Quotes / Trash of the Titans

If you see something this big with eight legs coming your way, let me know. I have to kill it before it develops language skills.
Londo Mollari (has a slight bug problem in his quarters), Babylon 5

"You know how at the end of the day, you throw your jacket on a chair? Well instead of a chair, it's a pile of garbage. And instead of a jacket, it's a pile of garbage. And instead of the end of the day, it's the end of time itself and garbage is all that has survived."
Ross Geller, Friends

Marisa: (flying through Eientei) "It'd take one hell of a janitor to clean a hall that long."
Alice: "Still easier than cleaning your house, Marisa."
Touhou Imperishable Night

Look at all this garbage I keep generatin'
(Come on) I sit around all day and watch it biodegradin'
Bet there's a hundred health codes that I'm violatin'
Even my dog passed out and needed resuscitatin

Climbing the stairs, because the elevator was no longer working, Shinji arrived at the apartment and realized after a few seconds that he no longer had the key on him. Shrugging, he unlocked it telekinetically and walked inside… to see the debris from the emotional wreckage Misato and Asuka had suffered.
The pigsty he had discovered upon his initial arrival was nothing compared to this. Even back then, Misato made the occasional effort to bag her garbage, to do some chores on an infrequent basis. It seemed that somewhere along the line, she had simply stopped caring, and Asuka had done nothing to fix the situation.
The piles of garbage were geological in their thickness and significance. At the bottom were the empty beer cans and instant noodle containers, but as he moved up the liquor got harder and the food cheaper and nastier. He felt like an archaeologist, but instead of sifting through the remains of a long vanished civilization, these were the stages of the implosion of a human being.
Shinji Ikari, Thousand Shinji

She shook the empty can at him for a second before arcing it over her shoulder into the recycling bin without even a look.
Shinji sighed. At least he'd managed to train her that much. When he'd first moved in, he'd spent hours cleaning and collecting the cans that had been haphazardly piled and dumped all over the apartment, including some in places that just made him shake his head in confusion. In the shower, on top of the TV, all over the balcony... in the linen closet?
Shinji describing Misato's old habits, Advice and Trust, prologue

I entered her apartment. It looked like a mess. A rather strange sight, in fact. I always heard that Ayanami was a tidy girl, unlike me. But as I saw the state of her apartment... I realized that Shinji must have been doing all the chores in there...
The One I Love Is, Friends and Rivals

The place was mess; the girl who lived in it had never been one for tidiness after all. Even after Shinji had offered to clean it for her, she had refused. He walked over the threshold. The air was cold, but held a faint and distinctive smell—it smelled like Asuka. In the dark he could see discarded clothing, a few plates and cups, empty snack wrappers, magazines and a fluffy striped pillow on the floor where she had laid.