Quotes / The So-Called Coward

Peggy Carter: I can't understand why a man like him didn't break!
Captain America: Because he is a man like him, Peg.
— A discussion of Dave Cox, a conscientious objector

Courage isn't being fearless; rather, it is being afraid and having the strength to press on anyway.

Panne: Why did you run, man-spawn? Why did you abandon your warren? You had a duty to your fellows.
Virion: I planned to offer myself up in exchange for the safety of my people. ...My men balked. They chose to fight and die rather than hand me over. Not only did I fail to ransom their safety, I was also the reason they kept on fighting.
Panne: So you showed your belly and ran to remove any reason for resistance?
Virion: That was my thinking, yes. I don't expect my people share that view. To them, I am as you say—a craven. All the sweet words in all the worlds can offer no defense to that claim.

Daxter: After him, Jak!
Jak: You mean you're going down there? Without a fuss this time?
Daxter: Yeah, well don't get used to it! It's just that NOBODY hurts my best friend and lives to brag about it!