Quotes from the [[FountainOfMemes highly quotable]] ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway''.

!!UK side:

[[AC:(taking suggestions)]]
->Clive: "...I think I heard a cry of "masturbation" back there, but I'm afraid you're on your own on that one..."

->Clive: "...Somebody ''[[RunningGag always]]'' suggests 'Swedish porn'!... Is it the same someone who comes every week... [[UnEntendre so to speak?]]"

->(before "Weird Superheroes")\\
Smart aleck in audience: "Ejaculator man!"\\
Clive: "[[TakeThat Come again?]]" (audience explodes)

->Clive: "Constipatedly? Is that a suggestion or a cry for help?"

->Clive: "'Biblical comedy'? What, like 'on the third day He fell over'...?"

->Clive: "What nursery rhymes has lesbians in it?"

->(''before the infamous tights-and-waxing Improbable Mission'')\\
Clive: "'Waxing my bikini line'? I don't know how you can tell from there..."


-> Josie: "I've chosen Louisa M Alcott; for those of you who don't know, she wrote ''Literature/LittleWomen, Little Men'' and ''Little Wives''."\\
Clive: "Yes... and little else..."

[[AC:Film, Tv, Theater Styles]]

->''Scene: a man is talking to his builder''
-->Paul: I'd like to lodge a complaint...\\
Tony: It's the plumbing, isn't it?\\
Paul: It's the plumbing, the floorboards - rather the lack of them, there's no roof, no walls, it's just a building site with a card with Your House written on it...
->Clive: (buzzes) Let's do Greek Tragedy.
-->Tony: The problem is that the builder has been murdered, Off-stage! (laughter)\\
Paul: Not Stavrost, surely!\\
Tony: No, Escalus, with a knife, dripping in the Mediterranean sun, he plastered his bricks and died.\\
Paul: That's rather unlucky in Peckham isn't it?

->''Scene: Colin and Ryan are explorers in the Amazon''\\
Ryan: Y'know, the hippos around here are quite fierce too - you wouldn't think of them as meat animals, but they can rip a man apart.\\
Colin: What about a woman?\\
Ryan: [[BaitAndSwitch ...Well, a woman can rip a man apart too, but...]]

[[AC:World's Worst]]

->(''...Television Program'')\\
Mike: (steps up) "[[HilariousInHindsight It's the OJ Simpson trial, year 2526...]]" (buzzed)\\
Tony: (steps up) "Oh, it's that show where Clive patronises lots of different people around the world..." (buzzed)\\
Clive: "Don't bring Clive James into this!"\\
Tony: (steps up) "No, I meant Clive Anderson." (buzzed harder)\\
Mike: (steps up) "It's the OJ Simpson trial... [[CrossesTheLineTwice Hey he's being represented by Clive Anderson! HA!]]" (buzzed)

->(''...person to be stuck in an elevator with'')\\
Paul: [[TakeThat Hello, my name's John Sessions.]]

->(''...person to be president of the world during an intergalactic crisis.'')\\
Tony: (''Steps up'') Ladies and gentlemen, Richard Nix-oh dear. (''Buzzed'')\\
Tony: (''Steps back. The audience groans and boos'') Reconciliation...\\
Clive: Topical now, but it'll be great in six months time when this goes out.\\
Tony: He'll still be dead!\\

[[AC:Scenes From A Hat]]

->Clive: (reads suggestion) "''Houseflies, on a date.''"\\
Ryan: (to his 'date') "Care for any more... turd?"\\
Clive: (reads another) "''Bringing bad news to the king.''"\\
Chip: "My lord... the flies have eaten all your turd..."

-> Clive: (reads) "''Unlikely erogenous zones.''"\\
Tony: (to Josie) "[[FetishRetardant Algeria.]]"

-> Clive: (reads) "''Those three little words.''"\\
Rory: [[TakeThat (as Prince Charles) "Camilla Parker-Bowles."]]


->Colin: "I like wearing pants that are really really tight\\
I wear them in the day and I wear them in the night\\
Now some people think they affect my circulation\\
But I..." (passes out on the floor)

->Colin: "Come on over to Canada, we've got mountains galore!\\
We've got people who sleep soundly, you'll never hear them snore!\\
We've got trees and planes and things and things and things and things and things,\\
And everyone - EVERYONE - ...sings better than this."

->(''From the Motorways hoedown'')\\
Greg: "When I can to England, I met me a man,\\
He was shiny and bald - his name was Clive Anderson.\\
There was some confusion, I said 'Where's the freeway?'\\
He said, 'No, you silly twat, it's called a mo-tor-way'."\\


->Colin: (in a winged medieval helmet) "I will make love to you till I'm [[{{Pun}} Thor]]"
->Caroline: (using the same helmet) "...well they said to try something with wings, so I did..."

-> '''Ryan''' ''(in the middle of an unrelated RunningGag, puts on a huge hat piled with fruit)'': I really have nothing to say...I just like wearing this.

-> '''Colin''' ''(wearing a Conehead helmet)'': Just ''use your imagination''.

[[AC:Party Quirks]]

->Tony: (mimes making a phone call) "Is that Clive Anderson's Ties Company? Yes, I think you should shut down. Bye!"

->Tony: (dancing wildly when the doorbell goes off) "...I wish I had a record player." (answers door)

->Tony: Oh, I'm so nervous, this is my first party...now, did I forget anything? Oh, food and drink. Ah well, can't be helped. ''(answers door)''

[[AC:Home Shopping Channel]]

->''Things to sell: Somebody else's photos, an umbrella handle, and a pot of cold onion gravy''\\
'''Ryan:''' It's four o'clock and...it's time to shop! I'm Gary!\\
'''Colin:''' And I'm Gary too!\\
'''Ryan:''' And boy have we got some bargains for you today, so get out those cheque books and get on that phone!\\
'''Colin:''' Hey Gary, what's that you've got in your hand?\\
'''Ryan:''' Well I've got pictures here Gary are they...oh! I don't remember taking these pictures!\\
'''Colin:''' Why, they seem to be pictures of someone totally someone different from you!\\
'''Ryan:''' Well that's lucky for me 'cause every member of my family is so damn ugly that I don't want to take pictures of them, but these ''are'' beautiful pictures. ''(Showing photos)'' Look how beautiful my wife is!\\
'''Colin:''' She's beautiful!\\
'''Ryan:''' Look how gorgeous my kids are!\\
'''Colin:''' They're beautiful!\\
'''Ryan:''' This is us in Tahiti, you know where that is?\\
'''Colin:''' ...[[RuleOfThree It's beautiful!]]\\
'''Ryan:''' I don't know where that it because I've never been there - ''Or have I??'' Who knows!\\
'''Colin:''' You can impress your friends, and...\\
'''Both:''' More friends! More of them!\\
'''Ryan:''' Say Gary, what's that, a pretzel?\\
'''Colin:''' No!\\
'''Ryan:''' What is it?\\
'''Colin:''' Well what does it look like?\\
'''Ryan:''' Hmm. It looks like an umbrella, but it's ''not all there''.\\
'''Colin:''' No it isn't. You know what, so many times pirates are going out, and they're wondering "Gee, you know those hooks are just ''killing'' me when I scratch my eyes."\\
'''Ryan''' ''(waves a photo)'': You mean pirates like ''this''?\\
'''Colin:''' That's right! That's why we have these lovely new ceramic hooks, for the pirate that you love! Just attach, and then when they have an itch ''(scratches himself with it)'' No more eye patch!\\
'''Ryan:''' Say, I wonder if pirates can cook better with that.\\
'''Colin:''' Why of course! It's ''non-stick!''\\
'''Ryan:''' Do you think you could make some ''onion gravy''?\\
'''Colin:''' Onion gravy? That would be too much to hope for!\\
'''Ryan:''' Hey Gary, you know where the best onion gravy I ever had was?\\
'''Colin:''' No Gary!\\
'''Ryan:''' Paris Gary! Never been there - ''Or have I??''\\
'''Colin:''' You know what? We're having a special for this night only. For the next three hours, we're selling enough cold onion gravy - ''you heard me right'', onion gravy ''[[MundaneMadeAwesome and it's cold!]]''\\
'''Ryan:''' And if you call in less than ten minutes, ''(Pulls out photo)'' You get a picture of me with Gary's wife!\\
''(Colin grins along, then looks puzzled - he and Ryan stare at each other - Clive buzzes them out)''

->(''Mike [=McShane=] and Sandi Toksvig get a stickly toy gel-thing'')
->Mike: (slaps the gel into Sandi's hands) "Here. [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything If you loved me, you'd swallow it.]]"
-> Sandi: (slap it back into Mike's hands) "I love you, I swallowed it, here's the end product."


-> (''Expert Translation'': Paul Merton translates for Steve Steen as an Albanian expert on television)
-> Steve: "''[[AsLongAsItSoundsForeign Eehhh, westevuchie evepuvnezenya.]]''"
-> Paul: "Good evening everyone, I am very pleased to be here in your wonderful country."
-> Steve: "''Le vouschou endezenya deneebouscheletede.''"
-> Paul: "How can I best describe to you the wonder that is Albanian television."
-> Steve: (singsong) "''Ohhh vezkenyezke viekouziekezenya...''"
-> Paul: "[[TranslationYes ...It's rubbish.]]"
-> Steve: "''Da mouskenetenya dara vouzkenetnya-vezkeyotezenya eehh...''"
-> Paul: "Now when I say rubbish, let me be a bit more specific than that, it's more than rubbish..."
-> Steve: "''Vatnyenetnye.''"
-> Paul: "It's crap."
-> Steve: "''Aaah! Vezhenyetnebutekanyeteva.''"
-> Paul: "Oh, I can hear you throwing your arms up in amazement, surely no Albanian television isn't as bad as that..."
-> Steve: (agitated) "''Vaza histemetemutuenya bada histenya!''"
-> Paul: "Well let me tell you, we have WesternAnimation/PostmanPat on [[ScrewedByTheNetwork every night at half past 6 in the evening!]]"
-> Steve: "''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Drenke drenke enke menke...]]''"
-> Paul: "[[ExecutiveMeddling But because of several cutbacks...]]"
-> Steve: "''Aaaah zkudedya!''"
-> Paul: "Postman Pat isn't even in it!" ({{beat}})
-> Steve: "''Voutkenalia kalivizchenyep.''"
-> Paul: "But what else can I tell you..."
-> Steve: "''Oh!''"
-> Paul: "Oh."
-> Steve: "''Buskoumetnye'' (singsong, acting like a cowboy) ''Ezkevoutenya... ezkevoutebaya...'' (tosses and catches his gun) ''Hoi!... Eveskemetepai desmatyepyazey...''"
-> Paul: "...We do get quite a lot of Shirley Bassey."

->(''Secret'': Ryan is Tonto and Colin is the Lone Ranger)
->Ryan: (listening to the ground) "Buffalo come..." [[ThatCameOutWrong (realisation dawns, audience is already laughing)]]
->Colin: "[[CrossesTheLineTwice You didn't have to stick your ear in it, y'know...]]"

->(''Backwards Scene'': Ryan and Colin are in a Wild West saloon)
-> Ryan: (cheesy laughter) "A penguin!"
-> Colin: (similarly) "...I give up, what?"
-> Ryan: (beat) "What am I gonna shove up your ass if you don't get me a beer?"

!!US side:

[[AC:"Welcome to Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are like...]]

->"...our border with Mexico."
->"...the spy satellites over Canada."
->"...whoever's standing behind you in a buffet line."
->"...everything else when you own a [[CoolCar Porsche]]."
-->Ryan: "None of us would know, Drew..."
->"...[[Film/BookOfShadowsBlairWitch2 Blair Witch 2]]."
-->Robin Williams: (runs up to the camera) "Get out, get out!"
->"...when I say 'I love you' when I'm drunk."
-->Wayne: (mock anguish) "[[BigNo Nooo!!]]"
->"...the Alaskan wilderness to an oil company... [[TakeThat Yeah, you heard me!]]"
->"...last names at closing time."
->"...a stripper's name."
-->(Greg gets up and leaves in a mock hissyfit)
->"...four of the Jackson Five."
->"...[[GeniusBonus steak sauce in India.]]"
->"...flat abs when you've got a great sense of humor and two TV shows."

[[AC:"At the end of the show, the winner gets to do a little something special with me...]]

->"...Or is it... the ''loser''?"
->"...and the loser has to mop it up."
->"...the loser has to lead the goat back to the yard."
->"...and the loser gets lipo-sucked... [[ParanoiaFuel but we won't tell 'em where!]]"
->"...and the loser has to sew it back on."
->"...and the loser has to do it twice."
->"...and the loser has to do something special with [[ButtMonkey Ryan]]."
->"...and the loser has to ''[[TakeThat go back to Canada where he belongs!]]''"
->"...then we usually go out a couple of times, and then we break up. (Sighs.) But that's how it goes, I guess."
->"...[[SpoofAesop proving that success does not always equal happiness.]]"
-> "...What the hell, so does the loser."
-> "...and that's why we'll never win an Emmy."

[[AC:"Welcome back to Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway, I'm Drew Carey..."]]

->"During the break, did you talk to your daughter, did you tell her you love her? I did."
->"...or as [[Film/TheSilenceOfTheLambs Hannibal Lecter]] calls me, Dinner For Two."
->"...known in the world of [[BawdySong dirty limericks as]] 'The Man From Nantucket'."
->"...I never touched your daughter, quit calling me."
->"...[[WaxingLyrical and I feel pretty, oh so pretty.]]"
->"...[[WaxingLyrical knock three times on the ceiling if you want me.]]"
->"For my next trick, I'll need a female audience member and twenty minutes."
-->Colin: "[[SarcasmMode Heh heh... twenty minutes!]]"
-->Chip: "[[CrossesTheLineTwice Heh heh... female!]]"
-> "I dunno about you but [[TheShill I'm gonna buy two of everything that was just advertised during the break, I don't care if it was made for a man or a woman or what."]]
-> "...reminding you to turn your frown upside down. And while you're at it, flip your buttcrack sideways."

[[AC:"Welcome back to Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway..."]]
->"...the homework alternative!\\
"...the show Nostradamus never saw coming."\\
"...[[AwardSnub the show the Emmys just don't have a category for.]]"\\
"My name is Drew, [[Music/JanetJackson Mr. Carey if you're nasty.]]"\\
"...the ''second'' most popular show on Creator/{{ABC}} where the title asks [[Series/WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire a rhetorical question.]]"

[[AC:Film, TV, Theater Styles]]

-> (''Taking suggestions'')\\
'''Drew''': "...fantasy, mystery... disaster, [[SelfDeprecation my sex life you just described...]] Porn, after-school special, [[TakeThat what's the difference?]]"

[[AC:Greatest Hits]]

->Ryan: "Hi."
->Colin: (excited) "Hi!"
->Ryan: "How are you?"
->Colin: "Fine! W..."
->Ryan: "We don't know what you're watching, so we're not gonna tell you when we return you to it!"
->Colin: "Oh, we would... We're watching animal porn!"
->(audience explodes, Colin realize he say something out of the blue while burying his face and takes a moment.)
->Ryan: What? (As he began to crack up while Drew buzz Colin.)
->Colin: "[[DiggingYourselfDeeper 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' will be right back...]] in just a second, but ja..."
->(Ryan really cracks up while covering his face while Drew buzzes again, the game is practically aborted as we see Wayne, Jeff and Drew's reactions for a bit.)
->Colin: "...I'm sorry, I apologize."
->Ryan: (mock-chirpy) "He's so happy! 'We're Watching Animal Porn'!"

->Colin: "As our regular viewers know, I'm a child of the streets..." (pause for laughter)
->Ryan: "You were RaisedByWolves, weren't you?"
->Colin: "I was RaisedByWolves... [[ObliviousAdoption and then I was deposited in a small family of weasels,]] and... [[OffTheRails then after that I was with two beavers and a platypus.]] [[NoodleIncident It was an ongoing thing.]]"
->Ryan: "MilitaryBrat, huh?"
->Colin: "[[BigLippedAlligatorMoment Yeah...]]"

->Colin: "...and if you order RIGHT NOW..."
-->"...we'll throw in one of Ryan's shoes, which comfortably seats 4!"
-->"...we'll send you absolutely free, absolutely nothing!!"
-->"...we'll send you absolutely free, the box it comes in!"
-->"...it'll still take 4 to 6 weeks to get there."
-->"...we'll send you —free— a box of fresh AIR!! That's right!! Air!"
--->Ryan: "Oh we just can't give away fresh air!"
--->Colin: "Yes we can! From the makers of Breath Free, makers of air for Eternityyyy! (starts to laugh at what the hell he just said)

-> Colin: "Every song a hit..."
--> "[[ShapedLikeItself ...every hit a song!]]"\\
"[[{{Pun}} ...every hit a smack!]]"\\
"...every hit... goes into your batting average."

->Ryan: "Say, Colin. What do you think of when I say [[Series/ILoveLucy Ricky Ricardo]] and great cigars?"
->Colin: "Oh, TAPIOCA!!"
->Ryan: (Confused) "Really? Why's that?"
->Colin: "Wasn't that his big hit? (Sings) Tapioooocaaaaaa!"
->Ryan: (Giggling) "No, Colin. I'm talking about Cu-" (Cracks up) "I'm talking about Cuba, Col-" (Laughing)
->Colin: "Cuba! (pause) It's a small island."
->Ryan: (Still trying to compose himself) "It is!...Why don't you tell the people about it?"

->Ryan: "Say, Colin. What bird says the name of our next musical number?"
->Colin: (Confused) "A Tern? An Arctic Tern?"
->Ryan: (Confused) "Really? And what sound does an Arctic Tern make?"
->Colin: (Squaking-voice) "Music/BackstreetBoys!"
->Ryan: (Cracks up for a few seconds and then say to him, still cracking up). NO! (While the cam shows Wayne, Brad & Drew laughing too) "No, Col, that's ''wrong.''"

->Colin: "Y'know, teachers are the most misunderstood of all mammals..."

-> ''(Deleted take)''
->Ryan: We interrupt your movie, ''Men In Back'', while we tell you about a special offer. Col?
->Colin: I'm kinda tired, why don't you take it?
->Ryan: [[PrecisionFStrike Ah, fuck you, then I will.]] You know, we have many [=CDs=] in this--"
->''(Colin and Ryan head back to their seats)''
->Drew: I don't know if anyone told you, but we have a campus minister and a 17-year-old in the audience.

-> ''(re. Songs of Pregnancy[=/=]Childbirth)''\\
Colin: (gesticulating) "Y'know, a lot of people find different reasons for liking certain bands."\\
Ryan: (even more gesticulating) "They do?! Do they really?!"\\
Colin: (smiling) "Yes, yes they do." (face turns fed-up immediately)\\
(another beat)\\
Colin: (smiling again) "Let's get back to more of the great CD hits we have on here. We've covered almost everyone - ''Oh no we haven't!''"\\
Ryan: "Is something left?"\\
Colin: "There's more than something, there's Music/{{KISS}}!" (tries to do Gene Simmons' tongue-waggle, audience laughs) "I always gag a little when I try that..."\\
Ryan: "I see, you got a little (indicating his teeth) something right there, a little bit of... (Colin picks his teeth) You got it, you got it."\\
Colin: "And who can forget that great KISS pregnancy song - It kinda links in a way, doesn't it?"\\
Ryan: "Yes, it does!" (pause for laughter) "One leads to the other!"\\
Colin: "I guess it does." (pat on Ryan's shoulder) "You'll find out. Anyway..."\\
(another pause as audience laughs and [[KicktheDog Ryan starts looking very glum indeed]])\\
Colin: "That great KISS song - 'Ooh! Placenta!'"\\
[[ThrowTheDogABone (Ryan cracks up)]]

-> ''(From "Songs of Marriage")''\\
Colin: "You know what?"\\
Ryan: "What?"\\
Colin: "I love Music/TheBeachBoys!"\\
Ryan: "The Beach Boys?"\\
Colin: "I really do!"\\
Ryan: "That's on this album?"\\
Colin: "Oh, the amazing harmonies of the vocals, and the clear, crisp musical notes -"\\
Ryan: "-they had together!"\\
Colin: "Oh, they were ''amazing''. And who can forget this great hit-"\\
Ryan: "I know I could never!"\\
Colin: "Oh, I tell you, this song will stay with you for ''hours''. It is called: "I'm the Groom"."\\
''[A quick guitar riff is played.]''\\
Wayne/Brad: ''[singing, with backing music starting up in between "oohs"]'' "Ooooooooooh... ooooooooooh..."\\
Wayne: ''[singing]'' "I'm going to get married! / I'm gonna find myself a guy!"\\
''[{{Beat}}, as Wayne realizes what he just said, and then breaks into laughter. The music plays some discordant notes as the song screeches to a halt - then Wayne leaps over to the piano and starts mashing random keys.]''\\
Brad: ''[in thick British accent]'' "THE BAND'S HAD A LITTLE TOO MUCH TO DRINK!"\\
Ryan: "That's a very special song on this CD set, because that's the ''exact'' moment they broke up as a group."

-> ''(From "Songs of Science Fiction")''\\
Colin: Just sit back and enjoy this - well, what you're about to see - from that great breakdance hit, "Asteroid Boogaloo." \\
(After about ninety seconds of dancing with Wayne, Colin rushes back to his stool, to uproarious applause.) \\
Ryan: Wow! Is that the - *audience calms down* Is that the only shirt you have? \\
Colin: *Pauses to catch his breath* Why don't ''you'' talk for a while? \\
* Everyone else laughs* \\
Ryan: Wow! Still tired, and they shot that two weeks ago! *Colin nods* Huh. Well!

[[AC:Scenes From A Hat]]

->Drew: (picking from the hat) "''Entries in Drew Carey's Diary.''"
->Ryan: "Dear Diary:... Ryan looked at me the other day. (Drew starts buzzing) How I wish he would come over to my desk and then we c... (buzzing continues, Ryan leaves)
->Ryan: "Dear Diary:... (audience already laughing) When will people find out I'm not a man?" (buzzed out)
->Drew: (picks another one) "What our audience is thinking right now."
->Ryan: (immediately) "Wonder if that's all true?"

->(''From the episode with UK regular turned special guest Josie Lawrence'')
->Drew: "Here we go. ''Rejected Themes For Restaurants.''"
->Wayne: (singing) "C'mon in, Howdy feller / You can catch, Salmonella / Eat it!"
->Josie: (overexcited) "Hello and welcome to Dead [[spoiler:Cats]], 109 recipes that you can do with your [[spoiler:pussy]]!"
->(audience explodes, Wayne is visibly speechless and cover his face while Colin and Ryan grin ear to ear)
->Drew: "I dunno if they told you, but in America we can only get away with that if you pronounce it [[spoiler:puss-ay]]..."
->(more laughs all round)
->Josie: "I'm so sorry..."
->Drew: "That's all right, hey..."
->Ryan: "Oh don't be ''sorry''!"
->Drew: "[[RefugeInAudacity Ain't nothin' wrong with it baby!]]... I'm not sayin' there's somethin' wrong with it, I'm just saying you can't ''say it''..."
->Ryan: (indicating the directors) "''[[StopHavingFunGuys They]]'' don't like it!"

->Drew: "''Times You Don't Want The Spotlight On You.''"
->Kathy: "I'll just try on these bikinis in here I guess..." *wildtake*
->Wayne: ([[TestosteronePoisoning MANLY voice]]) "I'll just try on these bikinis in here I guess..." *see above*

->Drew: "''Annnouncements that will make this audience cheer wildly.''"
->Ryan: (with imaginary megaphone) "In ten minutes, we bring out the liquor!"
->Wayne: (same) [[spoiler:"I'M the [[{{Pun}} licker]]!"]][[note]]Drew (''as several audience members''): "No, me!" "No, I am!" "No, ME!"[[/note]]
->Ryan: (again) "Everyone please retain your ticket stubs; we will now raffle off Drew's Porsche!"

->Drew: "''Giving Your Date's Parents Too Much Information.''"
->Wayne: "Don't worry, Mrs Johnson, I'll have her back by 10. I'll be finished by then."
->Chip: "Don't worry, Mrs Johnson, I'll have her back by 10. [[RunningGag That's when the wife gets home...]]"
->Wayne: (accompanied by Chip) "Don't worry, Mr & Mrs Johnson, ''we'll'' have her back by 10." [[RefugeInAudacity (cheeky grins)]]
->Chip: "[[CrossesTheLineTwice Don't worry, Mrs Johnson, I'll have Mr Johnson back by 10.]]"

->Drew: "''If Award Recipients Were Completely Honest In Their Acceptance Speeches.''"
->Wayne: "I'd like to thank the [[{{Satan}} Dark One]], for making this possible..."
->Colin: "Man... you don't know how many (bleep) I've had my (bleep) up just to get this...!"
->Wayne: (self-satisfied grin) "It's been an honor working with Colin Mochrie all these years..."

->Drew: "''What Robin Williams is thinking right now.''"
->Creator/RobinWilliams: "I have a career. What the hell am I doing?"

->Drew: "''Things found in Drew Carey's day planner.''"
->Wayne: "Eight-thirty: Count my money! Nine o'clock: count my money! Ten o'clock..." (*buzz*)
->Ryan: "Eight o'clock: Blow up... (''scratches it out'') Pick up dates..."

->Drew: "''Visions of Hell other than fire and brimstone.''"
->Colin: "Mississippi... I'm ''still'' in [[PlaceWorseThanDeath Mississippi...]]"
->Wayne: "Mississippi... ''[[NWordPrivileges I'm]]'' still in Mississippi..."

->Drew: "''Confusing [[PreAsskickingOneLiner battlecries.]]''"\\
Wayne: [[CampGay (girly voice) "Hurt youu!"]]\\
Ryan: "Don't shoot till you [[SeeTheWhitesOfTheirEyes see the whites!]]" [[CrossesTheLineTwice (Wayne runs across)]]\\
Colin: "Give me liberty! Or a bran muffin!"\\
(Goes out and comes back again)\\
Colin: "[[BringMyBrownPants Get my brown pants!]]"\\
Wayne: "Every last one of us will defend the Alamo! Correct?... [[ForegoneConclusion What the hell?...]]"\\
Drew: "[[CallBack Where the hell are my brown pants, I asked for 'em...]]"

->Drew: "''Famous Hollywood Roles As Played By Carol Channing''."
->Ryan: "[[Film/DirtyHarry I know what you're thinking. 'Did I fire 7 shots or just to 6?']] (audience laughs at the mistake) Well to tell you the truth, in all this confusion I've forgotten myself. So you have to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky'? Well do ya, punk?"
->Robin: "[[Film/TheGreatestStoryEverTold Well, surely you must be the son of God!]]"
->Ryan: "I'm Film/{{Spartacus}}!

->Drew: "''Things you don't expect to hear when you put your ear to a seashell''."
->Ryan (Still as Carol Channing): [[RunningGag "I'm Spartacus!"]]
->Wayne: (Pretend to hear from a seashell) PUT ME DOWN! (surprise and drops it)
->Robin: (Pretend to hear from a seashell) Who's your Daddy?

->Drew: "''Other people Dorothy might have met on the way to the [[Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz Wizard of Oz]].''"
->Ryan: "Hi, I'm Drew Carey, I need some more bald jokes for my show..."
->Wayne: "[[TakeThat Hi, I'm Ryan Stiles, Drew just fired me, can I have a job?]]"
->Colin: "Hi, I'm the Teflon Eunuch..."

->Drew: "''Unlikely ways to impress women.''"\\
Colin: "[[ToiletHumor I do murals with my own feces!]]" (buzzed out)\\
Drew: "Some big city mayors in this country say that's not art, [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible well I say they're wrong!]] (takes next card) ''Bizarre ways to describe the taste of a wine.''"\\
Wayne: (mimes sipping something) "[[CallBack This taste like a painting by Colin Mochrie!]]"\\
(still later)\\
Drew: "''Dangerous things to do while driving.''"\\
Colin: (mimes driving, taking his clothes off, soaking them, spinning them around outside the window)\\
Drew: "What are you doing?"\\
Colin: "[[DontExplainTheJoke I'm doing the laundry...]] [[RuleOfThree Because of my artwork.]]"

->Drew: ''"Phrases you can use to describe a truck, but not your girlfriend.''"
->Greg: "Wow, you can fit four in there!"

->Drew: ''"Graffiti in the ''Whose Line'' bathroom."''
->Brad: (''pretending to read'') "Colin '''is''' here"?!" (''looks up'')
->Ryan: (''pretends to sit on toilet, stands up, looks down, looks up again, pretends to write'') "I give myself a thousand points!". (''walks away, walks back, pretends to flush'').

->Drew: ''"The good news and the bad news."''
->Brad: (''to Wayne'') The good news is we're going to name a disease after you. (''Wayne sighs in relief until he stops in realization it's not good news'')
->Colin: (''to Wayne'') You're on a funny show. It's against ''Series/{{Friends}}''.
->Wayne: (''to Colin'') Honey, I'm pregnant! Meet the father! (''Brad walks over and hugs Wayne'')

->Drew: ''"Moments when cheerleading is inappropriate."''
->Greg: Grandpa's dead! Gimme a D! Gimme a E! Gimme a-come on! where's you're enthusiasm?!
->Ryan: Vasectomy! Vasectomy! Clip! Clip! Clip!
->Wayne: Okay! Somebody's goin' to the 'lectric chair! Gonna fry! Gonna fry! Somebody's goin' to the 'lectric chair! Gonna fry! Gonna-(''pretends to be electrocuted'') come on!

->Drew: ''"Bad times to use the athletic butt slap."''
->Chip: Your majesty... (''pretends to slap'')
->Ryan: (''walking out with Colin'') I'm sorry, but your husband's not going to make it. (''pretends to slap Colin's butt'')
->Wayne: (''walks out with Chip, kneeling, speaking with high voice'') On behalf of the entire 3rd grade class, we'd like to present you with the best teacher award. (''begins slapping Chip's butt'')
->Chip: (''walks out with Wayne'') How are the hemorrhoids? (''slaps Wayne's butt, making Wayne scream in pain'')

->Drew: ''"Hillbilly proverbs."''
->Wayne: (''in Southern accent'') [[IncestIsRelative A wife ain't nuthin' but just a sister that ya hug.]]
->Colin: (''in Southern accent'') When the going gets tough, [[Film/{{Deliverance}} squeal like a pig]].

->Drew: "''Refreshingly honest statements that could earn you a black eye.''"
->Brad: (''to Wayne'') [[DoesThisMakeMeLookFat Honey, you don't look as fat as you did]] ''[[DoesThisMakeMeLookFat yesterday...]]'' (''Wayne mimes punching him'')
->Wayne: [[TakeThat Drew doesn't do a damn thing.]] (''Drew buzzes him repeatedly, in rhythm. Wayne mouths "Nothing."'') Just read off the cards. Just read off the...(''imitates the buzzer'') That's ''all.''
->Brad: (''to Ryan'') Ryan, does anyone tell you look like Doogie Howzer? (''Ryan mimes punching him'')
-> (''out again'') Brad: I want you to punch me hard in the eye. (''Ryan punches him at the groin instead'')\\
(''Then, Wayne is about to come down but goes back onto the ledge'')\\
Drew: Go ahead. No, go ahead, please.
->Wayne: No, it isn't...no, no, it's okay.
->Drew: I insist.
->Wayne: (''steps down'') Honey, well, those jeans ''do'' make you look a ''little'' fat. [[IWarnedYou See?]] (''Drew fakes laughter'') Shut up! (''Drew buzzes him'')
->Wayne: (Comes back again) [[RunningGag Not a damn thing.]]

->Drew: ''"Bad names for perfume".''
->Wayne: (''pretends to spray'') [[SophisticatedAsHell I call it "Like Ass".]]
->Ryan: You know you're getting lucky when you're wearing "Eau de Pork"...
->Colin: [[RunningGag "Nice Pants"]], the smell of corduroy.

->Drew: ''"World's worst catchphrases".''
->Colin: ''[[RunningGag Ni-yi-yice pants!]]''

->Drew: "''Bad songs to sing in prison''".
->Wayne: Now who's the slightly effeminate one? That's me! That's me!
->Brad: [[PrisonRape Who dropped the soap? Who dropped the soap?...]]
->Ryan: Jim's escaping through the hole in the wall! The hole in the wall, the hole in...
->Colin: With the wig, you remind me of Julia...

->Drew: "''Pull the string on the Drew Carey doll and it says...''"
->Ryan: (''pretending to pull string on doll'') "Lower..."
->Greg: "[[Series/TheDrewCareyShow Mimi]] and I are the same person!"

->Drew: "''The title of Drew Carey's second book.''"
->Wayne: (''pretending to hold book'') Hmm, "My Life of Leisure: [[TakeThat Behind the Desk]]"...
->Colin: (''pretending to hold book'') [[RunningGag "The Difference Between Continents and Countries"]].

->Drew: "''Nightly bedside prayers of Whose Line cast members.''"
->Wayne: Please, Lord. Don't let the Mr. Drew come in my window.
->Brad: Jesus? Don't let Wayne knock over the table.
->Colin: Lord, please get me out of my contract that says I must shave my head so they can keep making bald jokes.
->Brad: Lord, please make Ryan stop wearing clown shoes. (''camera cuts to'' ''[[NiceShoes Ryan's shoes]],'' ''then to Ryan'' ''[[FlippingTheBird scratching his head with his middle finger]]'')
->Wayne: Lord? [[PassThePopcorn Please give me ringside seats when Ryan kicks Brad's ass]]!

->Drew: "''Unlikely subjects to be the basis for a musical.''"
->Ryan: (''singing'') What's the matter with roadkill? What's the matter with roadkill?!
->Colin: (''singing'') How does food become poo? I'll...tell...YOU!
->Ryan: (''singing'') Why...do dogs lick themselves?

->Drew: "''What Series/{{Lassie}} was really trying to tell everybody.''"
->Wayne: I gotta ''pee,'' man!

->Drew: "''Rejected welcome signs of US states.''"
->Wayne: (''pretending to drive'') Come and *hang out* in Alabama! (''pretends to turn around'')
->Ryan: (''pretending to drive'') Welcome to Montana. There's nobody here.
->Greg: (''pretending to drive'') Entering Ohio. Watch out for Drew! (''pretends to drive over a bump'')
->Ryan: (''pretending to drive'') Welcome to Hawaii. How'd you get here in a car?
->Colin: (''pretending to drive'') Entering Rhode Island. Thanks for visiting Rhode Island.
->Ryan: (''pretending to drive'') Utah welcomes you and your wives.

->Drew: "''If people broke into song in real life.''"
->(''Ryan pretends to sit down'')
->Ryan: (''singing'') Where did all the toilet paper go, the toilet paper go, the toilet paper go?...

->(''Wayne, Chip and Colin walk out'')
->Wayne: (''imitating elevator bell'') Ding! (''singing'') Who did it? Who did it?
->Chip: (''singing'') Not me! (''pointing at Colin'') Must've been him!
->Colin: (''singing'') Guilty as charged!

->Colin: (''singing'') I've lost my (Bleep) [[note]]"erection"[[/note]]...

->Drew: "''Difficult Questions for Mommy to Answer''."
->Wayne: "Mommy, [[MonochromeCasting how come no one looks like me on]] ''Series/{{Friends}}''?"
->Colin: "Mommy, how come no one looks like ''me'' on ''Series/{{Friends}}''?"
->Drew: I said "Difficult Questions"...
->(''[[DudeNotFunny the audience boos]]'')
->Colin: I'm adorable.
->(''the audience cheers'')
->Ryan: [[CallBack You looked better before you lost your]] (Bleep) [[note]]erection[[/note]]...

->Drew: "''Pick-up lines as written by Creator/DrSeuss.''"
->Ryan: Come sleep with me! Come sleep with me twice! I think that would be very nice! Looky looky, at the size of my shoe! [[BiggerIsBetterInBed You know what they say?]] Yes, it is true!
->Brad: ''Are You My Mommy''?

->Drew: "''Rejected endings to the film 'FilM/{{Titanic|1997}}'."''
->Brad: I'm king of the squirrels! (''pretends to act like a squirrel'')
->(''Brad and Wayne walk onstage'')
->Wayne (''holding Brad's hand''): Rose, promise me that you'll... Hey, I can stand up!
->(''Brad and Colin walk on'')
->Brad: Welcome, Rose. [[Series/GilligansIsland My name's Gilligan. This is the professor...]]

-> Drew: ''"Rejected theme songs -- oh, jeez -- rejected theme songs from the movie 'Film/{{Titanic|1997}}'."''
-> Brad: "I love the taste of salt water... filling my lungs."
-> Colin: "Corpses bobbing in the sea. Ha ha ha ha, hee hee hee."

->Drew: "''What they really talk about in football huddles."''
->(''Wayne and Chip huddle up'')
->Chip: (''in effeminate voice'') He's such a bitch, he scratched my eyes out!

->Drew: "''[[StupidCrooks World's Dumbest Criminals]] caught on tape.''"\\
Chip: "All right, this is a stickup! [[WhatAnIdiot Does anybody have a gun I could use?]]"

->Drew: "''Times when Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Moe is not an appropriate selection method.''"
->(''Brad, Ryan, and Colin walk out'')
->Brad: (''pointing at Ryan and Colin'') ...miny-moe. Congratulations, [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush Mr. Bush.]]
->Drew: [[TakeThat That about sums it up, doesn't it?]]

->Drew: "''[[DidISayThatOutLoud Things the pilot wishes he hadn't said while the intercom was on.]]''"
->Ryan: [[ToiletHumor Oh, those chalupas are coming back on me...]]
->Colin: [[CriticalResearchFailure Hawai'i's kinda shaped like a liver, right?]]
->Ryan: Huh, this is even easier than I thought!
->Colin: I'm so horny I can't think straight!
->Brad: [[GagBoobs Did you see the jugs on the girl in row 4?]]

->Drew: "''First lines of the worst poems ever written''"
->Brad: [[RunningGag Did you see the jugs on the girl in row 4?]]
->Wayne: When I was drunk, you were beautiful...
->Colin: Though you come from the small town of Pot-Pucker...

->Drew: "''Albums doomed to be flops.''"
->Wayne: Ooh! [[Film/ThePhantomMenace Jar Jar Binks]] sing da blues!

->Drew: "''Least likely to win the 2000 presidential race.''"
->Wayne: [[RunningGag Ooh, Jar Jar Binks run for president!]]

->Drew: "''When it's unwise to say "I Don't Care".''"\\
Wayne: ''[pretending to hold a TV remote]'' "''Tccch!'' Yeah, I love you too. ''Tccch!''"\\
Drew: "Scenes from Wayne's real life!"\\
''[Wayne looks mildly insulted. Drew moves on to the next card.]''\\
Drew: "''People you wish would just shut up.''"\\
Wayne: ''(Mimicking Drew fetching a scene from the hat)'' "People you wish would just shut up."

->Drew: "''Famous film scenes as performed by cartoon characters.''"\\
Colin: ''[as WesternAnimation/{{Snagglepuss}}]'' [[Film/CitizenKane Rosebud,]] even!

->Drew: "''Photos you wouldn't want to see on the Internet.''"\\
Wayne: (''[[SmokingHotSex smoking]]'') Hi, I'm Creator/BeaArthur.\\
Ryan: (''pretends to type'') C-A-R-E-Y...(''[[ScreamingAtSquick mimes frantically pressing backspace,]] [[TakeThat and then picking up his computer and throwing it out the window]]'')\\
Drew: [[RuleThirtyFour Careful!]] [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor Careful what you wish for, buddy.]]

->(''From the episode guest starring Creator/RobinWilliams'')\\
Drew: Let's go on to a game called Scenes from a Hat! It's for all of you. Now, before every show, we ask the audience to write different suggestions out for stuff–\\
Creator/RobinWilliams: (''looking inside the hat'') [[PullARabbitOutOfMyHat What's the dead rabbit for?]]\\
Drew: [[NoodleIncident My old career.]]

->Drew: "''Unlikely cowboy songs.''"\\
Ryan: (''Broadway style'') Things are great in the CITYYY! The city, the city, the city! (''buzzed'')\\
Greg: (''singing'') Well, my woman stayed true and I'm sober! (''buzzed'')\\
Ryan: Oh I've been on the range, 45 days, and that cow's looking good to me... To me... (''buzzed'') To me... (''[[OverlyLongGag buzzed again]]'')\\
Drew: ''Un''likely. (''buzzing'') ''Un''likely cowboy songs. (Ryan steps off)\\
Wayne: [[NWordPrivileges Oh I can't wait, to go to Harlem / I can't wait, all night long, HEE-HEE!!]]

->Drew: "''Things you shouldn't do at the last minute.''"\\
Greg: (''to Wayne'') And have a good first day of school! Daddy's gay.\\
Wayne: Thank y–(''DoubleTake'')

->Drew: ''"Pick-up lines of game show hosts."''\\
Brad: [[Series/FamilyFeud Show me booty!]]\\
Colin: [[Series/WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire Is that your final answer?]]\\
Brad: [[Series/LetsMakeADeal I'd like to go for what's behind zipper #1.]]

->Drew: "''Times when it would be nice to have the ability to be beamed up.''"\\
(''Greg and Wayne walk out'')\\
Greg: So, if you buy a full-term annuity policy, that would cover- (''Wayne pretends to press a button on his shirt, making transporter sound effects'') Come back, we haven't bought fire insurance...\\
Wayne: (''[[StylisticSuck badly impersonating]] Creator/JohnWayne'') [[SelfDeprecation It's time for my]] [[RunningGag John Wayne impression...]] (''pretends to beam out'')\\
(''Greg and Wayne walk out, pretending to be in bed'')\\
Wayne: (''screaming'')\\
Greg: Morning!

->Drew: "''If you could fast forward in real life''"\\
(''Greg and Colin walk out'')\\
Greg: So, anyway, I'm an insurance salesman, and- \\
(''Colin pretends to point a remote control at Greg. Greg stumbles drunkenly and puts his arm around Colin's shoulders.'')\\
Greg:(''Slurring'') This's the best party I've ever been to!\\
(''Greg and Wayne walk out'')\\
Greg: Thank you for coming out with me tonight, Yvonne.\\
(''Wayne fast forwards Greg, who proceeds to hump him, breathing heavily. Wayne fast forwards again, and Greg staggers away from him. Wayne mimes smoking a cigarette.'')\\
Greg: (''Crying'')This never happens to me!

[[AC:Weird Newscasters]]

-> Greg: "Good evening and welcome to the evening news, I'm..."
--> "...fun after dark."\\
"...[[TakeThat sick of]] Series/{{Survivor}}."\\
"...Curved Slightly."\\
"...Wide Butnotpainful."

-> Colin: "Good evening and welcome to the 6 o'clock news, I'm your anchor..."
--> "...Thor Butnotcomplaining."\\
"[[VerbalTic ...Thor Buttockth.]]"\\
"[[SelfDeprecation ...Horst You-rode-in-on.]]"\\
"...Keith My-pasty-white-butt."\\
"...Yasser Yasser Threebagsfull."\\
"...Arthur Anymoredonuts."\\
"...Woodrow Butdonthaveapaddle."\\
"...Pierre Causemybladdersempty."\\
"...Colin Themarines"\\
"...[[Film/TheLastOfTheMohicans Lars Ofthemohicans]]"\\
"...[[ElmuhFuddSyndwome Wes Fiwwingmoretaste]]"\\
"...Frank Lee Dontgiveadamn"\\
"...Earl Fromipanema"\\
"...Oswald Thatendswald"\\
"...Lars Lars Pantsonfars"

->Colin: "This just in - Series/BeverlyHills90210... Cleveland Browns 3."
->(camera cuts to Drew, who nearly has a SpitTake at the joke)

->Colin: "[[{{Feghoot}} Bars across America were saddened today by the death of Dr. Joseph Lowenstein. The famous doctor who, as a sideline, would make exotic drinks from wood sap, died suddenly today. This is one patron who is really gonna miss that]] [[{{Pun}} hickory daiquiri doc.]]"

->Colin: "Famous Playboy Hugh Hefner successfully managed to stop an order of monks from operating a business on his property. The police forced the friars to close down their stall, which was outside the Playboy mansion, where they had been selling flowers. Said one friar, 'Well, if it was anyone else we could've gotten away from it, but unfortunately, [[{{Pun}} only Hugh can prevent florist friars]]'. ({{Beat}}) Try saying that three times."

-> Colin: "Convicted hitman Jimmy "Two-Shoes" [=McClardy=] confessed today that he was once hired to beat a cow to death in a rice field, using only [[ImprovisedWeapon two small porcelain figures.]] Police admit this may be a first known case of a knick-knack paddy whack."

-> Colin: "60s musical group The Byrds today announced a 24-city reunion tour, with their new band member, UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush. To save on money, Mr. Bush will play guitars and drums. According to a spokesman, a Bush in the band is worth two in The Byrds."

[[AC:Weird Superheroes]]

->Drew: "Hey, I wonder what signal the Commissioner uses when he wants [[BitsOfMeKeepPassingOut Body-Parts-Constantly-Falling-Asleep Man...]]"

->Drew: "It's good to know that whenever we're in a time of crisis, [[BlessedWithSuck Captain Bloodloss]] will be there..."

->Drew: "Who knew that the world famous CaptainObvious [[ClarkKenting was really mild mannered Colin Mochrie...]]"

[[AC:World's Worst]]

-> (''...Self-Help TV Program'')
->Colin: "Oh, those frustrating banana peels! How do you get them off the banana?" (laughter) "Hold the banana firmly in one hand..." (buzzed out)
->Colin: "[[BlackComedy Oh, those frustrating gerbil skins!]]"

->(''...Acceptance Speech'')
->Ryan: "I will not accept this award [[TheGreatPoliticsMessUp until the wall that divides Berlin comes down]]!" (Colin runs up and whispers in his ear) "...oh. I'd like to thank my family...")

->(''...Priest or Rabbi'')
->Drew: (''impersonating Creator/JerryLewis'') Well hi if ya gimme the knife and the baby! I'll give it a li'l cut with the hey!


->(Greg wears a large fish head)
->Greg: (quietly laughing to himself, then) "I have a giant fish head on... I'm forty-two f--king years old..."
->(Wayne later uses the same fish head)
->Wayne: "I'm just looking for a nice piece of bass..."

->Greg: (wearing a multi-colored afro) "Hi. I'm the guy who always sits in front of you on the bleachers..."

->Greg: (in a long wig with a medieval weapon) "[[GondorCallsForAid Gondor]] [[MarsNeedsWomen Needs Women!]]"

->Greg: (in a Native American wig) "Hello, I am Hung Like Snake..."

->Ryan: (wearing some kind of red horsehead) "Guess what I'm hung like..."

->Ryan: (balancing an actual bunch of bananas on his head) "...Peel me."
->Ryan: (eating one of the bananas) "I don't have anything, I'm just really hungry..."
->(game ends, Ryan takes banana back to his seat, still eating)
->Drew: "I could watch you eat that banana ''aaaaaaaall night''..."
->(Ryan gets a disgusted look on his face and stops eating)

->Greg: (in an alien mask that looks nothing like a Klingon) "Well, I'm a Klingon by trade..."
->(mild audience response)
->Greg: "...but when I'm not funny I sit here with this [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] thing on my head!"

->Ryan: (wearing a hangman's noose) "Guess who's well hung?"

->Ryan: (with a hat in his lap) "It ain't gonna be a rabbit..."

->Ryan: (wearing a hat looking like a turkey) "This year, I do all the stuffing!"

->Ryan: (wearing gladiator armor) "Don't worry, I brought a Trojan!"

->Wayne: (wearing a tam o'shanter, speaking with a Scottish accent) "Hello. I'll let ya touch Nessie!"

->Wayne: (wearing a taxi driver's cap, sighing) "Ah, that'll be $10.50... (the audience groans) For the taxi ride! You guys are horrible!"

->Colin: (Wearing a scuba diver's cap) "I promise not to do it too fast. You might get the bends."

->Ryan: (wearing a ball and chain on his wrist) "This is just my ball, you should see my chain."

->Wayne: (wearing a nun's habit) "Guess what? [[IncrediblyLamePun You ain't gettin' nun!]]"

->Ryan: (wearing a bird mask) "It's time for something other than an egg to get laid around here!"

->Colin: (wearing a motor cop's helmet) "[[Series/{{Chips}} I'm Erik Estrada...]]"

->Wayne: (holding a trumpet, imitating Music/LouisArmstrong) "All the ladies say 'Blow, Satchmo, blow!'"

->(''deleted take'')
-> Ryan (wearing a plush shark that appears to be eating his scalp): "Looks like [[IntercourseWithYou someone likes head]]."

->Ryan: (wearing a robber's mask) "Put your hands up! [[{{Gainaxing}} Okay, now jiggle around a little!]]"

->Colin: (wearing a police cap and holding a construction helmet) "If you can fill this hat, we could start [[Music/VillagePeople a band]]."

->Wayne: (wearing a beanie hat with attached domino mask and huge, white ears) "I don't have one, I just wanted to wear this."


->Colin: "I am a wrestler, watch them turn me loose
->Over the years, I've taken lots of abuse
->I've broken both my knees, smashed my head on the turnbuckle
->Because of all my injuries I've lost the ability to [[LastSecondWordSwap rhyme.]]"

->''(from a cut/censored hoedown)''\\
Ryan: "Singing a song about a vending machine\\
Don't you know that it's really not my scene?\\
Tryin' to think of something clever with a little twist\\
If we do another Hoedown, [[DrivenToSuicide I'll slit my]] [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] [[SelfHarm wrists]]!"\\
All: "Slit my fucking wriiiiiiists!"

->''(from another cut hoedown)''\\
Ryan: I don't file my taxes every single year\\
I guess it's the IRS I really really fear\\
I guess that's bad of me, doesn't show a lot of class\\
But every time I do they seem to FUCK ME UP THE ASS!\\

->''(from the Affair hoedown)''\\
Chip: My wife caught me with a prostitute\\
She came into the room, and she began to shoot.\\
And then she went and yelled, all around the town\\
"I know there's more prostitutes - I guess that's one ho down."\\

->''(from the Village People hoedown)''\\
Ryan:I don't like the Village People, think they're kind of rude.\\
Don't you know their lyrics can be kind of crude?\\
When it's on my stereo I always hit the mute,\\
But I'll have to admit, the Indian's kind of cute.\\

[[AC:Let's Make A Date]]

-> Wayne: (as bachelorette) "Bachelor no. 2... Disposition and personality are very important to me. Do you consider yourself ''congenial''?"
-> Colin: (as 'a beauty queen') "NOO! THAT'S THE MARK OF DEATH!!"

-> (With special guest Josie Lawrence as the bachelorette)
-> Josie: "...and Colin is... on the casting couch...?"
-> Drew: "Says here Colin is 'a model on her first porno shoot'..."
-> Josie: "Well, that's... because normally I wouldn't put Colin and porno shoot in the same sentence..." (audience reacts) "Aw shush, he knows I love 'im..."

-> (with Greg as an "irate guest on [[Series/TheJerrySpringerShow Jerry Springer]]")
-> Drew: "...ok, Wayne... who are they?"
-> Wayne: "Well let's see. Bachelor no. 1 was a... jilted ex-boyfriend."
-> Drew: "And where do those people usually show up?"
-> Wayne: "[[NoodleIncident ...at my house?]]" (starts pretending to cry)

-> Wayne: "Bachelor no. 1?"
-> Brad: (as a puritan witchhunter) "Yes, ''harlot''?"
-> Wayne: "[[InsultBackfire ...Now how'd you know my middle name?]]"

[[AC:Irish Drinking Song]]

->Wayne: ''One night I was getting freaky''\\
Drew: ''With my luh...girl Elaine'' (botches line)\\
Colin: ''Boy, we had some fun''\\
Ryan: ''And then- ALUHELAAHHH!!!'' (yells gibberish at Drew)\\
Wayne: (collapses in hysterics)\\
Drew: (doubled over in laughter, embarrassment)\\
Colin: Meow![[note]]A RunningGag that had started earlier during a game of "Dub"[[/note]]
->(the game grinds to a halt as practically everyone cracks up; then they attempt a restart)
->Ryan: ''I lost track of the story''\\
Wayne: ''I don't know what has happened''\\
Drew: ''She wrote me a letter''\\
Colin: ''My underwear's a-snappin'!''\\
Ryan: ''I think there was a girl involved''\\
Wayne: ''...That's what I'm thinkin'...''\\
Drew: ''...I don't know what to say...''\\
->(everyone cracks up again; only Colin is able to sing them home at the end)

->All: ''Oh, i-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di!''
->Wayne: ''I took my lass on a date!''\\
Chip: ''We went out for the night!''\\
Colin: ''As we hit the parking lot!''\\
Ryan: ''I got into a fight!''\\
Wayne: ''Scuffle, he took my wallet!''\\
Chip: ''And ran away so fast!''\\
Colin: ''I started crying!''\\
Ryan: (trying to think of a line)''....A stone I passed!''
->(Due to what Ryan says, they have to chant twice as Wayne cracks up)\\
All: ''Oh, i-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di! Oh, i-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di!''
->Chip: ''I screamed just like a lassie!''\\
Colin: ''I ran right after him!''\\
Ryan: ''I jumped into my car!''\\
Wayne: ''The mugger's name was Tim!''\\
Chip: ''I put on my siren!''\\
Colin: ''And it roared out loud!''\\
Ryan: ''He came to a stop!''\\
Wayne: ''And beat me in front of a crowd!''
->All: ''Oh, i-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di!''
->Colin: ''I decided to take action!''\\
Ryan: ''I hit him with a club!''\\
Wayne: ''I hit him where the sun don't shine!''\\
Chip: ''He says "Hey! Watch it bub!"''\\
Colin: ''And then he ran away from me!''\\
Ryan: ''I followed him!''\\
Wayne: ''I became a hero!''\\
Chip: ''And my name is Tim!''
->All: ''Oh, i-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di!''
->Ryan: ''I still hear from him!''\\
Wayne: ''From... often!''\\
Chip: ''He writes a little letter!''\\
Colin: ''...It's as soft as cotton!''\\
Ryan: ''And someday I'll write back!''\\
Wayne: ''He's my best friend!''\\
Chip: ''And now we both are penpals!''\\
Colin: ''He put my stone back in my end!''
->(Due to that line, everyone cracks up, leaving Colin to finish the chant)\\
Colin: ''Oh, i-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di! Oh, i-dee, di-dee, di-dee, di-dee,''\\
Colin, Wayne and Chip: (Wayne and Chip try to finish the chant) ''Di-dee, di-dee, di!''


->Colin: Hey do you have problems with snoring? Do airports complain when they hear you sleep?

->Colin: Hey, do you have problems with chest hair? [[CrossesTheLineTwice Does it look like your chest is... eating a dog?]]

[[AC:Song Titles]]

->Ryan: (points to Colin's shoes) Blue suede shoes.
->Colin: ...nice pants.

->(''deleted take'')
->Ryan: (''pointing'') Itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini...\\
Wayne: (''pointing back'') One-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater.\\
Ryan: (''looking at Wayne's genital area'') Theatre/{{Hair}}.\\
Wayne: (''pointing at Ryan's genital area'') Film/{{Shaft}}!

[[AC:Daytime Talkshow]]

-> ''(re. Literature/AliceInWonderland)''
-> Karen Maruyama: "[[AsianSpeekeeEngrish ...Yes, I'm Lily Khhhaaa! She lives in my building and she has not paid her rent!... She always popping down rabbit hole, 'Lily I don't have it, I'm in a rabbit hole', yeeeah riiiight!]]"\\
Brad: "If you don't mind me asking, sir, where in town do you have this building?"\\
Karen: "...Wait till I tell my husband you call me a 'him'!!"\\
Brad: "[[AmbiguousGender Oh... I got confused by the mustache, I'm sorry...]]"\\
Ryan: "Alice still owes me for half the mirror, so I would have to agree with the Dutch girl."\\
Karen: "[[InsistentTerminology Actually I'm Flemish]] ([[{{Pun}} 'Phlegm-ish']])!"

[[AC:Questions Only]]

-> ''("A tourist hotel turns into Film/TheToweringInferno")''
-> Drew: "Why is it so hot in here?"\\
Wayne: "Can't you see I'm trying to turn up the water sprinklers?"\\
Drew: "Have you ever been in a hotel that was this wet and hot all at the same time?"\\
Wayne: "Ever been to San Francisco?"

-> Colin: "Does it matter that I'm Canadian?"\\
Ryan: "You're Canadian?!"\\
Colin: "Can't you tell?"\\
Ryan: "Have you ever heard of a town called Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan?"\\
Colin: "Isn't that right beside... Left... Noob?"\\
''(Ryan leaves)''

->(''Questionable Impressions from TV: Emergency Room'')\\
Brad: (''as [[Series/TheLucyShow Mr. Barnsdahl]]'') Will you hand me a scalpel, Mrs. Carmichael?\\
Wayne: (''as ScoobyDoo'') Ruh-oh, I have to use the bathroom.\\
''(buzzed, Wayne looks confused)''\\
Drew: Questions!\\
Wayne: Ruh-oh? I have to use the bathroom?

[[AC:Press Conference]]
->(''Colin as Santa Claus announcing his retirement'')\\
Brad: What about all your animal friends?\\
Wayne: Mmm-hmm?\\
Colin: Hey! Animal friends are there to be animal friends! If they can't handle being a carpet...\\
(''the audience groans'')\\
Colin: I may have said too much...

->(''Colin as Franchise/{{Batman}} announcing he's out of the closet'')\\
Ryan: How does the partner feel about this?\\
Colin: Well, he is a little worried since he depends on me for income... (''the audience laughs'') [[ThatCameOutWrong I might want to rephrase that later...]] (''Brad raises his hand'') Yes?\\
Brad: You might want to rephrase that now.

[[AC:Scene to Rap]]
->(''The Beauty Salon Rap'')\\
Greg: Well come on in, I'm Mr B\\
You need a new do as I can see.\\
You've got your mag and you've got your dryer\\
I can fix you up, you go higher. Say ho!\\
Wayne: Say ho!\\
Greg: Say ho!\\
Wayne: Say ho!\\
Now you see I walked in here with a limp.\\
All I want is a perm and a little crimp.\\
That's why you better step back to your brother,\\
Because you get the dye, give my hair a little colour.\\
Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me now,\\
I wanna get my hair wide as a cow\\
Moo moo hey moo moo hey hey!\\
Greg: I'm gonna do your hair, do it quick.\\
I'm gonna fix up this natty quick.\\
When you walk outta here, you gonna be a mudder\\
You gonna get all the udder!\\
Ryan: I wonder if I could get an appointment today?\\
Oh, boy, I'm bothered by all the hairspray.\\
Don't mean to complain, just ordinary folk,\\
But I think I'm having a little bit of a stroke.\\
The spray! (''Falls to his knees, clutching his chest''')Get it out, of the way, the spray.\\
Colin: Hey there, people, I'm really mad.\\
Look, what you've done has made me sad.\\
I came in here, now I go,\\
I came in with a big afro!\\
Look what happened, now it's gone.\\
(''Points at Wayne'') I'm gonna kill you - and you too! (''Points at Greg'')\\
(''Starts doing random dancing'')\\
Ryan: I think I'm dying.\\
(''Colin continues dancing'')\\
Ryan: I think I'm dying; I'm gonna go south,\\
Unless someone wants to give me mouth to mouth. (''Lays on the floor'')\\
Wayne: All this stuff that's happening, it's not illegal,\\
(''To Colin'') Oh, look at you, you're bald as an eagle!\\
(''Starts doing CPR on Ryan'') What can I, what can I say?\\
This has been one weird-ass day!\\


->(''Hollywood Director''; Drew starts by explaining the scene)
-> Drew: "Kathy is an impatient customer who pulls into Ryan's gas station, where he is pumping gas; Wayne is a ''thief'' who has come to rob them..." (Kathy, to her credit, sees it coming and laughs)\\
Wayne: "[[AngryBlackMan Why I gotta be the thief?]]" (laughter erupts)\\
Drew: "I dunno... Maybe you should count your blessings, [[TakeThat if this was NBC you probably wouldn't even be on this show...]]"
-> Colin: "CUT CUT CUT!... Do it like you're in {{Tarzan}}. (to Ryan) You're Tarzan, (to Kathy) you're Jane, (to Wayne) you're Cheetah!"\\
Wayne: (quietly mouthing) "[[CallBack How come I gotta be the]] [[UnfortunateImplications monkey?]]"

-> (after a game of 'Let's Make a Date')\\
Drew: "Let's go on to a game called 'Let's Make a Date'. this is for all four of you, [[ExplainExplainOhCrap Wayne, you're going on a dating-type show... oh.]]"\\
(Wayne is already on his feet when the audience erupts)\\
Greg: "Excuse me, Captain Alzheimer?\\
(audience ''explodes'', Greg does a PstandardPsychicPstance)\\
Greg: "''Go to the third card, Drew''..."\\
Drew: [[Series/TheTonightShow (touches cuecard to head)]] "[[TakeThat What is... Greg's next job.]]"

->Drew: "Let's go on to a game--I love this game, it's kinda new this year--African Chant!
->''(Crowd laughs as Wayne mocks getting up to leave.)''
->Drew: "Uh, Africa's a big country, just by India, Madagascar there..."
->''(Greg laughs hysterically)''
->''(the others catch on to the mistake; Wayne tries to keep Greg from calling Drew out, but it's too late...)''
->Greg: "It's also a big ''continent'' if you're a geographer!" ''(Crowd explodes with laughter)'' I couldn't help it, Drew."
->Drew: "I know."
->Greg: "You're like Music/LittleRichard!"
->Drew: "I know, I said country instead of continent, I can't read the cards, it's just not good. S-go on, oh, so this is African Chant, this is, of course, Africa's a big ''continent'' in the middle of the world. Wayne's gonna make up a song..."
->Wayne: "Why ''I'' gotta do the African Chant?! ''(laughter/applause; Wayne looks mock offended but goes back to smiling)''"
->Drew: "'Cause Colin would just mess it up."

->(after 'African Chant' ends}\\
Wayne: "That's gonna get me in good with all the brothers and sisters in the motherland..."\\
Ryan: "Don't you live in Sherman Oaks?"

->(after a playing of Party Quirks in which [[ItMakesSenseInContext Ryan accidentally broke the light on Drew's desk with his head]])
->Drew: Hey, it's always funny when it happens to somebody else! ... Wow, man, you went all out on that one.
->Ryan: There better be some extra points in this.
->Drew: [[SarcasmMode I'm sorry, we spent all the points]] ''[[SarcasmMode replacing the glass.]]''
->Ryan: Was that lit?
->Colin: Oh yeah, it was. It would've been better if [[IncendiaryExponent your head burst into flames.]]
->Drew: [[HowManyFingers How many fingers am I holding up?]]
->Ryan: Four?
->Drew: Ah, close enough.
->Ryan: [[FlippingTheBird How about me?]]

->(''Show-Stopping Number: Accounting Firm'')
->Colin: "''Hey, buster! Hire my friend!''\\
''Or I'll shove a hook right up your end!''\\
''...gerr-wah-rurl-lurl-lurl-lurl-lurl-lurl-'' '''''URABABADAZEEYABABAGAFLYAAAHH!!!'''''" (shouts gibberish)\\
Ryan: (''calming him down'') Hey, hey, hey!\\
Colin: What?\\
Ryan: What the hell happened there? Are you okay?\\
Colin: You know, if you talk like that, it puts them off balance...

->(''The Awards Show for Frat Boys'')\\
Brad: "What better way to end the show than with some ''moonin'',' dudes?!"\\
(buzzer, game ends)\\
Drew: (to Wayne) "Are you serious...?" (to audience) "Wayne just said to Brad, 'I would have done it with you but I have a [[UnderwearOfPower G-string]] on'."\\
(audience reacts)\\
Wayne: "Yes, I d... ({{Beat}}) Hey! It gives me support, wassup?!"\\
Ryan: "It's not like it's a [[GoofyPrintUnderwear leopard]] G-string... is it...?"\\
Drew: "I thought you were joking around."\\
Brad: (JiveTurkey on) "It's a '''G'''-string..."\\
Wayne: "When I'm [[CrossesTheLineTwice hangin' with my homies.]]"

->(''Sound Effects with Ryan as Franchise/{{Tarzan}} and Colin as Jane'')\\
Ryan: [[AccidentalInnuendo Before you come, Tarzan only have animals. Animals think Tarzan forget about them now!]] (''the audience laughs'') [[ThatCameOutWrong I meant as FRIENDS!]]

->(''Song Styles for Howard the Engineer, in the style of the Village People'')\\
(''after first verse'')\\
Wayne: He's Howard - [[MisspellingOutLoud H-O-R-W-A-R-D]], yeah yeah... Oh Howard--\\
(''music suddenly speeds up'')\\
Ryan: Howard!\\
(''Wayne, Greg, Colin, and Ryan adjust their dancing speed accordingly; Laura is shown doubled over with laughter'')\\
Wayne: Howard, can you last? Howard, how'd this song get so damn fast? Oh Howard...\\
[=Greg/Colin/Ryan=]: Hey! Hey! [=HeyHeyHeyHey=]!\\
Wayne: Howard! H-O-R! Howard! W-A-R-D! Howard! H-O-R....\\
(''Wayne looks back to see the others' frantic dancing and starts laughing too hard to continue; the song ends as everyone laughs'')\\
Drew (''to Laura''): You had a little equipment breakdown, right? What happened to the...?\\
Laura: Um, it's hard to explain... (''breaks down into laughter'') ...I'm so sorry. \\
Drew: That's okay. Y'know, I didn't know the Village People even did polkas! That was really fun!\\
Colin: I don't think it was that noticeable.\\
(''Drew imitates their dancing'')\\
Drew: Man, it was like a wind-up monkey.\\
Greg: Watch out for those tempo changes, maaan. 'Cause when we go into the second bridge, the sh-(bleep) takes ''off''!\\
(''Drew thanks Howard, who returns to his spot into audience; the cast returns to their seats'')\\
Drew: Howard, or as Wayne spells it, "Horward".\\
Wayne: ''Yeah.'' (''audience and cast laugh'') Man, if you're not in my mind, you don't know know what I'm thinkin', know what I'm saying? You gotta - you gotta bring that around. \\
Drew: Yeah. Thank you very much, ''Horward''. If this ever makes it to air, I'll be so amazed. H-O-R-W-A-R-D! HORWARD! (''imitates music'') HORWARD!\\
Wayne: It's hard to spell at 210 beats per minute.