Quotes / Tomboyish Name

Samantha Carter: You can call me Sam. That's my first name.
Corso: Sam. It's pretty.
Sam: Not really. It's short for Samantha.
Corso: Even prettier. So what does it mean - "Samantha?"
Sam: That my father wanted a boy.

""Naoto". Such a cool, manly name! But a name doesn't change the truth. It doesn't let you cross the barrier between the sexes. How could you become an ideal man when you were never male to begin with?"
Shadow Naoto, Persona 4.

Mike: ...or my name ain't Mike Mazinsky.
Lu: Her real name is Michelanne.
Mike: Watch it!

"...screenwriters love women named Samantha because when you call them 'Sam' it sounds like you know them, when in fact their entire backstory may be limited to the fact that their nickname is 'Sam.' Ding!"
Roger Ebert, review of Just Friends