Quotes / The Aquabats! Super Show!

It’s always been hard in developing this show to describe it to execs or to adults who may ask things like, “Why are The Aquabats driving around in this van? Why are they superheroes?” It’s always been “why?” and we’re always trying to explain to adults why… why is this happening or why is that happening, whereas with kids they just accept it. “There’s five guys. This is what each of the five guys does. There are monsters. They’re gonna try to fight them.” It’s so simple. And I think that’s why it’s so awesome with kids — they just take it and run with it.

So you just have to watch it — it’s weird and it’s different and its not like anything else. Kudos to The Hub for taking a risk – its not like anything you’re expecting and its not like anything that's on TV. You can compare it to things, you can try to explain it — you have to just watch it. Thats what I want to watch — the things that you can’t descibe. That’s what I want to make and hope we can keep producing, the things that are exciting because you can’t really describe them. You’ve just gotta watch it!