Quotes / Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb

John Brown: Attention! Driver of the wrecked limo attached to the Yahoo! billboard! This is security officer John Brown! Please step out of the vehicle immediately or else!
(Scolex emerges from the sunroof, with his hands up)
Sanford Scolex: Fine work, Mr. Security Guard. You got me. Here, have a victory cigar.
John Brown: No thanks.
Sanford Scolex: (lights cigar) Remember, smoking kills! (tosses it)
John Brown: I don't smoke!
Sanford Scolex: Oh, really? You will now! (laughs evilly as the cigar lands near John's car. The "cigar" is actually a fuse.)
John Brown: Oh, boy...

Master Chief: Sir, permission to leave the station.
Admiral Hood: For what purpose, Master Chief?
Hood: ...permission granted.
Halo 2

Jock: Oh my God, JC, a bomb!!
JC: A bomb!!
Deus Ex