Quotes / The Silver Age of Comic Books

"Ah, the revenge of an angry man who unknowingly pimped a shape-shifting alien wizard. Like every element of this story, it speaks to all of us, even todayÖ"
Chris Sims on Power Man and Iron Fist #73

"Sorry for not keeping you up to date on whatís up in Dick Tracy! The new creative team has been pretty relentless in bringing back characters and plotlines from the stripís storied past, and are now apparently moving on to the extremely wacky late í60s period where Dick went to the moon repeatedly and Mysta, the daughter of the Governor of the Moon (no, really), married Dickís son. Later she was blown up by by a car bomb, but now has apparently been Ö Whatever, any excuse to have a character say 'No! Iíve had enough of your world! I want to take my family to my real home. Back on the moon!' is a good excuse as far as Iím concerned."

"Apart from the soul-shattering claim of super-kisses, Silver Age Superman's other supposed powers he made up on the spot include:
1. Super-weaving
2. Super-ventriloquism
3. Super-landscaping
4. Super-motherfucking-mathematics
It's at this point where any rational human being stands up and calls horseshit, but in the pages of Action Comics, rationality is nothing more than a cheap hooker Superman picked up outside a Costco, raped, beat, and left for dead by the side of the road:
While wearing clown makeup.
And singing "Goodbye Horses."
Cracked on Silver Age Superman'''