Quotes / Unsatisfiable Customer

"The first thing that you need to forget is this nonsense that the customer is always right!"
— Harry Tiffany

"...Anne Hathaway might come off as all sweetness ní light in public. But itís a very different story when the camera arenít on her ass. You mess up her eggs, sheíll mess up your life. Ok, sheíll just complain and send them back multiple times. Itís a slow news day."
J. Harvey, "Anne Hathaway Wants Her Eggs Done Right The First Time, You Ass!"

"So they scarf down the food and the guy immediately demands their plate be taken away ó only they ate their dinner so fast that the plate is still flaming hot. I touch it for a second, realize the heat level, and then go to get my towel to hold it. The jackass sarcastically says, "here, tender loving care!" and picks up the plate to show how macho he is. So like any good smartass, I drop my towel and take forever to pick it up while his mistake starts to sink in. He can't back down at this point, so he starts bobbling it in his hands, and eventually has to yell 'take it!' He had to have been in horrible pain."