Quotes / Star-Derailing Role

"If this doesn't kill your career, nothing will."
Maria Shriver, to her then husband Arnold Schwarzenegger on the premiere of Red Sonja.

"Hayden Christensen said, 'This has been a wild ride for the past five years and it's dramatically impacted my life, 90% for the better. I feel forever indebted to George for giving me the opportunity.' Well, I wish he would've explained to me what that 10% is. I guess the 10% was ruining his whole career. Perhaps he should take math again."

"Such a fiasco could only occur when some misguided studio, all too desperate for a hit, extends much too much money and artistic autonomy to someone who blatantly doesn’t deserve it. Few people capable of foisting such monumental dreck on the public are ever in the position to do so. Irwin Allen, yes. William Shatner. Prince... Likewise, in some insane, spastic fit of miscalculation, is a Steven Seagal allowed to make a vanity project. Not only to star, but to direct and write or co-write the script. Vast resources, tens of millions of dollars, armies of men and women are put at their disposal, all to realize their malign, demented visions."
Jabootu on The Patriot

"These movies ain't just bad. They tend to be to the careers of the actors and directors involved as the Cretaceous extinction event was to planet Earth: some life might survive, but in smaller forms and never quite the same."
The Nostalgia Chick, "The Worst (And Least Awful) Female Superhero Movies"