Quotes / Swallowed Whole

"You are just begin to settle in for the long journey down Dirt Road, when you hear the faintest of sounds in the darkened recesses of this lame ass bowel....

Poor fellow. He is obviously new to this whole "being eaten" thing. You can see right away that he's made several rookie mistakes. First of all, you never let them chew on you if it can be avoided. And you certainly don't get eaten alive unless you're a member of a nigh-invulnerable race of cowardly midgets.

That's just common sense."
— Narration for Grope, Epicsplosion, discovering a less fortunate victim of the arena beast

"Jonah's got nothing on us. We're inside a whale!"
—Tom Sawyer (Kevin Schultz) in the episode The Mission Of Captain Mordecai from the television series The New Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

Ashi: (demented laughter) My Lord and Master Aku, may it please you for all eternity... the Samurai is dead.
Jack: (beat) Um... I'm right here.
Ashi: Fool, we've been swallowed by a monolithic creature! You're dead.
Jack: I've been swallowed by giant monsters before. I'll find a way out.

Jasnah: Tell me what you know, Wit.
Wit: I once spent the better part of a year within the stomach of a large creature, being digested.