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A lot more things about UF make more sense when you realize that "the good guys win" is actually part of the laws of physics. :)
There is something soothing about that.
Sirrocco, EPU Website, 9/19/02

Walking through the basement of Fuller Labs wearing futuristic body-armor and pushing a variable-geometry motorcycle raises eyebrows. Telling students that this is the true power of UNIX didn't help.
Core 1

The Wedge went to immediate WeDon'tEvenHaveAColorForThis Alert.
Core 1

Ring, ring.
"BPRD, Hellboy speaking. ... Well, ma'am, what was this ghost doing at the convenience store?... Buying trash bags? Could you give us a description?"
"(Larry.) Ma'am, I'm afraid we can't do that, you see that ghost you saw is actually a barrow-wight named Larry Jacobson— Yes, ma'am I do know hi— the reason we haven't 'dealt with' him is that he is a legal citizen of the Republic of Z— Ma'am, tolerance is one of the founding princi— Ma'am, Larry is a barrow-wight, which means that his soul is tied to the place he was interred. If we were to forcibly remove him, which we have no reason to do, his soul would dissipate which would be murder... Yes, ma'am, I know he's already dead, however the laws are quite clear, destruction of an undead being is— Yes, ma'am I'm saying there's nothing we can do... Well, ma'am if you feel that strongly I suggest you put it before the electorate... Yes. I'm sure you are... Yes... Well, ma'am I'm sorry we couldn't help you, you have a good evening."
"Stupid bitch. Illyana, could you pop over to Larry's place and tell him that Mrs. Eckersley saw him again?"
Polychrome, EPU Forums, 1/12/07, on the topic of legal status of undead in the UF universe

"UF is where characters go to become awesome again after their original writers forget how to treat them right."
Sofaspud, EPU Forums, 4/30/14