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Quotes: Trap Is the Only Option
"This couldn't be a more obvious trap if there was a sign that said 'Free Cookies'!"

Robin: Holy broken beaks! He must be kidding if he thinks we're gonna fall for that!
Batman: It's an obvious trap all right, Robin. But we have to take the bait and see what the Penguin's up to.

"Certain mutual friends of ours are quite upset that some of their plans have been discovered, so they've decided to set a trap. However, I know that it's a trap, and I must assume that they know I know it's a trap. So really, it's more of an invitation. An invitation to an ambush. Shall I send your RSVP?"
Indigo, City of Heroes

Anakin: I sense Dooku.
Obi-Wan: I sense a trap.
Anakin: Next move?
Obi-Wan: Spring the trap.

"I believe you should set in all traps set for you thereby disarming them!"
Yuja, Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming, trying unsuccessfully to hide the fact that he just fell for a very obvious trap

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