Quotes / The Horde

Orks are made fo' fightin' and winnin'! For crushin' an killin'! We iz gonna stomp them humies all flat an' not stop till the 'hole galaxy's green! Say it with me now! WAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!

And at this time
the brazen god of war
cast up a great lord
to lead the Savages forth
Hasdrubal, Scrivener Adept Primus - "History of Segmentae Ultima" Warhammer 40,000

The hour of judgment is close at hand as the Orcish Hordes stand ready to sweep across this domain like a pestilence and seize the capital of Lordaeron.
Orc mission briefing 13, Warcraft II

Slumber now, child of mine
Until they come, with torch aflame
But do not run
Your time has come
For the men of the North stake claim

They come to claim, child of mine
They come to claim your life
With hearts of stone
And splitting bone
Their wake is deadly strife

So sleep tonight, child of mine
For tomorrow morn, the sun won't shine
So stay aware
And offer prayer
For the men of the North march time
—Traditional lullaby from northern Kislev, Liber Chaotica