->''And then Indonesia claimed that they\\
Were going to get [[AtomicHate one]], any day.''
-->-- '''Music/TomLehrer''' on Indonesia's nuclear ambitions, "Who's Next?", ''Music/ThatWasTheYearThatWas''

->'''Pat''': It came out!\\
'''Matt''': No...\\
'''Pat''': It came out!\\
'''Matt''': Okay, you encoded something on a disc, and you put it in here to troll me.\\
'''Pat''': Downloadable content?! ''They still didn't finish the whole game!''
-->-- ''WebVideo/TwoBestFriendsPlay'' discussing VideoGame/DukeNukemForever

->''"[[Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire Winter has been coming]] for sixteen fucking years!"''
-->-- '''Rage of Thrones''' by Axis of Awesome

->''Dear Mr. "I'm [[YouAreFat too fat]] to finish [[VideoGame/HalfLife2 our flagship game]]",\\
This'll be the last time you'll EVER hear me exclaim!\\
It's been six years and still no closure?!\\
I'm not gonna be cool!\\
I know you've had plenty of time,\\
"VideoGame/{{Portal}}" and "VideoGame/Left4Dead" both had [[VideoGame/{{Portal 2}} a]] [[VideoGame/Left4Dead2 sequel]]!''
-->-- "'''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdeY1v6jC7Q Gaben]]'''", a parody of Music/{{Eminem}}'s "Stan" by Youtube user onanotherlevel85.

->'''Johnny Storm''': I know I'm probably not supposed to know, but is there a date in the future...\\
'''{{SelfDemonstrating/Deadpool}}''': ...that ''Half-Life 3'' drops? Excuuuuse me, I thought you said it was "important".
-->-- ''ComicBook/UncannyAvengers'' #10