->"Well, as you know, I've been studying comedy, learning what's funny. I'm watching ''Friends'' right now. What happens with Ross and Rachel? No, no, don't tell me..."
-->-- '''Jack''', ''Series/ThirtyRock''

->"What is wrong with the two of you? ''Seriously!'' He likes you and you like him and just ... just ... just be together! Geez Louise, happiness is not that difficult."
-->-- '''Lily''', ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''

->'''Janitor:''' For three years I've been watching you pine after Blonde Doctor, and I gotta tell you, everyone is sick of it! "Will they? Won't they? Looks like they're going to! Ooh, the last second, something might -- ooh ooh ooh!" Come on! Enough already! I mean, you guys aren't exactly [[Series/{{Friends}} Ross and Rachel]].\\
'''J.D.:''' Who?\\
'''Janitor:''' [[BaitAndSwitch Dr. Ross, and Rachel from bookkeeping.]]
-->-- ''Series/{{Scrubs}}''

->"Fufufu, can great detectives deduce the emotions and feelings between men and women? They can't, right? Figuring out the feelings of the opposite sex is an even more advanced art than exposing the tricks in difficult crime cases. If you ask me, romance novels have much deeper mysteries than masterpiece mystery novels."
-->-- '''Kyrie Ushiromiya''', ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry''