Quotes / Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

It may be the that your chances of returning to Imperial lines are too slim to contemplate. If this is the case sell your life dearly. Do not be found whimpering in a hole, to be dragged by the whooping horde and paraded like a trophy! The Emperor will frown on such an ignominious end to a soldier in His army. Do not disappoint Him!
Use your untenable situation to your advantage. You may find yourself in the soft underbelly of the foe. Strike! Find a target. Set explosives. Kill sentries. Snipe officers. Strike and move. Strike and move. The Emperor will protect a man who is willing to sell his life dear! The more damage you do, the more fortune from the Emperor you will earn.
Gut the enemy from the inside. Spit in his eye. Show him what a Guardsman in peril is capable of. Earn your place seated by the Golden Throne.
Behind Enemy Lines – Disrupt and Destroy,” The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, Chapter 3 Section 16, Warhammer 40,000

“Ma’am, I think our carefully crafted operational plan got completely defenestrated by this morning’s event. We’ve been completely unable to make any kind of contact with the Empire or other friendly forces outside this worldline. We’re a fragmentary unit not prepared for separate ops, cut off, out of contact with the Empire, no idea how long it will be before relief or reinforcements can reach us, trapped on an entire planet of warlords, madmen, and starving masses of desperate people, with one working Star Strider trainer mecha, two Black Knights, one hundred fifty seven personnel, all of which are equipped with mostly non-lethal gear, and two junior officers with serious combat scars and personal issues in command. The only reason I won’t say ‘we’re fucked’ is that implies we might enjoy any part of this. I don’t see any reasonable alternatives to this plan we’ve developed in the last couple of hours.”
He pressed a virtual button on the map table and the view zoomed in to a much closer map showing their base’s location. A red arrow traced a path from their base deep into the Amazon Basin. “We’ll abandon the base site here and retreat as far into the Amazon interior as we can manage, then dig in. We can cannibalize the powerplant in the Star Strider to give us an energy supply that we should be able to stretch out for years, and that will give us the juice to build a deep bunker we can fort up in. Hopefully, no one will notice us at all, and we can do our best impression of a pack of door-mice and hide out for years if need be while we wait for rescue.”
Shinji grimaced, but found it hard to argue with the distasteful necessity. He stared at the map, trying to come up any other ideas. He drew a blank and looked up at Misato. The former NERV Operations Officer was one of the sharpest military minds he knew. Surely she had some more palatable alternative to mind. But no, Misato was covering her face with her hands and her shoulders were shaking. Was she crying?
Misato suddenly slumped onto the table and started pounding it with her hand, laughing hysterically. “I can’t hold it! Bwhahahaahaha! Oh God, the look on your faces! Hahahaha!”
Asuka glared death at her. “Misato, this isn’t very fucking funny. What the Hell are you laughing at?”
“You! I can’t believe you’re buying this! Hahahaha!”
Shinji looked from Sergeant Bir to Lieutenant O’Brien and the others around the table. All were suddenly grinning and laughing, his classmates less so than the Imperials, but still far from saddened. Ching was absolutely smirking at Asuka’s consternation. “That’s not the plan? What is, then?” he asked.
Sergeant Bir grinned like a wolf. “’Provide any and all support they need to assist my friends in toppling Jinnai, reestablishing peace and security, and rebuilding their world’, He said. I’m a soldier of the Empire and a True Born of Avalon. His Majesty gave me a mission, sir, and I will complete it. Unprepared, inadequate, cut-off unit? One hundred fifty thousand of them versus one hundred fifty seven of us? No plan, no backup, or support from home? That’s no excuse! What have we got to worry about? Afraid? There is no such thing as fear. The impossible is just another challenge. And if you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined the Army! Heh.” He chuckled darkly. “They’re never going to see us coming.”
Asuka blinked at him. “You intend to continue a mission planned out for thousands of soldiers and your Empire on call, and take on all the warlords of South America and the UN forces with one hundred fifty seven soldiers?!”
Sergeant Bir nodded. “I do.”