->'''Dee Dee''' ''Koosey, do you notice anything strange?''\\
'''Koosey:''' ''What, Dee Dee?''\\
'''Dee Dee:''' ''That pile of rocks! We keep passing by it. There it is again! And again... and again!''\\
'''Koosey:''' ''Now, now, Dee Dee, that's called a "repeat pan," first implemented by [[Creator/HannaBarbera William Hanna and Joseph Barbera]] in 1947 to streamline production costs. [[note]]NOTE: The year is incorrect. Hanna and Barbera were still working on Tom & Jerry at MGM in 1947. They wouldn't develop the streamline production till ten years later, 1957, when they started up their own studio to make cartoons for television.[[/note]]''\\
'''Dee Dee:''' ''Well, I don't like it!''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'', "Wacky Races"