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Quotes: We Can Rebuild Him
We will not abandon such paragons to succumb to the ravages of mortality. The way will be prepared for him.
He shall not be laid low but raised high and exalted. He will join the Emperor's immortal retinue and walk the road of ages.
He shall be taken from this place and the armor of his past purpose removed. He shall be healed, anointed with sacred oils, unguents, and balms.
The incantations of installation will be intoned and the litanies of preservation given voice.
The machine spirits will be summoned to invest the almighty hose with their motive aspect...
...And he will be dressed in furious glory, to war forevermore in the Emperor's name!
— Narration as Brother Gerhart of the Black Templars is being placed into a Dreadnought, Damnation Crusade

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