->''"A bad game that gets delayed is eventually good. But a bad game that isn't is bad forever."''
-->--'''Creator/ShigeruMiyamoto''', justifying the many, many, ''many'' delays in the game's development. ([[Awesome/TheLegendOfZelda Which were worth every minute.]])

->''"Zelda... that name seems... somehow familiar..."''
-->--'''Princess ''Zelda''''', when you first meet her while [[HelloInsertNameHere named Zelda]].

->''" "''
-->--'''[[HeroicMime Link]]'''

->''"Whilst thou soar, or whilst thou suck?"''\\
''"Whilst thou get the girl, or whilst thou play like one?"''\\
''"Have ye the stones?"''
-->--Iconic lines featured in the game's official advertisements.

->''"I'm pretty sure the Water in the Water Temple isn't lake-water. I'm pretty sure it's the tears of everyone who let this temple's difficulty get to them."''
-->--YouTube user '''Whitezekrom569''' captures the frustration of many a gamer when [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y38pSjmBNM referring to]] the [[HarderThanHard infamously]] [[NintendoHard difficult]] [[SurpriseDifficulty Water]] [[ThatOneLevel Temple.]]

->''"[[MemeticMutation HEY!! LISTEN!!]]"''
-->--'''[[ExpositionFairy Navi]]''', [[MostAnnoyingSound arguably to a grating extent.]]

-> ''"Yes, I owe it all to you, kid!"''
-->--'''[[MagnificentBastard Ganondorf]]''', to Link (and in a meta sense, the player) after the Sacred Realm is opened.