Quotes: Vile Villain, Saccharine Show

"In the top right-hand corner of Lavender Town, you'll find a foreboding building much larger than all the others called the Pokemon Tower. Oh, neat, so that's where all the Pokemon are — we were getting a bit creeped out here all alone, so we'll just head over there, aaaand it's a massive indoor graveyard for murdered Pokemon. Like every other area, the tower is full to the brim with plucky trainers ready for battle. The difference here is that they call themselves Channelers and are possessed by the ghosts of dead Pokemon. Which is ... a pretty significant difference to a child."

"Whitsun-Jones as the Marshall is delivering an overtly theatrical performance that winds up somewhere in the stratosphere before the conclusion, which would be fine if the setting, pace and score were much more ambitious and monumental. He is just too big for such a contained story, and as such he comes across as far too boorish and outrageous. Itís the Colin Baker syndrome, the television is almost too small to contain an actor of that magnitude. Shove him on stage or in a big budget movie of the same story and Whitsun-Jones would prosper...When he is pouring over his vision of a new Solos it should have been an insanely sized globe that he could enthuse over like Nero before the burning of Rome, but instead he can be seen staring down at the equivalent of a stress ball on his desk. When he grabs a gun in episode five and starts firing like a madmen it should have been a sub automatic machine gun causing endless destruction, not a dozy BBC prop that goes 'phut'."