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Quotes: Took a Level in Dumbass
Rex: Lisa, please join my family for a weekend in the country. They'll be hunting, charades, and ever so many delightful romantic misunderstandings.
(the kids of Springfield clamor for Lisa)
Lisa's Brain: They're only using you for your pool, you know.
Lisa: Shut up, brain! I got friends now; I don't need you any more. Duh, yeah! I'd love to go to your house. Hyuck hyuck!
The Simpsons, "Bart of Darkness"

"I think Homer gets stupider every year."
Professor Lawrence Pierce, The Simpsons, "The Simpsons' 138th Episode Spectacular"

Chris: Donatello says the dumbest thing I have ever heard: 'If we die in the past, does that mean we don’t get born in the future?' F**k off, Donatello.
Matt: This is the same Donatello who figured out the physics of time travel earlier. The intelligence level of the turtles is Homer Simpson-like in how much it varies depending on the plot or a joke.
Chris: April doesn’t realize she’s in the past when a bunch of Samurai are walking around referring to her as a witch and trying to chop up a Walkman...Everyone in this movie is an idiot.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

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