Quotes / Undead Child

True children would have perished very quickly in such a place- the pungent chemicals that misted the air would have dissolved the tissue of their lungs - but these were not true children. They had been so long ago, before extensive surgeries had converted them in ageless amalgams of flesh and metal like the tech-priests they served, only far less sophisticated. Their brains had been cruelly cut, rendering them incapable of independent thought and their voices had been silenced forever. Their only function was to obey and, as such, they were beyond sin, mischief or evil. Perhaps in recognization of this, their creator had crafted bronze masks for them, faces frozen in beatific smiles, like half living sculptures of holy cherebium.

The child is carried away. It is not fed; it no longer eats. It is not kept warm; no clothing can warm the fragile bones of this child. Yet it grows up to join its peers. Its eyes rot away, but it is blessed with an unnatural and accurate sight that defies reason. Not quite alive, not quite dead, the baby becomes one of the Eyeless Urchins.
Their clothes, what little they have, are soiled. No onlookers can tell where filth ends and skin begins. They are thin and boney and desperate, but their empty sockets are aglow with an eerie light...