Quotes / Swirly Energy Thingy

Cat: Is that what I think it is?
Lister: What d'you think it is?
Cat: An orange whirly thing in space!

Holly: There's some sort of disruption to the time-fabric continuum. At least, I presume that's what it is, it's certainly got all the signs. There's this big wibbly-wobbly swirly thing that's headed straight towards us.

Cat: I hate to get all technical on you, but all hands on deck! Swirly thing alert!

Lister: Can you be a tad more scientific?
Cat: Come again.
Kryten: Is it a wibbly thing or a swirly thing sir?
Cat: At this early stage I'd hate to commit myself and wind up looking a fool.
Red Dwarf really loved this joke (justifiably so).