Quotes / The Universiad

The Fleet

Basking in the glow of the sun were ships, because they certainly couldn't be anything else, thousands of them, arrayed in a great aerial formation that stretched as far as she could see. Some had graceful curves whlie others had harsh utilitarian lines but all of them were massive vessels that made the things she had seen in Canterlot seem absolutely insignificant by comparison. Then she saw it, the centrepiece of this grand formation. A massive white vessel that seemed made out of interconnecting blocks, lit only by the cold blue light at its centre, that dwarfed all the others and to the former pony's eyes seemed more like a floating mountain than a ship of any sort.

"Beautiful isn't it? Over five thousand vessels, an armada capable of doing anything from exploration to warfare, and at the centre of it all is The Forum."
— Applejack's first view of the Fleet


"That was a reminder that you know nothing about the decisions I have to make! How dare you, what fucking gives you the right to question me you stupid dog? What gives you the fucking right to think that you know better? I have kept this Fleet safe for millennia, always trying to choose the best option when the choices are either blood or ash!"
— To ckk185

The Office of Special Resources (OSR)

"I work for the OSR, the Office of Special Resources, it is the organisation responsible for maintaining all resources across the Fleet. We regulate everything from weaponry and ammunition to paper."

"About eight thousand years ago, I put forward a proposal to have an organisation formed. This organisation would be responsible for the maintenance of all stockpiles of resources that had both military and civilian value and due to the wording of the proposal that meant every weapon, every scrap of ammunition, everything that had value to our then small community, would be placed under a single authority. Thus was the Office of Special Resources born." The elevator doors opened and Gideon led Applejack out into a large chamber where machinery moved giant crates and containers in a carefully choreographed dance as Gideon waved a hand, "This is what we do for the most part. Everywhere, on every ship, there is a need for special resources. Weapon fragments that are used to build advanced weaponry and equipment, alloys made in molecular forges in the heart of The Forum, Elerium mined from the Broken Lands and the planets that possess it in large enough quantities, paper, ammunition, weapons, we store it and provide it when required and requested." Applejack turned and saw beacons lined up in rows as one was placed in a crate and taken away as Gideon continued, "Beacons are stored here until the labs that decode the incredible amounts of information inside them are ready to begin work on the next one. Even one beacon hold more information that any library you know of, so you can guess it takes a while to decode one."

"More that she considered us a bit too Cerberus for her tastes."
Gideon020 recounts Rei Ayanami Shepard's view of the OSR.