and the watchdog of other news shows and channels.

->'''[[BlackKnight Dorn]]''': For most of your life [[LawfulGood you]] have walked in Selune's light. [[HeWhoFightsMonsters Now, you have embarked down a path of darkness]]. [[OurDemonsAreDifferent He]] sees great potential in you.\\
'''[[BareFistedMonk Rasaad]]''': I wish I could say I found that flattering.
-->-- ''VideoGame/BaldursGate II: Enhanced Edition''

-->--[[LoveableRogue Jack Sparrow]] to [[OnlySaneMan Elizabeth]] after she outmanoeuvres him.

->'''Soliss:''' "Twenty years ago you'd have just wrestled him down. Now you're [[ShutUpHannibal gloating]] over his mashed face! For the first time I am ''actually'' glad that you're a [[KnightTemplar paladin]]."\\
'''Jors:''' "I'll bear that compliment with all the pride it merits, Dameh.''
-->-- ''[[http://www.noscrying.com/comic/chapter-1-page-55/ No Scrying]]''