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Quotes: Steven Ulysses Perhero
"Have you ever noticed that certain people in our various spheres of influence have amusingly or tragically ironic names? But such is not the case for Michael Steel. I mean, what are the odds that a man named Steel would develop a super-dense, metallic body when exposed to a particularly large dose of cosmic radiation? If only his name had been Michael LotteryWinner, things really might have gone his way."
Agent Sitwell, Marvel Avengers Alliance

Leonardo: It's Snake! He mutated into a... giant weed!
Michelangelo: That's weird. You'd think he'd get mutated into a snake.
Raphael: Yeah, you would. If you were an idiot!
Michelangelo: But his name is Snake!
Raphael: So?
Michelangelo: You just don't understand science.

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