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Quotes: Sexiled
Natalie Teeger: Mr. Monk, come on! Let's have some fun! [snaps her fingers] You said you were going to show me your dorm room!
Adrian Monk: All right, well, it's right here.
Natalie Teeger: Ooh!
Adrian Monk: This is it, old #303. Uh-oh! Tie on the doorknob!
[The camera pans to show that there is a necktie wrapped around the doorknob]
Adrian Monk: My roommate and I did the same thing, it's a code.
Natalie Teeger: [laughs] Yeah, I think I might know about that.
Adrian Monk: Yeah. It means, "Don't come in! I'm reorganizing my closet!" [beat]
Natalie Teeger: [incredulously] Your closet?
Adrian Monk: Yeah. My roommate in freshman year, Greg, he reorganized his closet....four or five times a week.
Natalie Teeger: Uh-huh, and did his girlfriend ever come over to help?
Adrian Monk: Oh yeah, all the time. They were real neat freaks. I used to tease them about it. [clenches his teeth together] "Neat freaks!"

Monk, "Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion"

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