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Quotes: Too Fast to Stop
Nine hundred thousand tons of steel,
Made to roll
The brakes don't work, and this grade's so steep
Her engine's sure to blow
Nine hundred thousand tons of steel,
Out of control
She's more a rollercoaster
Than the train I used to know.
The Grateful Dead, "Tons of Steel"

"Step on the gas! Step on the gas!"
The rail switches towards the depot
"No! No! Hit the brakes!"
The train plows through the safety barriers
"I can't STOP IT!"
HIT +50

"I'll kick your butt in fast-forward! (runs at El Toro, who moves one step to the right and lets Ratso slam into a wall) Gotta work on the brakes."

Dark Helmet: We passed them! Stop this thing!
Colonel Sandurz: We can't stop; it's too dangerous! We have to slow down first!
Dark Helmet: Bullshit! Just stop this thing! I order you: STOOOOOOOOOOP!
[Sandurz pulls the switch, Dark Helmet goes flying into a console after it stops on a dime.]

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